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Every Time We Touch

Chapter 4: Crawled Into a Hole

Leon woke up. He looked around and found out that he was tied up to Sonya and that random Spaniard.

"Hey. Hey. Wake up." whispered Leon to Sonya.

"Huh...I'm up." yawned Sonya.

"Hey where the hell are we?" Sonya was looking around as she said it.

"Don't know. Get that guy up."

"Wake up." Whispered Sonya to him and nudging him with her shoulder.

He woke up.

"Ai yi yi. Crawl out of one hole, and into another." said the random guy.

"You wanna tell me what's going on here?" Leon said seriously to the Spaniard.

"Yeah what is really going on here?" agreed Sonya.

"Americanos, si? Now what brings two blokes like yourselves around this part of the world?"

Leon tried to free himself from the ropes.

"Hey!" bellowed Sonya.

"Easy whoever you are." said the random Spaniard.

"My name's, Leon I came here looking for this girl, have you seen her?" Leon manages to get a picture of the president's daughter out of his pocket.

"What are you supposed to be a cop or something, nah you don't look the type." the random Spaniard said.

"Maybe." smiling as he said it.

"Let me guess. She's the president's missing daughter." Said the random guy.

"Okay that's too good of a guess, want to start explaining?" A surprised Leon said.

"Psychic powers. Nah just kidding with you amigo," joked the random guy, "I heard one of the villagers talking about it."

"And who you might be?" asked Leon.

"Luis Serra. I used to be a cop in Madrid. Now I'm a good-for-nothing guy, who happens to be quite the ladies' man." said Luis.

Sonya scoffed.

"Why'd you quit?" Leon said as he was looking at the ceiling.

"Policia...you put your life on the line, no one really appreciates you enough for it. Being a hero isn't what it's cracked up to be anymore." Luis scoffed as he said it.

"Used to be a cop myself. Only for a day though."

"Wow, I thought I was bad."

As the two masculine of the three were talking, the more feminine dazed off into another flashback.

"Hey, I think you're gonna have to go on without me," he paused for a quick second, "there are too many of them, I'll hold them off and you and Sam make a run for it."

"NO JAMES! I refuse to leave my only brother; heck you're my only family left, besides Sam." Sonya was crying as she said this to her brother.

Sam was their dog.

They were back in Raccoon City.
When the outbreak just happened.

Sonya and her brother were running for their lives, literally!

There was too many zombies. Sonya had just shot one with her handgun, foolishly not watching her back. Her brother James was shooting them also.

One zombie went to lunge for Sonya and bite her.

James pushed Sonya out the way."Bang!" James shot the zombie. But, when he did the bullet went through the zombie and a car exploded separating the both of them...

"Sonya!" screeched Leon.

"Yea!" aggravated Sonya replied.

Just then, a armed Ganado walked in the room with a huge axe. He was approaching the trio.

"What do you suggest we do?" asked Sonya frantically.

"On my count of three pull back on the ropes."




The trio pulled back on the ropes. Using the axe to their advantage, they got freed. The Ganado was still coming. Leon then lifted his leg up and then flipped the villager. The Ganado hit the wall and then its neck cracked.

Luis Serra ran away.

Leon and Sonya got up.

"Wuss." Sonya mumbled. "Hey that was pretty impressive," she paused for a quick moment, "but don't expect anymore compliments from me." she yelled at Leon.

"What ever."

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