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Chapter 3

The Tree Spirits guided Billie further into their domain, clothing her with a silky white dress with embroiled vines in green thread. Her legs were given gray wool tights and though the Spirits had even gone out of their way to sew new shoes for the child, Billie refused the offer, preferring her black converse instead. Billie had also managed to salvage her knit hat from the pile of her previous clothes.

Close your eyes Billie, imagine that you are floating higher and higher, allow the wind to be your guide, that you are comforted and supported by the breeze around you.

Billie breathed in deep, feeling the air start to change in direction around her body. Her heart tugged, as if a string was attached to her chest and she was being hoisted up.

Deep breaths Billie, now... open your eyes.

Billie did as she was told, instantly greeted with the stomach twisting feeling of being too high for comfort. She breathed through her nose, desperate to get the dizziness of the height she experienced under control. She instantly lifted out her arms, supporting her as she leant forward slightly within the sky, she could see everything so clearly... this was wonderful.

Billie's gray-blue eyes sparkled energetically as she spun herself around within the currents of the air, "THIS IS FANTASTIC!" She yelled, tipping her body downwards as she swam through the air, picking up speed faster and faster still as she swept over Neverland, gazing in awe at the scenery she experienced.

Peter followed Tink at close range, watching as she did as they came further and further towards the Tree Spirit's domain. It had been so long since he had last been here, forever avoiding the Tree Spirits since the day he had led Hook and the other Pirates to the impossible mineral dust caves and destroyed their world. They had been angry and Peter was sure that they were still as angry as they had been when they had attempted to wipe his memory. Ever since Tink had been cast out from her people, Peter knew it was no use attempting to talk with them. They wanted nothing to do with him. Knowing that sent him on edge.

"You sure you saw someone new here Tink?" Peter asked as they flew behind a rock, cautiously looking around it. There was no one around. Large towers of magnificent architect, but no Tree Spirits. "This place is empty."

No, Peter. They aren't gone. Tink's voice fled into his mind, They are within the mineral dust caves.

Peter's heart sank, "why would they be there?" he demanded, looking at Tink lowly. Sensing no reply from Tink, he lowered his voice in annoyance, "Tink, answer me!"

They may have taken the newcomer there... they may be using her Peter.

"A girl? Don't be daft, why would they use a girl?" Peter rolled his eyes, finding the mere idea of a girl being gifted with the powers of a Tree Spirit utterly ridiculous.

Gender has no affect on a human's ability Peter, your time may have restricted the abilities of girls, but I assure you, time has passed on Earth.

"How much time?" Peter snapped, "And why would they want to gift another human? I thought they had been against us ever since..." Peter paused then, partly because he didn't want to say the next part; however his sudden silence was mostly due to what he saw next.

A child.

Peter squinted slightly, hiding his face from view.

Long blonde hair... a high pitched laugh... a girl!

Peter frowned, so it was true! The girl was afloat in the air, laughing as if all was right in the world. But it wasn't. Why had they bathed this girl in the mineral dust?

Billie spun aimlessly a while, watching the world in awe as she flew above it; but soon the Tree Spirits joined her, the bearded spirit floating mere inches from her face as he beckoned to three other Spirits behind him, each taking part in carrying a small golden handled dagger.

A gift. The Spirit smiled as the others brought it to Billie's hands.

Billie took it, her smile instantly faltering as she looked upon it. "Why on Earth would I need this?" Billie frowned, staring at it rigidly.

You are not on Earth Billie, this is Neverland and Neverland houses sword wielding Pirates. You need to be experienced with a blade.

Billie lifted the dagger in one hand, placing it out in front of her, the tip shining in the slowly sinking sunlight. "Well... I did some fencing classes when I was younger... before..." Billie gulped slightly, testing the small blade's weight in both arms. "And I've had to attack some of the other homeless people before to avoid getting-" Billie didn't finish and instead energetically swiped the air around her with the dagger, grinning dangerously as she span in circles, swatting at the air as if there was an invisible intruder.

Laughter yet again flooded her ears, urging her to do more with the weapon, you are an impossible child, Billie, an amazing quality to obtain.

"Thank you," Billie grinned mischievously as she placed the dagger at her side, "and thank you for the gift it's really..." she looked back at the dagger, "amazing!"

The laughter that was shared with Billie so freely suddenly faltered as the bearded Tree Spirit suddenly became silent along with the others. Billie felt the hairs on the back of her neck raise and could only assume that it had something to do with the powers she had been given. "What is it?" she asked unsurely, looking towards her new-found friends. The bearded Spirit shook his head and made a small sigh, a presence. It seems your abilities must be put to the test.

Billie stiffened; she'd only had them for what felt like seconds. All she knew was how to swipe a dagger and fly, she suddenly lost her balance and had to hold her arms out to reinforce her flight. Badly, she told herself, she knew how to fly badly.

"I can't fight pirates!" she spluttered, "I can barely fly and I mean..." she looked at the dagger, "I mean... what do I do with this?" she tested it in her hands, "They'll have swords or cannons or... I dunno, guns!"

Calm yourself, child. We are not putting you into battle with pirates.

Billie relaxed ever so slightly, attempting to get her breathing back into check, "then who?" she asked weakly.

Peter could hold his post no longer, though Tinkerbelle was desperately attempting to make him maintain his current position, Peter refused.

"Me!" he yelled, flying into full view of the Tree Spirits, "your target is me!"

Billie raised a brow, looking from the strange green-clad boy to the Tree Spirits who had stiffened in shock. He was young, probably around her age with locks of brown hair that seemed to obscure his vision somewhat. She opened her mouth to speak, but before she could stop herself a smile spread across her lips and she began to laugh.

Both the Spirits and Peter were shocked with her display, but she couldn't seem to control herself.

"What's so funny, girl?" Peter yelled, folding his arms. He'd never seen anything like it, a girl who was so freely laughing at him, ridiculing him as if he were inferior to her!

Billie covered her mouth, affectively stopping herself from breaking into giggles once more, "s-sorry," she stuttered, clearing her throat, "it's just when I heard I had to fight an 'innocent of heart' I was thinking some menacing tattooed bloke or something..."

Peter only frowned further, "tattooed?"

Billie rolled her eyes, "not important," she looked back to the Spirits, "are you sure he's the one?"

Peter only became more impatient, "Hey!" he yelled, withdrawing his small sword, "stop wasting time! I don't know who you are but you're working with them!" he held out his sword as he flew closer to her, so close that the end of his weapon was prodding the very tip of Billie's nose, "That makes you my enemy."

Peter, no!

Both Billie and Peter turned to see Tinkerbelle appear from behind the rock, shoving her small body in between the two children, There is no cause for there to be any enemies.

Traitor! The bearded Spirit suddenly yelled, Child, both of these creatures are enemies of ours.

Billie blinked, "Wait... give me a minute to-"

Suddenly, Peter's sword moved for the attack and Billie instantly reacted, pulling her dagger out so the two weapons collided with each other.

Peter was shocked with the courage of the girl, but fought on nonetheless.

Billie swerved out of the way of his sword, moving her dagger towards him with every new move. The more they fought, the more unstable she found herself with her flight.

Peter grinned, "Look at you," he yelled, "give up now and I'll spare you!"

Billie growled, instantly offended, "Yeah?" she spat, "well tough luck, I ain't giving up on this fight, so either I go down or you do!"

The battle proceeded from there, a few moments of Peter having the upper hand shortly followed with Billie taking over. Their weapons clashed against each other like a war tune as they sank further towards the ground. Before each of the two knew anything better, their feet were once again connected with the dirt of the forest as they wove around each other with their weapons.

Billie was tiring fast. She could feel her fingers aching around her dagger. The day had been enough for her; whatever they had done to make her who she was had taken all the energy from her body. She was soon being denied the simplest of moves.

Peter saw this and took advantage. With one quick move, he dropped his sword and pushed his hands against Billie's chest, sending her towards the floor.

Billie winced as she fell onto her back, breathing unsteadily from the fight. She was so angry with herself. The fact that she had let this boy win. She'd fought homeless kids for food for years and yet one false move and she was on the floor, staring at the victor.

Peter grinned, retrieving his weapon from the ground as he pointed it to Billie's neck, "what do you say girl?"

Billie simply stared at the kid, refusing to give him the satisfaction of words. He was an idiot if she had ever seen one, and completely immersed with the idea that he was superior. Without a seconds thought, she allowed a mound of saliva to accumulate in her mouth before she spat it straight at his face. She saw the anger flash in his eyes before she could even react and closed her eyes for his final attack.

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