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Chapter 4

Billie waited for the attack that never came, her body tense with the adrenaline of the fight. She was almost positive that the kid was some kind of maniac that would finish her off without a second thought, but before she could even come to that conclusion, a sweet melodic voice filled her ears.

Peter, please, you must stop this!

Billie blinked in surprise to see the same Tree Spirit who had been there at the beginning of the fight was yet again attempting to stop the violence. But the other Tree Spirit had said that they were both betrayers. Billie really wanted to rub her head for the upcoming headache she was sure to earn. Less and less of the world around her was making sense.

"She's with the others, she's no better than a pirate herself!" Peter snapped, holding his blade closer to Billie's throat. Billie swallowed in surprise.

Had he just said 'pirates'?

"I was told that the pirates had to be gotten rid of," Billie tried to reason, unsure whether the boy would respond. She guessed he was probably around her age, maybe even younger. He'd certainly not hit puberty, but then again that really meant nothing if the Tree Spirits had been true about Neverland's immortal properties. "Do you want them gone too then?" Billie asked after Peter showed no attempt at replying.

Peter looked at her with his dark eyes. Now that he was in the light, Billie could see for herself that the kid's skin shimmered like silver, just like the mineral dust she had been bathed in. His hair also had silver pieces entwined with his chocolate locks. There was no doubt in the matter that he was the betrayer that the Tree Spirits were talking about.

But Billie was in no mood to fight. Her energy had been practically drained in the first few minutes of battle and just remaining seated was becoming a task. She just wanted to sleep, but she knew the kid was dangerous. He was cocky and annoying which was a bad combination. She'd fought kids like him on the streets before, he was bad news to the bone.

"I'm not cutting a deal with you, you work for them!" Peter yelled, pointing behind him to emphasise the Tree Spirits that lingered back near the Mineral Dust Cave.

"Only because they told me that you were bad!" Billie yelled. She was losing her patience with the kid. If he tried to put the blame on her one more time, she was almost positive she'd find the energy just to plunge her dagger into his leg.

"Why would you believe them?" Peter asked, almost smugly. He gave a cocky grin as if to prove that he had outsmarted her. Billie didn't like that.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe because they knocked me out, dragged me to some caves, gave me super powers and then told me there were bad people on the Planet that, - by the way – I have magically appeared on because of some crazy magic fortune orb that I had to get rid of other wise I'd have no hope in finding home again!" Billie felt the sting of tears in her eyes, but they weren't from sadness, they were from her rage, her desperation to get her point across, "wouldn't you follow anyone that gave you that kind of reasoning?"

Billie watched as Peter's gaze faltered. He looked to the ground. Billie smiled. She'd seen that look before on dozens of kids. The guilty kind of look when you'd mentioned something that they'd done in the past, but they were too wimpy to even admit to it.

"Oh," Billie bit her lip, remembering what the Tree Spirits had said, "but you did fall for them didn't you?"

Billie mustered the energy to stand, though she was unstable, she managed to keep herself up thanks to the support of a tree behind her. She watched Peter take a step back in defeat, "but you did something they didn't like and now they hate your guts." She took a very weak step forward, but it was enough to keep Peter at bay. He'd kept his head down, almost ashamed. "You… what? You betrayed them. I'm guessing it had something to do with the pirates considering they want both of you lot gone," she'd really got to him this time. Billie knew she was winning.

From the back of her head she heard the desperate voice of the female Tree Spirit, What is it worth for you to mention this?

Billie wanted to snap at the Spirit but so far she didn't seem like she could. The Tree Spirit was loyal to Peter, but not loyal enough that she'd condone meaningless violence. Right now, the only respect Billie had was the respect for the female Tree Spirit.

Peter remained silent, so Billie carried on. "I'm not surprised. All you are is an immature kid with a load of power that's gone to your head."

That made Peter fume. He rose his head and took a step forward, lifting his sword once more, "and you're nothing but a stupid, immature girl who doesn't even know how to hold a dagger!"

"I think I was doing a pretty good job of it when it almost ripped you to pieces!" Billie could barely contain her anger.

"Oh yeah?"


Both Peter and Billie were now so close to each other that they were practically touching noses. Neither wanted to give up the stare down and both were set on victory.

Please, this is meaningless! The female Tree Spirit spoke again and attempted to move in between the two children, though it was a futile effort. They left no room in between them.

"I say it's got meaning." Peter growled.

"Yeah, me too." Billie thinned her lips and gave a sarcastic smile. She levelled herself up against the kid and realised something. She didn't know who he was or where he was from, but she did know that he was more experienced than her, but at the same time, immature. Immature enough to only deem a girl with a blade fit if she were to beat him at his own game.

Billie sized herself up against Peter before raising her brow sarcastically. She grinned and with quick reflexes she took her right hand and plucked a single hair from the kid's head.

Peter recoiled in shock, momentarily losing his weapon as he lifted his arms up to his head. Billie's eyes sparkled with humour. She knew something as simple as that would throw the kid off. While Peter's hands were on his head she swerved her body around and used the base of her elbow to cleanly knock into the kid's diaphragm. Peter was on the floor in seconds after the impact, winded and not likely getting up from a quick recovery. Billie retrieved her dagger and placed it cleanly on the tip of Peter's nose. "I'm not going to hurt you." Billie said, "and not because I'm a girl, because that was a Hell of a good elbow in the chest…" frankly, she could easily do it again, it wasn't the first time she'd beat a kid up before. "Still," she sighed and lifted the dagger away, "your little friend is right, there is no need for violence, you think that I'm here to kill you, I'm not." She looked back up to the mineral caves where the Tree Spirit elders stood, "I don't take orders," she called over, allowing to revel in the sound of her echoing voice. She grinned and turned back to the stunned Peter, "But I get that you don't like these pirates either. If we're on different sides and both hate them, I say we have a common enemy." She glanced back at the caves, "I won't kill a kid, but I have no problem in putting the beat down on people that deserve it."

Peter looked at her in disbelief but Billie simply shrugged it off. She moved her fingerless glove-clad hand down to Peter and watched as he stared at it.

"What do you say?" she grinned.

It took Peter a while to get over the fact that he had been beaten by a very annoying, very cocky girl. Her skin was also coated in silver in certain places and she had white highlights amongst her tangled blonde locks. Peter doubted she noticed or even cared, but the way she stood over him, the sun beating down on her was almost as if she had more power than he did. That annoyed him. Still, though she couldn't be fully trusted, she was right. They had a common enemy in Hook and no doubt Peter could gain respect from the girl once he mentioned the fact that he had cut the pirate's hand off himself.

Still… he decided that if the conversation showed itself, he would in no way mention the fact that he and Hook had been in any way related through friendship or other bonds. Those were in the past, and felt like years away. In fact, now he thought about it, considering the attitude this girl had, he didn't quite know how many years had passed on Earth. That scared him.

As he stared at the girl's hand, this is what he thought. He nodded after a few minutes and grabbed the girl's hand, shaking it harshly in an attempt to rattle her. "Alright," he mused, not really caring with his answer. If the girl showed the least bit of treachery, whatever truce they had would break and they'd be back to fighting once more.

"Great," Billie grinned, heaving Peter up with a shocking amount of strength. Billie knew that she was really pushing it now. Her body was almost shaking on the spot and she could tell that all she really wanted to do was lie down. "My name's Billie." She introduced, patting Peter on the shoulder in a friendly manner, "and I'm guessing from your Tree Spirit over there, your name is Peter."

Peter blinked in surprise. It came as a shock to realise that now it wouldn't be only him that could hear the Tree Spirits. "Her name's Tinkerbell." He said, pointing to her quickly.

"Well, it's very nice to meet you Tinkerbell," Billie grinned, rolling her eyes, "I guess you're the reason I don't have my throat cut about now."

Nonsense, the strength to stop was in you the whole time. Tinkerbell's voice was strong and sweet. As the Tree Spirit came closer, Billie noticed that she was really quite pretty and that her wings seemed to jingle, making a sweet tune in her head.

"Okay!" Peter called, aggravated with the way the two seemed to hit it off, "If you want to have a truce with me, then you're going to have to introduce yourself to the Tribe."

Billie's eyes widened, "Tribe? As in there are more people on Neverland?"

Peter shrugged, "people all over history have touched the orb and been brought here." He turned and sprung into the air, "be sure to keep up," he called sarcastically.

Billie ground her teeth silently. Normally, she would have taken that as a challenge, but right then, feeling the way she did, she honestly wasn't sure if she could in fact keep up with Peter.

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