Part Two (Vash's POV)

I got off the bus traveling west; I was, now, only a few miles away from Knives. It has been two weeks since I left December and I was only half a day's journey to my brother. I had not realized how close to civilization the old ship had been. I knew I should have been worried. What if, after he was healed, Knives were to attack the city, but I was feeling nostalgic. My two week journey reminded me of my lonely days before Wolfwood, before my final battle with Knives, before the girls.

Solitude and it was surprisingly unwelcomed. I had gotten used to his Meryl's presence. I have gotten used to Millie and her son, Matt. They were only people other than Knives that he cared for. They were only ones alive anyway. Well, the only ones that was terribly close to me.

During my journey, I, the infamous Vash the Stampede, discovered that the things I had always done by myself before, I enjoyed doing with someone else. Eating alone left my appetite unsatisfied, no matter how much I ate. Sleeping alone was unbearable. Without Meryl there was no point in sleeping at all. I would toss and turn, missing her small body against mind.

I sigh, my precious Meryl, the love of my very long life. How do I miss thee?

The darling woman was so very important to me. She was my complete opposite. From her hair color and height to her perfectionists attitude. My hair was blond while hers was black. I'm tall and she short. She was very young compared to me and yet she was way more mature than me, but she held an innocence to her that I had lost a long time ago. All was the opposite except for our optimistic view of the world. We both had hope for a brighter future.

That was what made us so perfect together. I sigh. And I asked her to not wait for me. I choked back my outrage and tears. I told the woman I love not to wait for me, to move on and find someone else. Man, was Wolfwood, Meryl, Knives, and several other people I had come across over the years right, I was an idiot.

Now, all I could do was wonder. Would she? Could she? Could she marry someone who wasn't me? Could she have his children? Would she even be happy if years later I pass her by?

"Pathetic," came a cold voice in my head.

I hadn't even realized I had automatically walked into the fallen ship I had left my brother. I couldn't believe, I didn't even notice the change of lighting or temperature. It was burning hot outside and the sunlight was blinding. But in the ship the air was cool, almost cool enough to make me shiver from the cold and the lighting was dim to none. The power in the ship had long died down to only be backup power and most of that was focused on the pod Knives was in.

"What, Vash, no hello?" Knives continued telepathically. "Or are you still too preoccupied with your thoughts of your human pet?"

"She's not my pet," I answered in with my mind. "I love her!"

"As I said before, pathetic," Knives said with disgust. "My brother in love with a human."

"Shall I show you all that I shared with that human?" I threatened.

"For the love of God, no," Knives felt sick at the thought.

"Then you will shut up when it comes to Meryl," I demanded.

I smiled and released my brother from his pod. He was still unconscious. I placed him over my shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Knives questioned knowing that he was being moved.

"I'm going home, Knives," I answered.

Talking to Knives and the thought of Meryl with another man made me decide to go back to her. I would have to take care of my brother and keep a ridiculous close eye on him when he's healed, but I wasn't going to postpone my life any longer. I was finally going to live it with the woman I loved.

"And you're coming with me. You're going to meet your future sister-in-law." I finish with a chuckle as Knives gave a mental groan in protest.