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17. Pretty

"Sigh…" Freed looked up from his copy of Sorcerer Weekly to see a disgruntled Mira glaring at the magazine.

"What's wrong, Mira?" he asked. She shook her head.

"I'm kinda tired for all the stuff Sorcerer wants me to do…honestly I'm not that pretty. Even one letter said so!"

"Wait, what letter?" Mira sighed again.

"Someone sent a hate mail to me just recently. I get a lot of those from girls, however this one was so detailed that I was literally sent to the dumps." Mira looked down sadly to the magazine again.

"You're pretty." Mira quickly looked up to see Freed's serious face.

"You, Mira, are one of the prettiest girls I've seen."

Did anyone read the latest chapter of Fairy Tail? GAH WE HAD GERZA RIGHT IN FRONT OF US – AND MASHIMA MADE HIM LIE! That was pretty cruel, but I hope Gerza happens in the end.

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