A/N: This is my take on Beast Boy's transformation into Changeling...inspiration? There just isn't enough BB love out there, and I'm going through a life-change of sorts myself. The first two chapters are just setting it up: the first chapter is a brief look into BB's mind and sets up what is going to happen. Rated T, may change to an M later for violence and adult situations, we'll see. Please let me know what you think! (Also my first multi-chaptered fic…)

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Chapter 1: Thoughts

I call it freedom. Bound by no single shape or form or ability, I can transform into whatever I want to be, whenever I feel the need. You'll never know what I am or who I can become, because I'm completely free. Lion, bear, elephant, llama, unicorn—you name the animal, I can be it. It's total freedom.

But at the same time, I'm not free at all. I find myself trapped, unable to let myself grow and mold and become more than a boy…a man. When will I be a man? Is there some test I have to pass, a challenge I have to complete, something that I'm missing? It used to be that I wouldn't think past what I was having for lunch, (mmm tofurkey.) But lately I've been locked in my room, shifting from form to form, trying to find the secret to what I'm missing. Because I don't feel free anymore. Everyone is growing up, finding their path and their place in this world….everyone but me.

I feel caged. And if there's anything that scares the animal in me, it's a cage.

Look at Robin…er…Nightwing. He's a man. He's changed his costume, his name, and is working as a detective in Bludhaven. He's dark, stoic, mysterious, dashingly handsome (or so Starfire seems to think), and brilliant. Our bird boy has grown into a bird…man? Ick, that's just weird to think about. But the point is that he's growing up. He has an actual job, an actual reason to wake up in the morning. Sure, I still protect Jump from the baddies…but they don't seem that bad anymore. They're pretty damn easy to defeat, in all honesty. I mean, really, you'd think Dr. Light would have learned his lesson by now…

And Starfire's off in Bludhaven with Nightwing as an interpreter for the police station. (Which makes perfect sense, seeing as she knows a LOT of languages.) She changed her costume too, more streamlined and less girly. It's skintight and has all these cutouts and shows WAY more of her long, hot legs and….and…I should stop thinking about my adopted sister this way….she's nothing if not a woman.

Okay, new train of thought. Cyborg. He's working in STAR labs and helps people on a daily basis. Yeah, he hasn't changed his costume (I mean, how would he do that?) But he's been updating his machinery and weaponry like crazy. And he even has a GIRLFRIEND. I know, right! It blows my mind too. Tin man is gettin' some lovin'….ick. I can't think about that. How would that even work?…does he even have a….? Okay, I really need to stop imagining my brothers doing the nasty….because that's just nasty.

Raven. Funny how my mind always shifts back to her, especially since she's been gone. She's honing her healing abilities on Azarath with her mom. It sucks having her gone. A lot more than I originally thought it would. I hate not seeing her drinking tea every morning, meditating by the window, making snarky comments whenever I play video games with Cyborg. I hate smelling her as I meander down the hall, hate not hearing the screech of her raven form as she leaves the tower for whatever reason. Yeah, it's weird.

And she's definitely changed. She's been letting her hair grow out, and I secretly love it, though I would never tell her that. And she changed her costume too. It's white now, but basically the same. The neckline is cut much lower and she has these wicked half-arm gloves in place of sleeves, and a v-shaped belt slung around her hips that accents her beautiful curves and lean, shapely legs….

Sigh. It's lonely around here. Raven's gone, Starfire and Nightwing are gone, and Cyborg may as well be. He works all day, comes home for a snack and pets my head (because I literally turn into a puppy with excitement to have company) and then goes off and hangs out with the girl most every night.

Jump is basically mine now, as is Titans Tower. Which is kinda cool, I guess. It's pretty fun to walk around naked whenever I feel like it. (Well, except for that one time Control Freak was in the living room…) But I feel like I've outgrown it. Nightwing keeps hinting that some of the younger Titans should come and learn what it's like to man their own station, but I know what he really means. He wants them to have Titans Tower and for me to get a life. And at this point, I don't think I would mind the change. There's just one problem.

I don't know what to do with myself. Am I really stuck as the goofy, loveable, sidekick-esque Beast Boy forever?

Yeah, it's freeing, being a shapeshifter. But in my human form, I'm caged. I don't like it. Maybe…maybe it's just safer staying a beast…

A/N Number Two: I know it's not as goofy as BB usually is and comes across as more intelligent than he is portrayed, but I have a reason for that. One: it makes perfect sense that BB would be the late bloomer of the group seeing as he is the youngest. So it's plausible that the others have moved on before he has. Two: He misses his friends and he doesn't know what to do with his life. AKA...he's not necessarily in a goofy/happy-go-lucky mood. And as for the wording and phrasing, I know that BB is highly intelligent and thoughtful, even if he doesn't act like it all the time. He has to be in order to shift quickly and effectively during battle, not to mention having been under Robin/Nightwing's influence for so long, so it would make sense that in his private musings he isn't shouting "dude!" all the time. You may hate me for how I portray BB if you like, but just don't flame me for it. This is how I see him and this is how I'm going to write him. I would love for reader feedback on my characterization and my story idea…