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Chapter 1:From stranger to danger

It was a hot summer day when Touko woke up. She got out of bed with a yawn and was stretching her arms when she heard the sound of her Xtransceiver ringing. She took it and saw through her half asleep eyes a familiar face on the screen.

"Hey Bianca, what's up?" "Hi Touko. I was wondering if you'd like to go shopping with me and-"Before she could finish her sentence, Touko sighed and finished the sentence. "And Cheren?" "Yeah how did you know?"

Touko really hated how Bianca always spoke or acted like a real airhead but maybe she actually WAS an airhead. "Well because you and Cheren are always together? After he had lost to the Pokémon League Champion Alder you went to his house to comfort him and after that day you two started going out. And even if I do go with you, I wouldn't feel at ease, I would feel like a third wheel of a motorcycle."

Bianca rolled her eyes and gave out an annoyed sigh. "So? If that bothers you so much then why don't you bring a boy with you? Oh, yes, you should bring N with you."

The moment she heard his name she felt shivers running down her spine and her heart beating like it was going to emerge out of her chest. She took a deep breath and answered. "I can no longer see him. He…disappeared…remember? He left right after I won against him." She was surprised at how much these words were difficult to say. In fact, they were still hurting her. All the moments she spent with N started to flow in her head. Memories, that's what they were and she still couldn't accept that fact.

Bianca wore now a sad look on her face. "I'm sorry; I forgot about that, I thought he was still around." "No you don't need to apologize, I'm okay but I think I'll go fly with Zekrom a little bit. It surely will help me to clear my mind." "Okay but I'll just give you one last piece of advice, Bianca now seemed excited but Touko just thought that Bianca would say something only Bianca could understand. "To forget a lost love, you have to find a new love" Touko was now amazed at how these words came out from Bianca's mouth.

"Where did you get that from?" "I don't know, they just came out- but wait why did you sound so amazed right now?" she stated with narrowed eyes. "Oh I was just teasing you." Lie. Well sometimes it's better to lie than getting into unnecessary trouble and Touko didn't want any more problems.

"Ok well if you don't want to come then I'll be going, bye." "Bye Bianca" After saying goodbye Touko turned her Xtransceiver off and realized that she was still wearing her pajamas with Purrloin prints on it. She got dressed and went downstairs.

There she saw her mother, whistling a song that can be heard on the speakers in all of the Pokémon centers. "Mom, I'm going out for a while." Upon hearing this, her mother turned around and followed her to the door. "Touko, I have something to say to you." said Touko's mother with a singing tone but Touko just opened the door and replied, "Sorry mom, I really have to go you can tell me that later ok?" With that she closed the door in an "I don't care manner" leaving her mother speechless. "Well I have to tell her when she returns, he too will be here." A smile of excitement flowed down of her lips.

As soon as Touko stepped outside she called out Zekrom from his Pokéball and flew away on him. There she was flying in the sky, not caring for the destination and remembering, what Bianca said to her before.

"To forget a lost love you have to find a new love", she mumbled to herself "Okay, that's good and all but how can I find a new love so soon?" Suddenly she spotted a park underneath her and decided to land; there she noticed that she was in the White Forest. She looked at Zekrom and began to pat his head gently, feeling the mild breeze waving in. The relaxing moment broke down when she heard a voice calling. "Look out!"

Touko turned her back to look where the voice came from. As soon as she turned, a Frisbee hit her right in her forehead, causing her to lose her balance and to fall to the ground. She opened her eyes and saw the sky above her. When she tried to stand she felt a pain in her head and held her right hand to her forehead to resist the pain. A hand appeared above her head, inviting to accept its help; she took it and was lifted up by it.

As she stood straight she looked at the person across from her. It was a boy about the same age as her, he had short brown hair, big sparkling brown eyes, he was also wearing a typical Pokémon trainer clothes and…had a big fake smile on. Touko instantly knew this type of guy, they would throw a Frisbee at you, you fall, they say they're sorry and help you stand up and ask for your phone number and all that with a big smile, which's most of the time fake.

"Sorry about the Frisbee, are you okay?" He asked worriedly. Touko was not sure if he was really concerned about her. Touko looked down at the Frisbee and saw that it was an aerodynamic kind; those are good to train the speed of certain Pokémon. Suddenly Touko felt angry. Why? Well because: 1. she lost the one she loved, 2. she hated the fact that Bianca was always bragging that she has a boyfriend and 3. She hated this guy for throwing a Frisbee at her when finally she was having a moment to relax but hey it hurt terribly! Time to explode~

"Hey can't you pay more attention, there are people out here who have problems in their lives and need to relax and they surely don't need someone like you to throw a damn Frisbee at them, it really hurts you know!" Ah, it felt so good to let it go. The boy started to laugh. "Whoa, calm down, it's not entirely my fault, it's yours too for having such a BIG head." He emphasized the "BIG" loudly so that it would irritate Touko even more. She couldn't believe what she heard. Big head? No one ever said something like that to her.

"Hmm, she told me you were bad tempered but I never thought it was at this point, well I have to go, I've seen enough of you. Pay more attention next time BIG head." Touko wanted to reply something to him but it was already too late, he had already flown away with his Pokémon. "What a conceited jerk, Zekrom next time you see him could you blow him up for me please? Zekrom looked at her with a confused look but nodded to approve.

Touko arrived at home just in time for lunch. When she opened the main door the fresh smell of fried fish entered through her nostrils and she coughed at the terrible smell she hated. "Oh man, I hate fish" she thought. "Mom I'm home and don't think I'll even touch the fi-."Oh Touko, finally you're here, I have great news!" "Are they so great that you have to do the dish I hate the most for this occasion?" "I'm getting MARRIED!" Touko felt her eardrums pumping heavily; her mother literally shouted the last word in her ears.

"You're getting what!" "Married! And that's not all." Oh no, what now? What could possibly be more surprising than that? Fish, on the day she announces that she's getting married? Of course, something fishy is mixed with the marriage thing. Touko was getting more and more nauseous the more she thought about fish and the smell didn't help her either.

"Please not more." begged Touko. "Yes, there's more" Touko looked over her mother's shoulder to look at the person who just said this and surprise, surprise! It's the jerk from this morning. "Mom, what is he doing here in my house, in my kitchen and with my mother?"

Her mother looked at both of them with a confused look. "Oh do you already know each other? Well that's great! So you already met your brother to be!"

Upon hearing "brother" Touko stood motionless with widened eyes and an opened mouth. "It isn't as bad as you think; Touya here is my fiancée's son, he is really sweet and nice. I'm sure you two will get along just fine. Touko continued motionless. "Hmm, I think she froze" stated Touya with a devilish grin.

After a moment she recovered her senses and burst out "There is no way in hell that you're going to be my brother!" Touya went from a devilish grin to a fake smile. He held her hand and brought it to his lips. "I'm sure we'll be getting along just fine, dear sister."