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Nine Years Later...

"Edward, we have to go!" I called up the stairs.

"Be right down," he called back, and I groaned when I looked at the clock again. If we didn't leave in the next five minutes we were going to be late, and Alice would never let us hear the end of it. I still couldn't believe that little Alice was eighteen and graduating from high school.

"Sorry," Edward said as he came downstairs and pulled me from my thoughts, "Ray decided to become a wiggle monster while I was trying to get her dressed."

I took our daughter from Edward so he could get his jacket. "Of course she did," I said. "I swear, she would be happy to live everyday in just a diaper." Our one year old daughter, Renee Elizabeth Masen, was a bundle of energy. I am pretty sure she hasn't stopped moving since the first time she turned over, and getting her dressed was always an adventure.

"I know," Edward snorted as he grabbed the diaper bag and I grabbed my purse. Soon we were all buckled in the car and on our way, and Ray babbled away in the backseat as we made the short drive to the high school. I sighed as I looked around the Volvo; the car had definitely seen better days. Edward and I both knew it was time for him to get a new car, but neither of us was ready to part with this one. I knew we would end up driving this car into the ground, just like my truck. The big red Chevy had died a few years ago, and not even Jake could save it, although God knows he tried.

Jake's passion for cars had strengthened over the years, and he now owned his own garage in Seattle. Thankfully, his passion for me had cooled and the three of us now had a fairly friendly relationship. Jake was in a serious relationship with Leah, a girl he has known for years, and we were all very happy for him.

When we pulled into the parking lot, Esme, Carlisle and Charlie were all waiting for us.

"We aren't late, are we?" I asked as I scrambled out of the car.

"No, you are just in time," Esme replied as she walked over and kissed my cheek. Edward opened the car door and Ray's giggles filled the air. It was one of my favorite sounds in the whole world; it never failed to fill me with joy.

"Da da," She giggled as Edward took her out of her car seat.

"Hi princess," Edward laughed and kissed the top of her head. It was actually sunny today, so there were little hints of red shinning in Ray's chocolate brown curls. Edward turned to face me and I was met with two pairs of emerald green eyes full of laughter. I couldn't help but smile as I gazed at my perfect little family.

"We should head in," Carlisle said.

"Down!" Ray said as she started to bounce in Edward's arms. She had just started walking, and much to mine and Edward's disappointment she hardly ever like to be carried. We only really got away with it when she was really tired or not feeling well. Reluctantly Edward set Ray down and grabbed one of her hands, I grabbed the other one and we made our way in. We quickly found our seats; Edward had Ray in his lap and I handed her one of her dolls that I hoped would keep her busy during the ceremony.

"It must be nice for you guys to be around some older kids for a change," Charlie commented as he looked at graduates. Edward and I both worked at the elementary school; I taught first grade and Edward taught music. I loved my job. My students were handful, but they were also adorable. Spending my lunch hour with my sexy husband was pretty amazing too.

"Actually, I prefer the little ones," Edward said and smiled at Ray who was now chewing on her dolls arm.

"Me too," I agreed and kissed her cheek.

We all quieted down once the ceremony started and we watched as one by one the graduates took their first steps into adulthood. We all cheered when Jasper Hale walked across the stage. Alice and Jasper started dating two years ago, and had become pretty much inseparable.

I glanced over to where Rose and Emmett were sitting with three year old son, Noah. It still shocked me how much mine and Edward's relationship with them had changed over the years. Edward and Emmett were practically like brothers now, and Rose and I had actually become rather close. After high school we all went to the University of Washington together. Edward and Emmett were always hanging out, so Rose and I were forced to spend time together. Thankfully she dropped the bitch act and we became friends. We were bridesmaids in each other's weddings, Rose and Emmett are Renee's godparents, and Edward and I are Noah's.

The only downside to our friendship was that Emmett was not really close to his parents anymore. No matter what we did we couldn't get his mom to change her mind about Edward. Ryan had come around and he, Emmett and Edward would hang out now and again. Emily refused to budge on her opinion, and even though they never said anything I think it was starting to put a stain on their marriage.

"Alice Masen," we heard over the loudspeakers. I looked down and watched as Alice crossed the stage in her ugly yellow gown and beamed with pride when she held up her diploma.

"Al!" Ray squealed when she saw Alice. Alice babysat for Ray every Friday so that Edward and I could have a date night. Unless it was freezing, Edward and I always spent out date nights in our meadow. I am pretty sure Ray was conceived in that meadow. Ray and Alice adore each other, so the arrangement works out well.

Once the ceremony ended we all went to Esme and Carlisle's house for a celebratory dinner. I knew Esme and Carlisle were planning to have a bigger party for Alice in a few weeks, so the dinner was nothing too over the top. Edward and I ended up leaving early because Ray started getting fussy, but once we got her home, bathed, and in her favorite pajamas she was content enough to fall asleep quickly. With our daughter sleeping peacefully, Edward and I made our way to our room and his lips were on mine the second our door closed.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you looked today, love?" he asked between kisses.

"No," I replied breathlessly.

"You looked breathtaking," he whispered in my ear as he unzipped the back my dress. The dress fell to the floor and left me standing in nothing but my bra and panties. The chill of anticipation travelled up and down my body as Edward drank me in. I hastily unbuttoned Edward's shirt as he led me to the bed. Once lowered me down and hovered over me I made quick work of his pants. He wasted no time finding my lips with his own, and I moaned when his taste and scent overwhelmed me. He soon left a trail of fiery heat as he kissed his was down my neck. As always, when me made love, Edward paused to kiss my arm where the jagged heart used to be. Thanks to the cream Carlisle gave me I have no scar, but we both remember what was once there.

Thoughts of the past evaporate when Edward unhooks my bra. As he swirled his tongue around my hardened nipple I arched into him, overcome with pleasure. I rid Edward of his last article of clothing and once he is free I reach down and grasp him with my now overheated hand. Edward growls and the sound goes to straight to my core. He ripped my now drenched panties from my body, and with one lift of my hips he plunges in deep and we both moan.

Our pace starts off slow but we are soon moving in frenzy as pleasure and passion consume us. It doesn't take long before I feel myself falling. I bury my face in Edward's neck dig my fingers into his back as I tighten around him like vice. Edward's face is buried in my hair and I hear him groan as he lets go. Once our bodies and our breathing have calmed, we lay there tangled together, starting to drift off.

"I love you Bella," Edward murmured as he stroked my hair.

"I love you too" I replied and let myself drift into a contented, happy sleep.

After the storms Edward and I have weathered I feel blessed to have the content and the happy.

The End

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