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The next morning, Blaine was jolted awake by a cacophony of shattering glasses, wailing cubs, and high-pitched shrieks. And from the empty state of his bed, he had an all-too-clear idea of where Kurt was. Or rather, was not. Fuck.

As the crashing sounds grew louder, Blaine quickly pulled on a robe and stumbled out into the hallway to hunt Kurt down before he could cause any more commotion. He passed his father, who rubbed at his groggy eyes and wordlessly thrust a finger toward the kitchen. Blaine sent him a questioning look, and he just added, "I don't care what you plan to do in the privacy of your bedroom, but you'd better control that boy in public if you want to keep any chance of the pack still respecting you," and disappeared into his bedroom, muttering something about humans and omegas and ungodly hours of the morning.

The circle of pack members who were enjoying the spectacle surrounding their kitchen-of-sorts quickly parted to allow Blaine entry as he approached. None of the usually feisty members were willing to mess with Blaine – not this morning, with his dark, glaring eyes and pulsing veins and wild hair, still running on a high from the night before.

As soon as he caught a flash of unusually pale skin and chestnut hair in the midst of chaos and broken glass, Blaine felt something unleash, pulsing freely and dangerously inside of him. His father had been right – the entire pack was gazing upon him judgmentally, and if he didn't make a statement to them by getting Kurt under his control right then and there, there would be hell to pay further down the road, first with Kurt and later with the rest of the pack. He couldn't allow the boy to make him look weak in front of the betas. But, on the other side… damn. This was not what he had pictured, not by any stretch or leap or twist of his imagination. As infuriated as he was, something about the boy's strong spirit made him laugh a bit inside. Omegas were never supposed to be this wild after their claiming. Had Kurt even gotten the chance to sleep?

"What the hell do you mean, telling me I can't leave? There's a door right there, and if you'll just excuse me- UGH, let go of my scarf!" Kurt's eyes darted about, and in a split-second decision, he charged towards an opening in the pack, but the spirit and grace of his delicate legs was no match for the warm, solid bodies of the werewolves closing in before him. Kurt let out a shriek of frustration and exhaustion, aimlessly grasping a clay pot and heaving it across the room. It broke into several pieces on the ground.

"You people are out of your damned minds," Kurt proclaimed, loud and flustered, to anyone in the vicinity. "Living like animals in the middle of the woods, half of you not wearing any clothes-" A hand was thrust over his mouth, and he immediately parted his lips, sinking his teeth into the flesh. The man behind him gasped in pain.

Then he felt strong, muscular arms wrapping around his waist from behind, pinning his arms against his chest. He wormed his fingers through the tight grip and dug his nails desperately into the man's strong, heated flesh, but to no avail. He thrust his leg out behind him to aim a kick between the man's legs, but before his foot could reach the correct area, the man's legs tightened, effectively trapping Kurt's leg between his own. Thrown off-balance, Kurt was forced to lean further against the man to prevent himself from falling over.

As soon as his head pressed involuntarily against the man's chest and his distinctive scent surrounded Kurt, Kurt was overwhelmed with a strange sense of familiarity. It sort of snuck around his body, curling into him and seeking to calm him, latching onto something inside his body that he could just feel.

And then, once he'd had a chance to catch his breath and the adrenaline had left his body, the horror and humiliation struck him like he had run into a brick wall, and he collapsed into himself, so full of frustration and helplessness and anger yet that strange calmness that he could hardly breathe from it all.

At feeling Kurt's body collapse against his own, Blaine's heart rose up in his throat. The boy's sweet smell engulfed his body and seeped into his veins. He had heard that alphas develop an almost psychic connection with their omegas, but he hadn't imagined the overwhelming force of it, the way the boy's pain and confusion cried out to him, loudly and agonizingly, the way he found himself at once overcome with both tenderness and the need to dominate his mate.

He felt the boy's tears fall, burning and wet, onto his arm, and whispered, "Shhh. We'll get you somewhere safe. Just calm down, trust me, let me take care of you."

"See?" he heard a man whisper loudly, almost mockingly, to his son as Blaine manhandled Kurt out the door and back to his bedroom. "Look at the way the boy can't help himself, the way his alpha mate calms him, like it's sheer instinct."

The words just rested on Kurt's skin, floating around his ears but not really sinking in, not until they reached the man's bedroom, not until the man had locked the door, not until the man had laid Kurt gently down on the couch beside the window, not until Kurt turned around to gape at the man's face in horror.

"Oh, God. You're…"

It ached, ached, to have his mate looking at him like that, hurt and confused and afraid, and knowing that he himself had caused it. His father had never told him that the urge to be kind and gentle to Kurt, who was hurt and weepy and afraid, would conflict so harshly with the instinctive need to control him.

Luckily, Blaine didn't have to choose between the two, not right away, because the boy was obviously in shock and the need to dominate wasn't particularly an issue. Good. Everything was sinking in. Kurt was calming down, and their roles would fall into place, and maybe the next time he took his beautiful, beautiful boy – which he knew needed to be soon, he could feel the need bubbling in his chest – it would be easy.

"You're the…. From last night…"

"Yes." Blaine's voice was at once dominating and guilty, and Kurt restrained the need to leap at him, to claw him, knowing how poorly his last attempts had ended. The man was too strong for him, and Kurt shrank back, feeling helpless. The man and his scent were a little too far away from Kurt, and the calming influence started to wane.

"Leave me alone." Kurt's voice was flat. Bitchy, even, but with obvious good reason.

"I… well, I can't, Kurt."

"Then let me the hell out of here."

"I can't do that, either."

"Then what can you do, other than creep up behind innocent people extraordinarily well?"

"I can juggle pretty well."

"Fuck you."



Blaine couldn't help finding Kurt's anger incredibly adorable, knowing that he was weaker than himself and ultimately helpless, but… he wanted to treat Kurt well, and the hardly masked pain behind Kurt's eyes was all too apparent to him, and it ripped at something in his heart.

"I'm sorry, Kurt. Here, let's… I suppose we can start with why I brought you here."

"You'd better 'suppose.'" Kurt spat defiantly, fixing Blaine with his trademarked glare, ice coursing through his gaze.

"Alright, well, just let me explain some thi-"

"Then what are we going to 'get to' now, besides the fact that you – you… you violated me last night?" Gathering the last of his strength, Kurt rose up from the couch, lurching towards Blaine, sputtering angrily when Blaine grasped his wrists and crossed them across his chest, easily pinning him back down on the couch.

"Good boy, that's much better," he soothed.

"Let go of me." Kurt had run out of physical energy, but his eyes were alive and defiant.

"No, Kurt. I need you to settle down for me."

"For you? Yeah, like I would do anything for you right now."

Blaine kept Kurt pinned to the couch and leaned in deliberately close to the boy, pressing his face nearer and nearer until it was a hair's breadth away. The boy's eyes widened, the beautiful blues and greys and greens all melting into each other, entranced. Blaine's scent swirled around Kurt until Blaine felt his struggles weaken and his body calm beneath him. "Oh, I think you will."

Kurt opened his mouth to protest, and Blaine held a finger against it.

"There you go," he soothed. "I want to teach you about where you are, and I'll answer your questions and tell anything your little heart desires, but you need to calm down first."

"Don't call me little."

Blaine was confused for a moment. His mother had always taken that well. It wasn't… demeaning, it was more of a term of endearment. Maybe it was a pride issue for Kurt. Speaking of, the boy was currently squirming lightly beneath his grip. This was all so new, so new and unreal to him; he had known for his whole life that this would happen, but now that it actually was, that it had Kurt, he felt so unpracticed at it all. The more he let his instincts slip away, the more he tried to be kind and patient with Kurt, the more awkward and ill at ease he found himself feeling.

Frustrated, Blaine allowed his wolf instincts to come to the foreground, hoping he could control them enough to give the boy a break. After all, his acute vision hadn't missed the way the boy sort of limped back to the bedroom with him. His eyes, dark and heavy, bore into Kurt's as Kurt felt the strange calm further flood his being and his body slumped back against the couch cushions.

"Where am I?" he finally managed, softly. Blaine's eyes softened and he loosened his grip on Kurt, settling back a bit, but not enough to let his scent evade the boy. He couldn't deal with any more of that feisty moodiness right now.

"You're in the middle of the woods, Kurt."

"I would think that much has been made painfully obvious."

Now that they weren't in public and Kurt was calmed just enough to keep him still, Blaine found the last remnants of Kurt's anger endearing and chuckled to himself. "Just checking. It's good to start with the basics."

Kurt just glared coldly in response. Damn. This was going to be harder than Blaine had thought – Kurt's wolf instincts were supposed to be much stronger than this; he should be much more submissive and compliant at this point, but this boy was definitely a fighter. A beautiful, feisty, porcelain fighter who was becoming harder and harder to resist. Blaine took a breath and forced himself to remain calm.

"I know you're in shock right now, and that's okay. We'll get through this."

"There's no 'we,' as far as I'm concerned."

"Oh, but there is. Everything is a 'we' right now, and will be for the rest of our life." Blaine was growing more and more frustrated, fighting to keep his impulses under control. The easiest way to get Kurt under his control would be to fuck him, but he wanted to build an actual relationship with Kurt, and he had a feeling the boy wouldn't take kindly to that. However, it was getting harder and harder to ignore the beautiful, pale skin laid out in front of him, covered only a sheet that he must have taken from Blaine's bed before trying to flee.

"And what gives you the right to just assume this?"

"Besides the fact that you're mine?"

Pointedly ignoring the 'mine,' Kurt returned, "And perhaps the fact that you're out of your mind? They're going to send people out to look for me, you know. You can't just keep me locked up here forever."

Blaine's face was both pitying and amused. "What would you say if I told you those people weren't ever going to find you?" he said, his voice breathy and musing.

"Other than the fact that you're delusional, which you've already made painfully clear?"

"God, I just love how feisty you are, it's adorable." Blaine blurted. "But… Kurt, they're not, though." His voice softened, and he couldn't hold back the pity for Kurt that overrode his other emotions. "We're out so far in the middle of the woods, and we have so many precautions up… no one's going to be able to find you."

Tears welled up slowly and painfully in Kurt's eyes. "You can't just… I can't be here forever, it's just… it's not.. there's some way that I'm going to get out of here. I've heard of things like this happening to people, but they're found, eventually, they're all found."

"I know it's hard to accept or even believe, Kurt." Why Kurt felt himself struck with the urge to sink into the man's arms, he did not know, but he found himself fighting harder and harder to go against the impulse.

"You don't know, though, you have no idea…." Kurt's small voice was almost pitiful.

"Let me explain to you why you're here, alright? Maybe that will help you."

"Alright." Kurt heaved a sigh, yet his eyes clung to the man's. He couldn't understand why he felt such an intimate bond to the man who had forced himself upon him only hours ago; he only knew that he felt helpless and somehow placated.

"I'm… well, all of us… we're werewolves, Kurt."

The boy laughed. Laughed. "You people are growing more and more delusional by the minute, first thinking that you can keep me here, then telling me you're all werewolves?"

Blaine cocked an eyebrow. "We are, though. And the forest, it's... it's our home."

"You can't expect me to believe that. You have needs that can't be met out here in the middle of the forest, I mean-"

"It doesn't matter, Kurt. You're speaking of human needs that don't matter to us. Actually, to you, either, now that you mention it. I mean, look at your shoulder."

The bite from the previous night was even more prominent if it was possible, and there was a dark, glowing aura about it. Little curls of the ebony essence arched through the air, dancing about each other sensuously, dark and gleaming.

"What…" Kurt's breath hitched.

Christ, the contrast of the black against Kurt's pale skin was just gorgeous. Blaine had to swallow as those beautiful, wide, shocked eyes stared back at him. "That's the bite from when I claimed you last night, Kurt. It turned you to one of us."

Even from his limited knowledge of human society, Blaine knew that black, glowing auras around wounds weren't exactly common, especially from the stunned look on Kurt's face as he gazed down at the bite.

"It doesn't… why doesn't it hurt?"

"To be honest, I'm not sure. Only alphas claim humans, so those bites aren't exactly common, and we really don't know too much about them."

Kurt's head didn't move, but Blaine watched captivated as the boy's long, exquisite eyelashes curled slowly upward to meet his gaze.


"Yeah, alpha. Alpha werewolves, currently just myself and my father, lead the pack, which is all of the people you saw in the kitchen, earlier."

"Why not mate with one of them, then, rather than tramp into Ohio and kidnap someone?" Kurt's voice was all teary bitterness, and something about the gorgeous crystalline tears welling up in his eyes sent a flash of heat coursing through Blaine's body.

"Because betas are too instinctive, too dominant. They can't be as submissive to an alpha as a human can."

"Submissive?" Kurt choked, rapidly blinking back the pools of tears that kept rising to his eyes.

God, he was so innocent. "Yes. It means you're my claimed mate, my omega. I'm responsible for you, for assimilating you to society, for caring for you, protecting you, taking care of your needs."

Kurt's tears, large and hot, began to stream down his face. He shut his eyelids painstakingly, catching some of the drops on his lashes like dew on a spiderweb. Blaine gasped softly, wholeheartedly entranced by the beauty and marvel of it all, of seeing Kurt so agonizingly real before his eyes.

"I'm sorry you have to go through this, baby. You'll get used to it, eventually. I hope you'll understand one day when it's all behind us." The tears were falling even faster now, and Blaine felt his cock hardening. He could just pull away that sheet and see his breathtaking mate in all of his glory, and the thought of it all was just too much to bear. The tears, the idea of taking care of Kurt, somehow added to the fantasy, and Blaine could sense it would be difficult to hold back much longer.

"There's no 'us,' there's never going to be an 'us.'"

There is, though. It's already begun." Blaine leaned in closer to Kurt until they were sharing the same air, until Kurt's submissive wolf instincts were in full effect.

"No…" Kurt shook his head vigorously, tears streaming down his face, and Blaine painstakingly traced the trail left by one of the hot, wet, tears with a gentle finger before pressing the same finger to his lips, flicking his tongue out to taste the salty wetness.

The taste of Kurt's tears, the boy's pure essence, sent heaving waves of impulse crashing down on him.

"Your tears are just intoxicating," Blaine murmured, pressing a kiss to Kurt's pure, soaked cheek, inhaling the light musk and vanilla that were so beautifully Kurt. His cock was hardening rapidly, and a heat was pulsing through his body, and he could hardly breath from it all.

Kurt whimpered beneath him and let out a gasp as Blaine began to pull the sheet away from his body, his hungry eyes taking in Kurt's pretty, delicate collarbone, glimmering with sweat and tears.

"What are you… stop!"

"This is part of what it means to be my omega, Kurt. You need to get used to being taken by me." Blaine could hardly hold back his trembling breath enough to speak, not with the way that silk sheet kept slipping lower and lower, hugging the delicate intricacies of Kurt's body. Kurt squirmed beneath him, whimpering, pressing back further against the couch.

Blaine pressed his mouth against the skin of Kurt's collarbone, warm and sweet, scraping his teeth against it lightly. Kurt shuddered.

"You feel that, baby?" Kurt's elegant chin moved up and down just slightly.

"I don't… what is that?"

"It's our bond, the bond between an alpha and his omega, that began to form last night. It continues to strengthen every time I claim you like this, sexually."

"Please. Not again." Kurt was crying again, his chest shaking.

"Shhhhh, baby. The bond to me is going to make the transition easier. I need you to trust me, Kurt. I'd love for you to be comfortable with our situation, but the only way that's going to work is if you trust me to do this, to know what's best for you."

"I can't-" Kurt's voice broke into a gasp as Blaine's tongue, rough and warm, lathed over his nipple, circling round and round before he sucked, bringing it involuntarily to a peak.

"See?" Blaine murmured against Kurt's flesh, looking up through his lashes. He tweaked the already hardened nipple between his thumb and forefinger. "Your nipples are already turning hard for me. It's part of your instincts now, Kurt. You need to submit to me, you need to be taken by me."

"No, no, no, no, no," Kurt whimpered, reaching a trembling hand to Blaine, trying to pull the man away from his body to no avail.

"You need to stop fighting this, Kurt," Blaine murmured, grasping Kurt's hand and interlacing their fingers, pinning it gently above his head. "It'll be easier for us if you do. I'll make sure you enjoy this, baby. This is about us, not just me."

Kurt shivered as the rest of his skin, much more sensitive than the rest of the werewolves', was exposed to the cold air of the room.

"It's alright, Kurt, I've got you," Blaine murmured, pressing his warm hands against the cold flesh and rubbing gently until Kurt sighed softly, leaning into the warmth almost imperceptibly. "Good," he smiled genuinely against Kurt's skin, amazed at how addicting the feel of the warm, silky flesh was beneath his fingers. "You're doing wonderfully, you know. You're everything I wanted and more."

Kurt's eyes were closed, and Blaine watched in utter fascination as his legs began to spread of their own accord. Kurt trembled, looking conflicted and confused.


No response.

"Baby, I need you to open your eyes and look at me."

Pale blue irises made themselves visible, hooded with porcelain lids.

"Good, Kurt. You know I don't want to hurt you. I just can't… we need to do this. Tell me how you feel."

"I don't understand… why…."

"Your legs?"


"It's your instincts, Kurt. They're spreading because your wolf instincts are really strong right now.

"I feel empty, though, like… achingly."

"That's because you need this right now, as my omega." Blaine murmured, breath ghosting against Kurt's skin he trailed hot kisses down his body. "It's perfectly natural, Kurt. I want this to be good for you, too. It's okay to want it."

The tears came again. "I don't want this, though, it's just… like there's something inside of me that's pushing for it, and I can't… it won't stop, not until…"

"Shhhh, baby, it's normal. I'll take care of you."


"Mmmm, well, let me teach you. Let me show you how good it can feel," Blaine hummed as his hand made its way to Kurt's already hardening cock. "You want to know something?" Blaine let his fingers trail delicately over Kurt's length. "Sometimes the most pleasurable sensations come from the lightest touches."

Kurt arched his back and bit his lip, panting heavily to avoid making any noises, unwilling to give Blaine the satisfaction.

"Shy?" Blaine asked softly, cocking his head in a way that was just too fucking adorable.

Kurt didn't respond, his face coloring rapidly as he held his breath, biting his lip so hard Blaine wouldn't have been surprised if it was bleeding by that point.

"I have ways of remedying that shyness, you know," Blaine grinned, pumping Kurt's erection slowly, adding a smooth twist in the end that caused Kurt to cry out, his stomach coiling so tightly he could barely stand it, hips jerking. "See?" He then removed his hand, and Kurt's eyes opened questioningly, hazily. "Calm down, baby. I'll take care of you." Blaine's arm reached beneath Kurt's legs, lifting them up and pressing a hand between his cheeks. "Christ, you're so beautiful, Kurt." Kurt's hole quivered as it was exposed to the cold air, a warm whitish fluid peeking out.

"Why am I.. it feels wet," Kurt mumbled, face flushed with both need and humiliation.

"Your body produces natural lubricant, now that you're a werewolf," Blaine said before dipping just the tip of his finger into the fluid and circling it around Kurt's hole. Kurt keened, arching into the touch. "That's it, Kurt. Just keep trusting me, let me show you how good I can make you feel." Blaine wrapped his other arm around Kurt's waist and moved to hold him in his lap, bent forward slightly, flushed and panting, as Blaine's finger moved tantalizing around his most sensitive areas, occasionally eliciting a whimper as he ghosted over his hole.

"This is going to feel strange, but you need to try not to resist this or it's going to hurt more," Blaine mumbled into Kurt's ear as he slipped a finger inside him. Kurt mewled loudly, burying his face in Blaine's shoulder. "Good boy. That's it, Kurt. You're doing so, so well. Can you handle any more?"

Kurt shook his head against Blaine's neck.

"That's alright, baby. We'll work on it some other time, okay?" Blaine allowed his finger to slip in further, exploring the inside of Kurt as Kurt pressed back against his finger, letting out high-pitched gasps and clutching Blaine's hand, still laced in his own and pinned against the back of the couch. Blaine arched his finger up, and Kurt screamed. "Fuck, Kurt, you're so beautiful when you're screaming for me. Always so beautiful," he whispered against the top of the boy's head, reaching his other hand to rub Kurt's stomach soothingly, admiring how flushed the pale skin was.

"Are you enjoying this, baby?" he asked tentatively, trailing his hand back down to stroke Kurt's cock, pumping in rhythm with his finger. The only response Kurt could make out was a keening whimper against his shoulder, writhing in pleasure that overtook him.

Blaine's breath caught in his throat as Kurt squirmed in his lap, the soft, tight cheeks of his ass rubbing against his erection, and they came together, loud and gasping, Kurt's come spurting out in thick ropes that fell against his stomach, Blaine's come splattered over his back. If Blaine could have gotten hard again, he would have immediately, seeing the white fluid marking Kurt, claiming him as his own, his omega.

"You alright, baby?"

Kurt didn't respond, his soft breaths falling against Blaine's neck, already asleep, overwhelmed by the intensity of his emotions and the pleasure of it all. He looked even more gorgeous, more precious, if possible. He was going to be a challenge, but Kurt… Kurt would be worth it.