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Agony takes over as I blindly move forward. My only thought was finding some place safe to rest. Red started taking over the corners of my vision but I pressed forward, I cough and nearly drop dead right there. Somewhere through the redness I saw a figure. "Help." I croak before collapsing into the cold ground. Warm hands wrap around me and I'm pulled upwards. My mind drifts, I'm vaguely aware that I'm being carried before something soft envelopes me and I stop worrying.

When I come to I'm in a dark room. There's a dull throb throughout my body but nothing compared to the agony from before. Where am I? What happened? A door creaks open and a tall man stands there, his hands tucked into his pockets. Fear runs up my spine and I attempt to sit up only to have a sharp pain stab in my side. I hiss and fall back into the bed.

"Careful, kid, you've been injured pretty bad." The man shuffles forward and drops into a chair beside the bed I was lying in. "The name's Greed."

"A-Avis." I murmur looking him over; his purple eyes unnerved me so I avoid looking at his eyes. He has an angular face, strong features, spiky black hair, and those purple eyes.

Greed peers down at me for a long while, I try to remain as still as possible. Our silence is broken when I start to cough and wheeze for breath. He lets me cough until the fit subsides, my side aches and I want to know what happened but I don't dare move. We fall silent again, Greed relaxes back in his seat and peers down at me.

"You don't talk much do you? Not that I mind. I'm just curious as to what the hell happened." Greed leans forward again and waves his left hand around, I notice a red tattoo on it; a snake eating its tail.

"I…" I try and sit up only to have a hot, searing pain force me back in bed. My insides twists and I squeeze my eyes shut. "I don't remember."

"Really now?" Greed's voice jumps a few octaves.

"Yea." I nod slowly, "W-what happened?"

"You said yourself you didn't know." Greed smirks. "If you're asking how injured you were… you were probably going to die if you hadn't found me. Guess you had some real bad scars across your whole body, you had to get stitches," Greed points to my stomach, "you're lucky to be alive… and in one piece."

My eyes find a crack in the ceiling and I stare at it. As hard as I try I can't remember what happened. I move and something snaps. Hot liquid pools on my stomach and agony fills my body. A shriek echoed through the room and just as I blacked out I realized it was my own scream.


When I open my eyes I find myself in a strange room, crimson colored sheets, a cracked white ceiling, and not a soul in sight. I don't know where I am or what I'm doing. When I sit up pain erupts through my stomach, I cling to it before I lift up a white shirt I never knew I owned. There on my stomach are three slices across my stomach, the one in the middle is really bad. Black thread holes the pink skin together and I notice a blood dripping out of the middle scar. I don't know what else to do so I scream.

Screaming itself makes my body ache, my lungs burn, my arms ache, and my stomach shrieks. I fall back into the bed, tears streaming down my cheeks. Where am I? What happened to me?

"Kid?" A door is flung open and I shoot straight up only to have severe pain in my stomach causing another loud scream to escape my lips. "What the hell! You'll reopen your wounds! Lay down now!" That voice, that husky, smooth voice. I fall back into the bed, panting for breath as a man steps into view. "Man you're a pain in the ass."

"G-g…." The name balances on the tip of my tongue but I start to cough and wheeze for breath, my shoulders ache and my lungs burn again. "Greed." I gasp.

"So you do remember me." Greed smirks. "You've woken up twice and each time it's the same thing." He drops into the chair beside the bed and stretches out. "You realize your injured, start screaming, I run in, you scream again and bam you pass back out."

"Wh-…" Words won't form. My stomach aches and I close my eyes tightly.

"In pain?" Greed asks, "We don't have any pain medication at the moment… hold on, don't pass out on me ok kid?" I nod my head and he pushes himself from his seat and leaves the room. I close my eyes and focus on my breathing, there's pain everywhere and it pulls me towards darkness. No, he told me to stay awake, Greed told me to stay awake. The door opens and I crack my eyes open. He holds a glass of amber liquid. "Alright, let's sit you up." He says.

To say the action hurt like hell was an understatement, there was no way for Greed to sit me up without my stomach hurting so bad blackness took over the corners of my vision. Still he sat me up. "Here." He held out the glass, when my hands shake he holds them and brings the cup to my lips. The liquid made my nose wrinkle with how bad is smelled. "Don't think. Drink it all." He presses the cup to my lips and starts to tilt it. When the liquid touches my tongue I gag and pull away quickly. Whatever it is, it tastes absolutely awful. "Careful, kid, this stuff's expensive." Greed puts the glass back to my lips, I try to turn away but his other hand catches my chin and holds me still. "Drink it." He stares into my eyes, his purple eyes are scary and I open my mouth. "Good girl." Greed tilts the glass forward quickly and forces my mouth closed the second the liquid hits my tongue. I gag again and try to spit the liquid out. Greed pinches my nose and I'm forced to swallow. The liquid burns the whole way down my throat and when Greed finally releases me I pant for breath.

"Ah." I whine but then the ache of my wounds was replaced by a burning warmth in my tummy. Greed smirks and drops back into his chair.

"Good girl."

My eyes close and I let the darkness come over me, only the warmth in my tummy to keep me company. My dreams are a swirl of shapes and colors, brown rectangles, silver circles, white circles, red triangles. Slowly the red and white take over and swirl around each other and I get dizzy from watching them.

I wake up with my stomach curling and my head throbbing. The crimson sheets that wind between my legs seem familiar. The cracks in the ceiling appear like they've always belonged there. A name dances on the tip of my tongue until I pull it free. "Greed." I croak. The name reverberates around the room. "Greed." I murmur louder, my throat scratches and I start to cough and choke. Something sticks in the back of my throat making me heave and choke.

"I'm gone for a minute and you start dying on me." The dark haired male my mind calls Greed leans over me. The fit passes and he helps me sit up. "Can you drink on your own this time?" I eye him for a moment. "It's water I promise." He presses a glass into my hand and sits back into his chair while I take a long drink. "So, kid, do you remember anything?"

"Red." I croak.

"Red?" When I nod Greed laughs, "Man, you are something else kid. You don't remember shit!" He drops his head into his hand and groans loudly, "What the hell am I supposed to do with a girl like you?" I just stare back unsure of how to respond. "Don't worry kid, I won't kick you out, I'm not that type of guy. It's just irritating, you're living in my bed and I am rather fond of it. It's almost like your stealing my possession."

I frown. I'm not trying to steal anything…. I was hurt and needed help. Why was I injured in the first place? "H-… how long?"

"How long what?" Greed smirks mischievously. I pat the bed since words won't form in my mouth. Greed's smirk spreads wider across his face. "You've been in my bed for six days doll-face."

We stare at each other for a moment before I take another sip of the water. Greed leans forward and takes the glass from my hand before his hands slide to my waist. "This might hurt, but I want to see if you can stand. Martel said you should be able to by now." His nails dig into my hips as he slides me closer to the edge of the bed with ease. I knew he was strong, from the shapes of his arms and the contours of his chest through his tight shirt, but I had no idea how strong. "Ready?" Greed asks as my feet hover above the ground. I nod and he helps me slide off the bed and onto my feet. While he supports most of my weight my stomach doesn't like the change in position, though it's more comfortable than sitting up. "I'm going to let you go doll." His hands leave my waist and my legs wobble as they support my full weight, but I don't fall over.

The door opens and a short man with spiky brown hair stands in the doorway. His presence frightens me, he has a long sword dangling off his hip. I step back, my foot twists and I collapse into Greed who gropes my arms trying to catch me.

"Sorry." The man offers me a quick apology before turning to Greed. "Sir, there's someone here to see you…. Someone," the man's eyes dart to me, "special."

Curious I look up to Greed who just sets me on the bed. "Watch her Dolcetto, don't let her sleep alright?" And just like that Greed left me with the strange man.

We stare at each other for a long time in utter silence. The man, Dolcetto, sighs deeply. "I hate babysitting." "S-sorry." I squeak.

"Don't remember me do ya? You woke up, what, two days ago?"

I stare back at him, I don't remember much from the past six days. Instead of answering I try and wiggle my way back into the bed, my stomach pulls and I hiss.

"Be careful, Greed'll kill me if you get even more injured than you already are. You got some nifty wounds on you kiddo, they look like sword cuts but they're all perfectly spaced apart."

Dolcetto doesn't say much after that, we just sit and watch each other. It's awkward, but I have the feeling if I needed something he'd get it, just from the way his eyes would follow what I looked at. If I looked at the glass of water his would dart to the glass and back to me, if I glanced down at my stomach he'd look to my stomach and back to me. Like a dog.


Another two days and Greed allows me to walk around his place, the Devil's Nest. Often I find myself lost, in severe pain, and screaming. Usually it's Dolcetto, Greed, or a blond woman named Martel who find me and drag me back to Greed's room. I wake up on what I assume is my ninth day and feel different. I look down at my white shirt, stained with the blood of my wound, and pull it up. My stomach, the wounds, the stitches… they're gone. I touch the puckered skin lightly, while it hurts it's a vast improvement from the pain I felt when I first arrived.

"This doesn't mean you can be reckless." Greed states as he saunters into the room. I tug my shirt down quickly, suddenly self conscious of myself. Greed grunts and helps me off the bed. "Let's get you changed and then we can go outside… would you like that kiddo?"

I nod my head, I want to feel the air on my skin, not the dampness, muskiness of the Devil's Nest. Would it be windy outside? Or cold? Or maybe sunny?

Greed leaves me alone in a bathroom and lets me clean myself up. I take a shower, careful of the wounds, and clean my hair. As I run a brush through my hair in front of a foggy mirror I remember something; someone used to run their fingers through my hair all the time lulling me to sleep. More than once the brush gets stuck in the knots in my hair, when was the last time I brushed my hair? Hair brushed, teeth cleaned, and dressed in grey jeans and a blue tank top I leave the bathroom. Greed smiles at me, approving my look.

His arm drapes around my shoulder like I see him do with the women that visit him often. Warm air brushes against my skin the second we leave the Devil's Nest. I smile and look up to the sky, the sky was aqua colored with large puffy clouds. Greed and I walk for a little while, the breeze pushes my hair into my face and I push it away.

"You're hair is long." Greed states as we head back to the Devil's Nest. His fingers dig into my scalp and slide through my hair. The sensation makes my body tingle, Greed does it again, strokes my hair, and I have to close my eyes for a moment. The ground moves under my feet and I'm falling forward. "What a pain in the ass you are." Greed grunts as he grabs my arm and hoists me to my feet. "Can I have my bed back any time soon?"

"It's your bed." I murmur, he doesn't need to let me have his bed, though it is so comfortable. Greed sighs and puts his arm around my shoulders. "T-thank you… for taking me in and… and saving me."

"I may be a greedy bastard but I can't see a weak thing like you die in front of my eyes. You'll have to stick around and do some work to pay me back." I nod my head, I don't want to just be given things, someone told me you should live your life living off others.


Things improved after my short walk outside with Greed. The scars on my stomach healed slowly, but in the mean time I would wander the Devil's Nest and occasionally outside. More than once I cooked, how I learned to cook I don't know, it just came to me, a splash of salt, hint of pepper, a cup of flour. Greed stopped babying me and spent more and more of his time relaxing on a large couch with two women under his arms. Whenever I passed he wouldn't even glance at me, yet at night he'd shuffle into his room alone and run his fingers through my hair until I fell asleep.

Warmth cradled me when I woke up, I burrowed myself deeper into the warmth. A grunt sounds through the room and I feel my hair move back and forth. Suddenly I don't feel safe and I snap up to find Greed collapsed next to me with his eyes closed. Panic races through me and I shove him hard off the bed. Nobody's supposed to share a bed with me. Greed grabs his head and rolls onto his side. "What the hell?" He shouts before he looks up at me and glares. "Most women don't push me out of bed in the morning sweetheart, you should learn that quick if you're staying here."

"You can't sleep here." I point to the vacant spot where Greed was. The spiky haired man pushes the sheets off his ankles and stands up, I was relieved to find he was fully clothes.

"This is my bed sweetheat, I can sleep in it if I want to." Greed leans across the bed to get right into my face. "Got it?"

"No." I shake my head. "Not if I'm here."

"Why not?"

I think, why was it wrong for him to sleep in the same bed as I was? Something inside me said no. Someone told me it was wrong. Who? My father? But how am I supposed to know? I don't remember him very well, blurred memories that haunt my dreams each night.

"Exactly kiddo." Greed pats the top of my head roughly before he stands. Just when he reaches the door he turns back to look at me and sighs. "Come with me." I stand, I always follow Greed's orders, everyone else does so he has to be someone to trust. But not someone to share a bed with. Once out into the bar-lounge area of the Devil's Nest Greed forces me to kneel on the ground before his chair, back to him. I wait, my hands clench on my legs, over the past few weeks I believe Greed has become more and more touchy with me, his hands linger longer when he leads me places, his glazes turn more animalistic, and they unnerve me but intrigue me at the same time. I've grown to love and hate being around Greed, Martel's told me all the details about what Greed does with those ladies that visit a lot.

"Relax." Greed breaths huskily into my ear before I could feel a hairbrush in my hair. "Why are you so tense now doll face?"

"No reason." I murmur, not wanting to tell him how strange I felt. The more the brush pulled through my hair, parting my sleepy hair, the more I relaxed. Greed's hands slowly sifted through my hair as I closed my eyes.

"You like this don't you?" Greed asks softly. I nod slowly. "You should get your hair cut. It's long."

"Then cut it." I say without thinking.

Seconds later there was a loud shink sound and my head felt lighter. My hands instantly flew to my hair finding the ends cut perfectly straight to end at the curve of my shoulder blade. Panic went through me and a memory flashes in front of my eyes. A man's voice saying sweet things as he brushed my hair, "You have lovely hair… never cut your hair… it's beautiful…" Tears prick my eyes to find my hair no longer curled to the dip in my back and instead stopped short.

"Why are you crying? It's hair for Christ's sake." Greed growls as he drops the brush down next to me. "You told me I could cut your hair so stop your crying. I hate it when women cry." The last part sounded like he just said it aloud instead of at me. I wipe at my eyes trying not to cry. We sit there, I sniffle loudly, someone clinks a glass behind us, but it's still incredibly quiet. The silence just makes me want to cry more, I dip my head forward and my hair slides off my shoulders, making the cut obvious again. I choke down a sob and listen to Greed sigh. "Sorry for snappin' kid. Now… go." His hands press against my shoulders, "Go, do something ok?"

Without knowing what else to do I stood and left the Devil's Nest. The boots Martel lent me clunk against the dirt as I walk, since I've been able to walk on my own everyone's avoided me except Greed. Martel, whenever she sees me slides off into another hallway as quickly as possible, Dolcetto just drops his gaze to the ground and walks by. So, most of the time I end up walking the back alleys in Dublith. I watch my boots get covered in dust as I shuffle to and fro with no sense of direction. For some reason I never seem to get lost, no matter how hard I try I remember my way back. My fingers wrap around my hair, I stare at the shortened ends and frown, my hair was pretty; brown and wavy. Now it's so-

A loud boom pulls me from my thoughts. My head snaps forward to find a small house with a black cloud billowing out of it like the steam from the shower. Without a thought my feet surge forward, bringing me closer and closer to the house, someone screams and before I'm a hundred yards in front of the house a hand snaps around my arm.

"What are you doing dumbass?" Greed hisses and starts to pull me from the building as people run forward to watch the building catch fire.

"No!" I shriek, "There's someone in there!" "They're dead." Greed yells at me, his purple eyes dig deep into mine as I glare back. Suddenly I rip my arm free and bolt towards the house. "Get back here!" Greed starts after me. People scream at me to stop but I don't listen as I kick the door until it cracks open. My black clothed man appears beside me and I figure he'll throw me over his shoulder but instead he pushes the door wide enough for us to enter.

There's smoke everywhere and the heart makes my skin sweat. I drop to my knees where it's easier to breath. Smoke rises. "H-he-…" A strangled sound comes from my left. I turn instinctively and the house creaks loudly.

"Hurry up, kid." Greed grabs the back of my neck and pulls me forward as we search through the black smoke for whoever. My senses told me to run as the smoke burn my eyes and I cough loudly feeling the heat inside my lungs. Something in my heart told me to keep moving forward. I reach my hand out and come down on something round and soft, there's a gasp and I yank hard on whatever I grabbed. A body! I grabbed a leg.

"Greed!" I yell as loudly as I could, my lungs scream at me to stop breathing deeply, things turn fuzzy and I feel a hand on my back. Greed pulls me backwards and I drag the person with me. They kick and thrash but the motions stall. "Stay awake!" I cough out.

"Stop talking idiot." Greed snaps as he yanks me to my feet and grabs the person. They fall limp and Greed puts the person over their shoulder. "Move!" Greed snaps at me, shoving me forward. I stumble towards the door, a soft breeze told me where to go, fresh air fills my lungs and sunlight burns my teary eyes. My knees buckle and I drop the ground, an onlooker drags me away from the house as it gives out a loud groan and wood snaps. A window bursts and fire laps out the window. Greed dumps the person down next to me on the hard ground and I peer through my tears at a soot covered face before the smoke forces my eyes to close.