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"Azalea! Ling!" I call, "Supper!" A series of giggles sound from the living room. I shake my head and move a pot of beans onto the table. The patter of little feet sound and arms wrap around my knees.

"Mama!" Azalea shrieks. "Daddy's ticklin' me!"

"Is he now?" I look down at the little black haired baby wrapped around my legs. She peers up at me, she's certainly Ling's child, she has the exact same face shape, not to mention the fact she keeps her eyes closed like her father. The only thing we have in common is our blue eyes, not that many people see them. Ling wanders into the room with a large smile on his face, he's just as mischievous as he ever was. "Go sit down sweetie." I tell my child before she races under the table to her chair. I glare at Ling he's teaching her bad habits.

"What?" Ling leans over and gives me a kiss.

"At least try to be mature." I shake my head.

"Never!" Ling thrusts his fist into the air which his daughter immediately copies. I shake my head and help Azalea with her supper. Ling thanks me for the meal, his daughter copies.

"Azalea, are you excited to see Cousin Braedan and Cousin January again?" Azalea opens her eyes, giving us a rare look to her dark blue eyes, she nods her head, her bangs bounce across her forehead. I smile. "And Auntie Leigh and Uncle Ed?"

"Yea!" She cries. Ed dotes upon Azalea while Ling dotes upon Braeden, and January to be fair. Ling smiles he's excited to see them again. It'll take us a day by train to get from Dublith to Risembool, our baby is sure to fuss about not getting there fast enough.

After supper I clean up and Ling gives his baby girl a bath and puts her to bed. With prune-y hands I stand in the doorway of our babies bedroom and listen as Ling tells her one of his "exciting adventures" little does the girl know the stories are true, from a time long before Ling and I were officially together. Azalea asked one night how Mommy and Daddy met, my husband just smiled and said an old friend introduced us.

With the baby asleep Ling and I curl into our bed. Azalea just turned three, she's so excited to be older, she wants to start going to school, Braedan is at that age now. As much as I want to say how much of a pain she was to raise she really wasn't, she's just a younger female version of Ling. She's harmless.

"I told Azalea the story of Grandpa Greed…" Ling says softly, "I told her how nice he was and how much we loved him… and how he saved our lives. She looked at the ceiling and said 'Grandpa Greed thank you for saving my Daddy and Mommy.'." I hug Ling close to my chest and frown, if only Greed could see Azalea, if only they could meet.

I look up at my black haired man and kissed him hard. Thinking of Greed makes me melancholy. I miss him so bad, still, after all these years.


The train ride took forever. Azalea frowned and glared and got irritable. She wanted to see her friends right then. Ling had to talk her into behaving. While she listened to the both of us Ling always understood her need to move the best. Leigh waited for us at the train station. Braedan holding one hand and January on her hip. They were certainly Ed and Leigh's children, blond hair and green eyes, and brown hair and gold eyes. The second Azalea saw her friends she squirmed free from Ling's grasp and raced over to them. Braedan and her started talking, my baby puffed up her cheeks and folded her arms over her chest at whatever her friend was telling her.

Ling's hand slides into mine, his wedding band feels cool on my skin. Leigh smiles at us and we all start walking to her house. Ed's at work, doing odd jobs around town. January, the littlest Elric child, toddles after her big brother and 'cousin' as they talk animatedly about something, it seems like yesterday she was cooing and sucking her thumb.


The children all were laid to bed after a nice bath and us adults sat around the living room. It seems like yesterday we were kids saving the world.

"January's gotten so big." Ling comments as his hands twirl my wedding band around my finger.

"Yea." Ed smiles, proud of his baby girl.

"I wish Azalea was a baby again." Ling whispers.

"You don't have to wish much longer." I murmur. Everyone stares at me. "I think I'm pregnant."

Ling's eyes open and he hugs me tightly. "This is great news!" He grabs my hands and Ed and Leigh give me their congratulations.


Sure enough I was pregnant and nine months later everyone had gathered at the hospital waiting for the baby to be born. The contractions were getting more frequent and stronger. My hand crushed Ling's as our doctor checked to see how things were going. Everyone else was in the waiting room.

"Alright." The doctor smiles wide at me. "I think the baby's ready to come out."

Azalea was a pain in the ass to give birth to, she didn't want to come out. This child was ten times easier. The sound of cries fills my ears and I squeeze Ling's hand. "You did wonderfully." Ling whispers in my ear as the baby is taken off to have a check up. A nurse rubs a towel across my forehead.

"Mr. and Mrs. Yao?" The doctor asks softly.

"Yes?" Ling asks quickly.

The doctor holds out a little bundle, "She's a healthy little girl." I take my child into my arms and stare down at her, she has a tuff of light blond hair on her head and sucks her thumb gently. Her eyes are closed and when I click my tongue they open and I gasp.

"Doctor!" I gasp.

"There's nothing wrong with her." The doctor says in an even voice, "She's perfectly healthy, her eyes are just…" Two different colors, one blue and one green.

"What are we going to name her?" Ling asks, he brushes the baby's cheek as she gwarbles.

"Clover." I whisper.

"Perfect." Ling kisses our baby's forehead before giving me a kiss.


Clover shines her beautiful eyes at me before losing herself to giggles. Ling giggles beside me before tickling her toes again. She cries out and flaps her baby arms like a bird. Ling pokes her cheeks and she practically screams with joy.

"You're the cutest baby." Ling tells her. "Yes you are!" Her hands wrap around his pointer finger and she promptly begins to suck on it. Ling giggles before turning up at me. "I may have wanted a boy before Azalea was born but I couldn't be happier with our baby girls."

"You make the best father." I smile.

"You're the most amazing mother." Ling hugs me tightly. Clover giggles between us as we kiss. After everything that's happened, losing all my loved ones, fighting for the survival of the world, I wouldn't change anything. Everyone got their happy ending…