I hate it. I hate it. I hate it.

Yes, that is right. I hate this story.

Before you start getting any ideas, no. I'm not giving up on this story. The thing is, I'm going to rewrite it.

In fact, I already finished the rewritten version of Chapter One! And I already posted it! The thing is though, I'm not going to delete this and not update this. I will simply post the chapter as a new story. The entire plot line will be rewritten.

I love you guys. You guys are very supportive. I didn't update for months and you guys are still willing to read it.

But I noticed some things.

1. My writing back then sucked.

2. I started this but had no idea how to continue it.

3. I made Rachel a bratty, stuck up girl, and no one has no idea why. I don't either.

I need to make it more realistic. And so, I sat down and started to rewrite the chapter. It is longer, which made me happy. It's walking down a slightly different road, and I hope you guys are satisfied.

And seriously? I'm leaving this story here. Despite it being crappy and revolting in my eyes, I want to look back at it. Hopefully it will help me better as a writer.

For the people who submitted OCs and the OCs are in my story, don't worry. They will still be used. (;

And thank you for all your support. The rewritten version of the story is already posted and on my profile, and it is titled An Unusual Predicament.

Thanks guys. I hope you understand. Please, go check it out. (:

- Kelly