Port Royal. A small town in the Caribbean under British rule. Protecting the town was Fort Charles, which was under the protection of Captain James Norrington. Captain Norrington was well skilled in swordsmanship, and held great honor. He stuck to his job, and did what was right in his eyes. He even brought pirates to the gallows for he saw them as nothing but wretched scum and villainy, and no good thieves. He protected the people of Port Royal, and the men that serve under him. But, he was no longer Captain. Today, he was being promoted to Commodore, and all high class people were to attend the ceremony for his promotion.

The music from the fort could be heard almost all throughout Port Royal. People at the docks could hear it, even the merchants who were preparing to enter Port Royal, or leave for another voyage to another town to do business. One young girl stared up at the fort, wondering what was going on. She wanted to know what it was like to be with people who had so much money and power, and to see if this James Norrington was as handsome as the women were talking about it. Her thoughts were disrupted when someone called out to her.

"Isabel! Come and help load! We don't have much time. We are departing soon."

Isabel, as the one who called out to her, took one last look at the fort, and let out a small sigh. Her long chocolate brown hair was tied back, and loose strands blew with the winds. She was around the same age as the governor's daughter, Elizabeth Swann, when they met while still young when her father was doing business with Governor Swann. Isabel had lost her mother a few months after her birth, so she has no memory of her. She was once a cheerful girl who didn't know when to keep her mouth shut, until one pirate attack on Port Royal rendered her mute to this day. No one but just her father knows why she has gone mute, and he has tried countless times to try to get her to speak and laugh again. But all attempts failed, but he still remained hopeful.

"All right! Set sail everyone! Get ready!"

Isabel boarded the merchant ship, wanting to help out her father instead of getting a job elsewhere in town. He understood that she would rather be close to her father ever since that one pirate attack. The crew was setting the sails, and Isabel took one last glance at Fort Charles, still hearing the music that the drums were giving off. A sigh escaped her mouth as they started to leave, and the wind getting caught in the sails. Once she could no longer hear the music, she turned and went to help out on the deck.

Their destination was York, where a small merchant fair was to take place. Of course, they always had good business there during the fair, and Isabel's father wasted no time to get ready for it and have his best items ready for the fair. Just as they were on their way, there was a sudden change in the winds. It was blowing a lot stronger than before, and Isabel could feel that something was wrong. They were to reach York by tomorrow morning, but something else told her that they weren't going to reach their destination.

It was then, during the middle of the night, a ship heading towards Port Royal fired their canons on the merchant ship. There were no colors on the ship. There were black sails, and these sails had holes in them too. But, the ship managed to sail even with these holes. And that was when everyone saw the flag. The flag of pirates, and Isabel had heard many stories of this ship. It was the Black Pearl, and she was about to fall victim to its canons. The pirates had started to board the ship, and that was when she armed herself with a cutlass, as taught by her father to help protect herself ever since that fateful day. She fought any that got in her way, able to defend herself, and helped the crew out as well.

She found her father by the helm, and went towards him. It was then that she saw in horror that he had been stabbed. The pirates were then leaving, having taken all the valuables, and the crew, majority of them being dead or some abandoned ship. She knelt down at her father's side, tears streaming down her face.

"Isabel…" he gasped. "Go now…"

She shook her head, not wanting to leave him behind. Using the last of his strength, he got up, and held her up. He brought her to the edge, and looked at his daughter one last time.

"Always remember that…I love you very much, Isabel," he said, choking on the words. "I just wish I could have heard your voice and your sweet laugh…one last time."

Just as Isabel opened her mouth, as if she were about to say something after all these years, a small explosion came from below the ship. It was then that her father threw her over before the flames took her as well. She let out a small scream as she felt the flames touch her back, her clothes burning against her skin. Once she was in the water, she felt the sting that came from the burn. She grabbed onto a small wood plank, and just drifted around in the water. She looked back in horror as the ship was engulfed in flames, and the Black Pearl already gone, heading towards Port Royal. She only hoped that someone would come by and spot her. The injury she had received had made her weak, and her energy was quickly leaving her. It wasn't long until she blacked out, wondering if anyone would ever find her out here. She only hoped that someone would, and not left here to die at sea.