Author's Note: This is the first time I've written for Glee AND the first time I've written in the Mag7 ATF universe. I apologize if the characters are way too OOC. Hopefully that will improve in future stories. Not in this one though…I've already got it all written. I just want to release it piecemeal! Disclaimer: I do not own anything recognizable from either Mag7 or Glee. I also don't own the ATF AU (I think MOG does). I am just borrowing to play! (Disclaimer good for all chapters…just in case I forget to post it!)

Nondescript little motel on the outskirts of Denver

As the maid entered room 102, she frowned at the excessive amount of trash and debris scattered around the room.

"Odd," she muttered to herself as she peered around.

The occupant of the past month had usually kept things neat as a pin. Most days, she and the other cleaners had commented on how much they preferred to work on his room as it took so little effort. Mr. Ibn Ayyub was a quiet man, composed and reticent. He had been a little standoffish perhaps, but polite, and that was a marked difference from the drunks they normally had to deal with. There had been a good deal of gossip among the staff as to why such a man was staying in a place like this. They had finally decided that the bad state of the economy had led to his current situation. Still, he had been a wonderful guest to have. He must have had a very bad night to leave things in such a state. With a deep sigh, she began gathering the trash and torn paper scattered throughout the room. If she had taken a closer look at some of that torn paper, she might not have been so casual.

Finally, it is time! In a few more hours my martyrdom will be nearing completion! My service has been brief, for I saw not the truth until such a short time ago. May Allah forgive me for my blindness! Thanks to the intervention of those wise men who proclaim the teachings of the Prophet, peace be upon him, I have been brought into the light of belief. Now, I can atone for allowing darkness to influence my life; I will give everything over to Him for His glory. When fire rains from the sky, may Allah grant that all who witness it be awakened to His truth and His power. Death to the oppressors! Death to those who subject the people! Allah summons all to the struggle.

Denver International Airport – Glee

A weary group of teenagers gathered in one of the many seating areas to wait for their flight. According to their original itinerary, they should already be on a plane back to Ohio; they had only stopped in Denver as a brief layover – no more than two hours. That had been almost five hours ago. Not an hour after landing, the airport had been closed due to harsh weather conditions. A massive storm system had been threatening Denver for almost two days, but prevailing wind currents had kept it at bay. Those winds had finally shifted, and the storm had roared down from the north with all of its pent up energy seeking new prey. Patience began to erode as boredom set in - they had not been prepared for a lengthy wait.

One of the teens, a lovely blond with a slightly vacant air about her reached for her carry-on and dragged out a journal. Shifting around to sit cross-legged in the chair, she leaned over the book and began to write.

August 6th

Well, now we're stuck in Denver…our plane's been held up by the snow. Quinn's complaining about wanting to get home – she's had enough with cheap hotels and the lack of a good shower. I thought our hotel was nice! At least the people were – no one looked at me funny like they do back home. Disneyland was fun! I'm glad we got to go to the invitational out there; Mom and Dad can't afford these kinds of trips, but Principal Figgins said he'd find the money for us to go to such a "wonderful exhibition of talent". (I had to ask San how to spell exhibition…still not sure what that means, but I guess it's what we did.)

It was really kind of weird though. I mean, people made all kinds of changes in Disneyland…I guess the magic in the Magic Kingdom really works…at least on some people. Not everybody changed, but now some people aren't talking and others are dating…I don't think they're having sex though. Sex is not dating…I guess that means dating is not sex either.

(Lord Tubbington – if you read this, you cannot talk about it. This is a private diary, not a gossip blog.)

So, changes…well, Rachel and Finn were dating when we left Ohio, but when we left California, they weren't. He kept wandering after Quinn and leaving Rae on her own. Three days into our trip, after we finished with the competition for the day, she went to the restroom and Q. called him, so he left. He just left her there in the middle of the park – she didn't know where anybody was, so she was lost! Puck got really pissed about that…he doesn't like it when Finn just leaves her on her own. He's been doing that a lot since school ended.

Anyway, Rae called Finn, but he wasn't answering his phone. Mercedes told her later that he'd left the park with Q. They went back to the hotel to fool around, and didn't tell anybody they were leaving. Mr. Schue wasn't happy because he's supposed to have a General idea of where we are. (What does an Army officer have to do with Glee club? I'll ask Mr. Schue later.)

So, anyway, when Finn didn't answer, Rae called Puck…she always goes to him first, it's really kind of cute! San thinks it's sickening, but she means it in the so-cute-its-sick way. He's really into her. (Rae I mean, not San – they don't do that anymore.) So, when she called, he went to find her and spent the rest of the day with her. Sometimes we saw them, but usually they were off on their own. They were good though; they didn't leave the park.

Finn and Q. got into trouble and San said they deserved it. I'm not sure what happened between San & Q., but something did and San's ignoring her whenever she can. If it's not for Glee or Cheerios, then San doesn't give her the time of day. (That's what Kurt said, but I still don't get why he pointed that out – San's not talking to her at all, so of course she wouldn't tell her what time it was.)

Finn tried to sit next to Rae at dinner and apologize, but Rae told him off. It was kind of funny, and San thought it was great. When Rae gets going, she gets loud and scary, and I think almost the whole place was staring. Kurt recorded it too. San really liked this part:

"And just why do you think I would want to be anywhere near you, Finn Hudson? You can take yourself back over to the blond bit of fluff you have been with all afternoon. I already have companions for dinner and even if I did not, I certainly would not welcome any advances from the likes of you. I do believe your presence would turn my stomach."

Finn got all puppy-eyed and tried to talk to her again, but Puck pushed him away, and Mike helped block him from coming back. When Finn protested, San actually got involved. She walked up from behind Finn and sat down next to Rae, pulling me into the seat on her other side. She gave Finn a good glare.

"Pretty sure you heard the midget, boy toy. She's already got company and there's no more room. So shoo."

With everybody staring, he went to sit by Q. She acted all upset with him since he had tried to talk to Rae, so he ended up just talking to Mr. Schue. San actually talked some to Rae, though more to Puck who sat on Rae's other side. The next day, after we did our performance, Rae told San that she had done a wonderful job on her solo. When we got to go out and wander the park again, it ended up being six of us in a group – me, San, Rae, Puck, Mike, & Tina. I kind of think we're all friends now. And that's really cool because I like all of them!

The last few days in California ended up being like that. Finn kept trying to talk to Rae while messing with Q. on the side. (That's what San said anyway, but Q. was never beside Finn when he went to Rae. I don't get it.) Any way, since he kept trying to talk to Rae, Puck got really pissed and ended up hitting him at one point. Nobody said anything though, so Puck didn't get in trouble. San still calls Rae midget from time to time, but normally it's Rae or Rach. She says I'm not allowed to write what she's calling Q. (You know, just in case you tell on her, Lord Tubbington!) Puck and Rae are being "friends," but San laughs every time they say that and teases them about how long that will last.

Ouch! San just elbowed me in the side, but it was a good thing! Eye candy! Well, they're nice to look at, even if I don't know if they're sweet or not. There are seven of them that just walked in the room. Looks like they're looking for places to sit, but they don't look too happy.

The guy in front is blond and mean-looking. It doesn't look like he smiles much – he's got frown lines, not smile lines. Still, he's got really nice eyes…maybe he's the kind that looks scary but doesn't mean it? Eyes are always good ways to judge people. Of course, he's dressed in all dark colors which make him look meaner, but Tina dresses all dark too, and she's really sweet.

The guy behind him is scruffier…is that a word? Anyway, he's got some stubble on his chin and longer hair, but he's got some gorgeous blue eyes. He looks nicer than his friend…he's smiling more and just kind of seems, I don't know, softer? Sweeter? I don't know – it's just a feeling.

San's eying the third guy, but I think that's because he's dressed so fancy. He looks like he's got a nice credit score, and she's always been kind of big on that. He's about the same height as the second guy, but he's got this great chestnut hair and clear green eyes. His jacket looks like it'd be soft, but his smile is kind of…amused, like he's laughing at someone.

There's a taller guy who smiles kind of like Puck does when he's "playing." The smile that says "I like girls…and they like me." He's really friendly looking, and has gorgeous dark blue eyes, but I don't know about the moustache…I don't really like facial hair that much. It scratches. He noticed us looking, and gave us all a wink. Definitely a Puck-kind of guy.

Next to him is the youngest of them…he's not even watching where he's going. He's too busy typing away on some kind of hand-held. Maybe he's texting. It's hard to tell what he looks like, 'cause he's got this longish black hair hanging down around his face. He's almost walked into two walls and three people just since they entered the room. The Puck-guy is keeping a hand on his shoulder to direct him around. It's kind of nice that they're not yelling at him to pay attention.

I wish people would be that nice to me…though to be fair, San usually is, and so is Puck…and Rae…well, I guess I do have some nice people around me too. So, I'm glad he does too!

Now, the oldest guy is really…well, old. He's not the biggest of them, but for some reason he makes me think of a big bear…not a teddy bear, but a bear-type bear. You know, all careful and kind of slow-like but can get powerful and mean? I don't get it – why he feels that way I mean. He's got gray hair and what Q. always called a strong chin…which I still don't get, but that's the shape it's got. To me it just looks kind of square.

Next to him is the tallest of them. He's a really nice looking black man with a nice smile. It's a big, wide smile, kind of like Rae's but without being scary like hers. You know, until I met Rae, I didn't know smiles could be scary like that. Puck says it's 'cause she's crazy, but…anyway, his isn't scary, it's nice. He must be the one who takes care of everyone, because he's got a first aid kit over his shoulder. It's a big kit though…I've never seen one that big before, and that's including Coach Sylvester and her "prepped for anything" way of doing things.

That's all of them, and they're going on through the room. I'll bet they're looking for somewhere less crowded. They'd have to split up to sit in here, and they're sticking pretty close together.

Ouch! San's got some pointed elbows…oh, looks like Puck's going to go off on Finn any minute. Boy, is he dumb or what? He keeps trying to talk to Rae while holding Q.'s hand. Rae's ignoring him, but if she shifts any further away, she might as well just climb in Puck's lap…not that he'd mind, but Mr. Schue is already looking at them funny. That might get them in trouble.

Uh, oh…there he goes…write more later.