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The world was old, despite what so many so-called "experts" said. The nations knew, they had seen. They had watched as the humans had fought and colonized and struggled and flourished and conquered and decayed and fallen. It was an endless circle that constantly pitted the nations against each other. They had been forced to watch helpless to stop what happened. They had no choice but to obey their numerous bosses. They were forced to suffer the consequences of their people's actions.

Some countries split up, others changed names, others began to lose their touch with reality, and others…faded.


To fade.

To disappear from the world without a trace. No grave, no gravestone, no memorial, no nothing. They were just gone.

Roman Empire.


Holy Rome.

When it first happened, the nations refused to believe such a thing was possible. But then it happened again, with witnesses. And now, although they fought and squabbled and argued and taunted, when push comes to shove, they would help a nation to keep it from fading. But sometimes, there was an odd occurrence that would throw the nations into confusion. Two or more nations would unite becoming one, but both personifications survived.

Italia Veneziano and Italia Romano.

Germany and Prussia.

It made no sense. One should vanish leaving only one personification remaining, at least that's the way it had always been up to that point. But these four seemed to break every rule. But despite this, the other countries never pressed the issue. No one wanted other nation to fade.

For the longest time, no one knew of the Nations existence, but that changed when the humans started to take of oddities in their history. Vague hints here and there, a figure in the background of a painting, a fallen soldier seen walking through a town.

At first, these were seen as mere coincidences, until Holy Rome disappeared. It was then that the Nations existence became known to their respective rulers. They thought that by revealing their existence, than fewer Nations would fade away. And it worked, for the most part. It caused complications when it came to wars and alliances, but overall the Nations viewed it as the right choice.

Their bosses tried to keep the Nations from harm, but they soon discovered that holding back their Nations had rather unexpected effects on the people and the very land itself. Needless to say, they soon let the Nations go about their business, with a few exceptions of course. While the Nations were free to do and say what they wished, they were forced to obey the whims of their bosses in matters of state and national defense. For instance, if war is declared on another country, the corresponding Nations may be restricted from seeing each other. This often caused strain on relationships but the country leaders were adamant and the Nations had little choice but to obey.

Such is the life of a Nation.

Free slaves.

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http : / www .youtube .com / watch? v= mXJkb2 -I- wQ&feature =related

APH - Alejandro:

http : / www .youtube .com / watch? v= tcLOON5JJmI&list =FLc8XXzAoUFALgy12Msf6NyA &index =12&feature =plpp_video

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