When the Senshi are Away, the Cats Will Play

Chapter One

"I still don't see why all you girls have to go. What if something happens here?" Luna said, frowning.

Usagi looked down at the cat, after closing her suitcase. "Oh come on, Luna. Setsuna says there isn't going to be any more trouble for a while, so don't worry." Setting the case next to her door, she sat down and patted the black cat, who didn't seem to be cheering up, even with the attention.

"She's been wrong before, Usagi. You do realize that?"

"Yes Luna." Usagi groaned. "Look we are leaving you and Artemis a communicator so if something happens you can call us, and we can Sailor Teleport back and deal with it. No big!" Smiling she continued. "Besides, you don't see Artemis getting all worried about it."

Looking at the white cat, who seemed quite content to nap in a sun beam, Luna growled. "That's Artemis, this is me. I have to worry. And why can't you take us?"

"We are going to London, Luna." Usagi replied. "Minako's parents invited us to come with them for the month, not you guys. Besides, you would be stuck in customs until they were sure you didn't carry any diseases or anything, for a month. we would just have to load you back up, and wait ANOTHER month in Japan. Your better off staying here, with Artemis."

Usagi stood, and double checked her drawers and such, to make sure she had everything she thought she needed. Then she turned a mischievous look to Luna. "Besides, Ms. Nervous Kitty. Shouldn't you be taking the chance to spend time alone with Artemis. You two are destined to be together, remember." Pointing to a picture of Chibi-Usa with Diana.

"Don't remind me. I swear I don't understand how something like that could happen. We probably found another, Far more respectable Moon Cat, and that was all a lie to keep us from knowing about it. Pluto probably did it."

Artemis, who wasn't really asleep, looked over at Luna, annoyed. "Gee, thanks Luna, nice to see you have such a high opinion of me."

Luna fell off the bed, in surprise. "Weren't you asleep?" She said from the floor.


Luna sweat dropped at Usagi's laughter, and she swore she heard Artemis snickering at her on the bed.


A couple of hours later, Luna and Artemis where watching the van with the Girls and Minako's parent's drive off. No one else was in the room, so they could talk freely. "Man, what are we going to do for the next month." Artemis commented, looking over to the black cat next to him.

"I am sure you will find some trouble to get into, Artemis, you always do." She said, hopping down, and heading for the kitchen.

"Why are you so pissed off, Luna?" Artemis said. The female moon cat had been tense since the girls announced the trip.

Luna sighed, and sat down. "I am sorry, Artemis. I shouldn't be taking it out on you. It's just I am so nervous. They are going without us, into a strange land.

"Um, you do remember that Minako used to LIVE in England right? That's the reason for the trip, after all. Visiting old friends, and all. They will be fine."

"I know, and Setsuna took the outers over to watch them, anyway, so I know their safe. I guess it's just that Usagi's gone without me. I got used to her needing me, again."

Artemis chuckled, and patted her on the back with a paw. "I understand Luna. I really do understand."

Luna smiled at Artemis. "I know you do. I'm going to take a walk. Do you want to come, or are you going to stay here."

"I'll come. Shingo is going to watch some horror movie or other, and I can't stand those things. Lead on, lady."


A couple of days later, the two cat's were taking a walk again. Artemis was a little worried about Luna, since she had been depressed since the girls left, and was racking his brain looking for an idea to cheer her up. Then something hit him.

"Hey, Luna, you have that communicator the girls left right?" he asked, looking over at her.

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"Let's call them. You know, see how things are going, stuff like that." The white cat answered, wondering why he hadn't thought of it.

"But..." Luna said, propriety warring with desire. "The Communicators should really only be used for emergencies."
"What, like 'what was the homework assignment again?' calls? Come on, the girls use them instead of the phone all the time, and that's when they are in the same town. I think it's reasonable to use them to say 'Hi' on another continent."

Luna smiled, and shook her head. "Okay, you convinced me." And she hopped into the air, doing a flip to get it out of her subspace pocket.

And the communicator appeared in a flash. Then it clattered to the ground, and into the open window next to them, falling to the floor of the basement of the building.

Artemis just blinked, in total surprise, while Luna looked completely mortified. "Wow...Never saw you bungle one of those flips before."

"Shut up, and come on. We need to go get that Communicator." Luna said, hopping down and into the basement, Artemis soon following her. "Now where did it land?" Luna muttered looking around the floor for the pink device.

Artemis started looking himself and they soon found the object in question, Luna picking it up in her teeth, and hopping up to the window, Artemis taking another look around. "This place sure is dusty." He said, surprised since the building had several stores in it.

"Artemis, who cares if it's dirty or not. Get up here, already."

He was startled into hiding by the door slamming open, and a large, ugly man dragging a little girl tied up with rope into the room. She was gagged and he had a knife. He pushed her onto an old couch, and stomped back out of the room, yelling "If you wanna keep causing trouble, lady, we will just keep the kid away from ya!" he said, slamming the door shut.

"What the hell?" Artemis said, hopping up to the window sill. "Did you see that?"

"Yes. I think we should call the police." Luna said, a concerned look on her face.

Artemis gave her an odd look. "Do you have change for a pay phone? This isn't good."

"We could just call for help. It's not like they would expect a pair of cats, and the Humans can help the girl."

"Yeah, and that thug might come back to find out who's yelling, and take her away." Artemis gained a thoughtful look as he watched the little girl crying on the couch, unable to see them thanks to a blindfold, and likely not really hearing them either. "Here's the plan. you go find a phone that doesn't need change and call the police. I'll get her untied and hidden."

"Artemis, don't tell me your going to talk to her." Luna whispered harshly.

Artemis just flashed her a cat grin. "Okay, I won't tell you." At Luna's dirty look he frowned and sighed, continuing. "She's like five years old, Luna. No one will believe her if she say's a cat talked. Don't worry so much, and get going."

Without further ado, Artemis hopped down, and ran over to the girl, and started applying his claws to the rope on her hands, while whispering to the girl "Don't be afraid, everything is going to be fine."

The girl's whimpers died down, and her face turned towards the cat, and she made some sort of muffled sound.

"Yeah kid, I'm here to help." Artemis said, assuming that was the question. Quickly he had her wrists free, and started on her legs as the girl pulled off the rags on her face, herself.

The girl looked around, and not finding the man helping her whispered "Hello? Where are you Mister?"

"Right here, now hush." Artemis said. The girl was shocked, having never heard a cat talk before, but she was young enough to accept it, easily.

"Will you help my mommy?" the girl asked.

Artemis glanced up, and muttered "Great" under his breath. "Sure kid, I'll help your mom. What is your name?" He figured if she was going to talk, he should get her to talk about things that won't scare her.

"Koneko." she replied. Artemis looked up at her again, blinking.

"Your name's KITTEN? How appropriate." He shook his head, and with one last swipe of his claws had her feet free.

She stood up and moved around a little, her feet were asleep and she didn't like that. "What is your name Mr. Cat?"

"Artemis...now don't go near that door. Come here." The white cat was carefully balanced on two legs, lifting a tarp revealing a good five year old hiding spot.

"Artemis...that's a girl's name." The little girl giggled, crawling under the tarp.

The white cat sweat dropped. "That happened after my time, kid." He dropped the tarp, and was planning on slipping underneath it him self, when the door banged open again.

The ugly guy with a knife saw the cut ropes, and started searching the room. "Whose there? Come out or I'll hurt ya." he said, pulling out a big knife, and walking around the room, looking for the kid and who ever untied her. Spotting the cat he kicked at it, the mean bastard that he was.

Figuring it was only a matter of time before the thug looked under the tarp, Artemis jumped TOWARDS his leg, and grabbed on with his claws. Looking up he hissed at the man then spoke. "Looking for a fight, tough guy, come get some!" His claws digging into his calf, Artemis PULLED!

The man screamed, part in pain and part in terror at being attacked by a talking cat. He took a sweep at the white monster with his knife, but missed as the cat jumped away. He did stumble into the

bookshelf the white cat had landed on, clutching his severely bleeding leg.

"Well, would be a shame to pass this up." Artemis thought to him self, and he planted his paws, two on the wall, the others on the shelf and PUSHED the unstable shelving unit.

The thug yelled in panic as the oaken bookshelf landed on him, pinning him to the ground.

"Take that, looser." Artemis said, wondering if he should pose like the girls now.

The kick from the other thug caught him completely by surprise. "Whaddya know. A talking cat. Your gonna pay for a whole lotta beer, kitty." he said, walking towards the stunned Artemis.

"I am afraid he won't be, you fool." said Luna's voice from above him. A large heavy object soon found the criminals head, knocking him out. "Why, Artemis, is you can make even the worst situation even MORE complex?" She asked, hopping down to check the injured Moon Cat.

Artemis got back to his feet, and shook the cobwebs out of his head. "Talent. Hey kid, you can come out!" He said, walking to the door and looking out, sniffing the air.

"Artemis, there might be more of them, in fact I smell a woman!" She said.

"Yeah, the kid's mother." Looking and Koneko as she walked up to the two cats "Luna, Koneko...Say hello everyone."

"Hello." Said the girl shyly.

Luna just shook her head. "I still haven't called the police, so we need to find a phone." At Artemis's look she frowned. "I knew I would likely have to save you from yourself, so don't get smart, Artemis, especially seeing as I was right."

"You usually are, Luna. Come on and we will just free her mom, and she can call the police. We won't even say 'Hi' to the lady, okay."

"Fine." She said, following the white cat and little girl who had already started down the hall without her.

They soon found the mother, and freed her hands and feet, then hid when she pulled off her blindfold. "Koneko? What happened?"

"The talking kitties helped me and knocked out the bad men." She answered.

The mother gave her child an odd look, then shrugged. "Whoever you are, thank you." She yelled, and quickly grabbed the girl and ran up the stairs and out the door, into the street.

Artemis smiled at Luna. "See, now wasn't that fun?"



"...and we saw Big Ben, boy was it big, and we saw all sorts of old buildings. Its a nice city, though it's always so foggy." Usagi said cheerfully, talking to the two cats.

"It's good to see your having fun, girls." Luna smiled into the communicator. They had been talking for a while, and Artemis was actually asleep next to her, probably exhausted from getting kicked into a wall.

"So what have you and Arty been up to, Luna?" Minako asked. "Having fun, yourselves?" the Senshi of Venus smiled at the cat, with a wink.

"Are all of you girls suddenly obsessed with that?" Luna said shaking her head. She glanced at Artemis, and shrugged, smiling softly to herself. "Yeah, I suppose we are having fun."

Rei hopped in, "So, any trouble? Not that I want any problems or anything..." She ignored Makato's "I do." and continued "But I don't want you two keeping something to yourselves. No negavibes or anything?"

Luna thought about it, thinking she should tell them about earlier that day. She shook her head, and decided to keep that a secret, since it wouldn't do for them to think SHE would have an adventure. It wouldn't be proper behavior for a Royal Advisor after all.

"Nothing you need to worry about. Have fun, Senshi." She said, and closed the communicator, looking out the window at the rising moon. "Okay, so maybe one adventure wasn't TOO bad."

Unnoticed by Luna, Artemis cracked open and eye, and smiled at her. 'I knew it.' He thought, closing it again, and falling asleep for real, this time.

AN: Okay, this is an idea I had, while pondering the Moon Cats a bit. I haven't had a chance to really use them in "Kingdom..." but I know I want to play with them in the future. I might continue this story line as a side project, to keep me going and to bust writers block on Kingdom, if it happens (I have found writing something else is a great cure for that sickness.) Please, Read and Review, so I know if this idea is just a little to weird.