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This edifice looked like a two-story mansion and there were many bedrooms within, however, they were considered prison cells to the women that were brought here. It was a terrible place to be if you were a woman. It wasn't exactly a whorehouse and not quite a harem, you might say it was just a slave house; sex slave that is.

The owner, Mr. Ishida, designed this place for money obviously. There were many men who would pay a pretty price for a young woman who was obedient and could perform well in the bedroom, without having to force them.

Mr. Ishida acquired his merchandises by having his ruthless guards kidnap young women. He then would estimate a price on what he thinks they're worth and the price will alter on how quickly they're tamed. After that, he leaves the guards to train and teach the women their proper place. The only way to get out of this place is to be sold unfortunately.

The design on the inside is basically simple: the top floor for the exceptional, bottom floor for moderate, and the least wanted: the basement. The rooms on each floor contained three to four women to a room, sometimes even more, with the exception of the basement. That isn't where anyone would want to be.

It was designed like a prison, separate jail cells with bars and cold-stone floors. This is where they broke the insubordinates by any means necessary. They designed it for the trouble makers, the ones who refused to cooperate, and locked them up down there.

In these circumstances, not every woman is the same of course, some give in immediately at the beginning and accepted their fate, others cry the whole time while enduring the humiliation, and the list goes on. The basement is where I was kept due to my stubbornness.

I had my face buried against my knees feeling melancholy still. I was taken from my home and they tried to force me into being a sex slave. I wouldn't yield and was thrown into this small, dank cell. Just like the few others down here, I was wearing an orange jumpsuit with short sleeves and no shoes. Also, being chained by shackles around both wrists and ankles, with just enough length on chain to reach the cell door and the end was cemented into the stone wall.

It seemed like an eternity being here and I was surprised with myself that I hadn't given in yet, plus I was starving and weak to boot. My hair was all grimy; skin felt the same along with looking dark due to the filth. I hadn't even seen my reflection since I'd been here, so I had no idea what I looked like now in this condition.

Footsteps came down the corridor and that one particular guard I hated came into my cell. I meekly glanced at him with a glare. What the hell does he want now? He approached me casually and yanked my head up by my hair. "It's about fucking time I taught you a lesson pet. You're going to submit to me whether you like it or not!" He just called me that since he didn't know my name, I never told them and didn't intend to.

He let go of my hair and unzipped his pants. I scooted further back but he jerked me forward by the scruff of my jumpsuit. He whipped out his limp member and I warned him in advance with a murmur, "If you stick that thing in my mouth I'll bite it off!" "Don't give me that fucking bullshit! You don't have the nerve to attempt it with me, if you do," he leaned so close I could smell that horrible breath, "You'll wish you'd never done it. I'll make you beg me for forgiveness before I'm through with you!"

He grabbed my face and barely managed to force my mouth open when he shoved it in. I took only a few thrusts with disgust when my stubbornness kicked in and I bit down HARD. "YAAARRRGGGGH! The guard tried to pull back but I wasn't going to let go, he punched me in the face until I knew had a black eye and bloody nose before I finally released him. I spat out the blood from my mouth and grimaced from the pain once again with a few tears. I at least did get some amusement out of watching him groan and yell in pain, clutching his now half-torn cock in his hand.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH!" He kicked me in the stomach many times, making me cry out and double over in pain. I was beaten fairly often, but it didn't make the pain hurt any less. Other guards came to see what was going on, along with Mr. Ishida. "What happened?" Two guards hoisted the injured one and managed to pull away his hand to reveal what had been done. Even they cringed at the mere sight.

"Take him to the medical ward and as for you," he pointed a menacing finger at me, "You've been trying my patience for far too long! I've would've already have had you killed if you didn't have those damn unique eyes. Just so you'll know, I'm not to blame when he gets back at you when he's completely healed and I'm not going to help you either!"

He entered my cell and flipped me over on my back, "At least you're not a total lost. I actually have a buyer who wants to take a look at you in two weeks. He might end up purchasing you if you're to his liking, so be on your best behavior or ELSE!" He stomped out of my cell and locked it before he left with the door slamming.

I curled into a ball and started to cry silently. I was hoping they'd kill me and end my life already. I had no reason to live anymore and rather be dead than some man's whore anyway. The only reason I wasn't yet was just because my eyes were considered unique: a bright, sparkly shade of blue. Apparently, there weren't any women around these parts who had blue eyes. Before I managed to drift off into a somewhat comforting sleep, I prayed again that one day I'd be able to escape this accursed place...dead or alive.

Many days later, Mr. Ishida came to my cell sounding happy, "My customer has a business appointment this morning, so he'll be arriving by this afternoon instead. At least that black eye is gone now and maybe I'll finally be rid of you if I'm lucky!" When he left, I shakily leaned back against the wall, another dupe to deal with, I've already seen four perverts so far and wouldn't speak to none of them; they all look at me in that same superior way. I'm NOT some piece of property.

I soon heard voices coming down the corridor, "I'm sure there's nothing you'd want down here sir, they're not very well trained yet." I heard a very deep voice answer him sharply, "I'll be the judge of that and none of the others interested me." Wow, I can tell this guy has a temper.

"As you can see Mr. Kakuzu, there are not many attractive women down here to suit a man of your standards." Kakuzu huh, interesting name. I heard the man grunt and waited for him to come into view of my lonely cell. He finally stopped at mine and peered in. "You call this one unattractive? She's the only one down here who looks like a woman." Mr. Ishida narrowed his eyes towards me, "Well, she's appealing, however this one's a lost cause." Kakuzu glared at him, "I asked you once already and you're trying my patience. Is this the one that's been here the longest or not?" The salesman flinched from the tone in his voice and muttered, "Yes sir."

"I want to speak with her Mr. Ishida if I may." Mr. Ishida shakily unlocked the door, "You can try Mr. Kakuzu, but that one hardly ever speaks just so you know." I sat there motionless as this huge man came in with a stool the salesman gave him and took a seat quite close to me.

I couldn't help but observe his appearance in wonder: he was very tall, masculine, his face was covered with a mask and hood, but what got me were his eyes. They were green and red, very unusual coloring. "May I ask you a question?" His voice was deeper than I thought and he reeked of intimidation; I nodded. "I overheard some of the guards and they said that the small one in the basement did something unthinkable to a fellow guard. It has to be you since you're the only little thing down here, so what'd you do?"

I didn't answer right off, I was contemplating if I should since this guy wasn't staring at me like the others had. I couldn't make out what he was thinking by that intent stare. "Don't make me repeat myself." I tried to speak normally but I couldn't bring my voice above a murmur, "Um, I almost bit his cock off when he shoved it in my mouth." He chuckled with amusement, "That took some guts on your part."

Click. The cell door opened and another guard came, "Meal time." He plopped down a tray of….delicious gourmet food. "For good behavior. Eat up now!" He left with a smirk and closed the door back. I just stared at the food hungrily, it smelled SO good and I was starving as it was, but I didn't touch it.

Kakuzu stared intently at me then the food, "Interesting. What's up with the delectables?" "It's a trap." "What do you mean?" "They know we're starving and bring this food down every now and then; I've seen them go by with it and heard some women wolf it down hungrily, but there's a catch. It's drugged, no sooner do you eat it, here comes a handful of guards. They have sex with them, with no resistance, making them scream for more fucking." Kakuzu rolled his eyes, "It inhibits the sex drive, how pitiful."

"Yeah, they came in here with it many times but I never touched it. It's hard not to though." He shifted a little on the stool and asked me, "Do you ever bathe?" I shook my head pathetically, "That seldom happens, but when it does, they just dump a bucket of soapy water on me and then a bucket of clean, hot water and that's it." He knitted his brow, "Disgusting. I'm surprised that you've lasted in here for a month." I stared at him in shock, only a month, it seemed like an eternity! My expression gave him the assumption that I had no clue on how long I'd been here and changed the subject, "Now I see why he was so intent on keeping me from seeing you up close."

I stared at him in confusion. He pointed at my face, "You have blue eyes, certainly a rarity around these parts." I lowered my eyes at the floor, what's so special about that? Where I come from its common, but there are different shades. Emotion suddenly hit me hard and I whispered pathetically, "I wish my eyes weren't this color so they can finally kill me." He leaned slightly closer and growled, "You want to fucking die! Why?" I stared at him in disbelief, "I have no life and no meaning! I'm worthless and scarred for life with what shit they put me through. I WANT to die you idiot!"

He glared angrily at me and was about to say something when we heard someone coming closer and grumbling towards my cell door. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it was that guard I bit. I muttered, "Shit!" Kakuzu raised an eyebrow at me and noticed I was scared, even though I tried my best not to show it. He mocked me as he approached, "Well, well, well! I'm back my little pet and you know what that means."

He kicked the tray of food aside and grabbed me by the throat, totally ignoring Kakuzu and lifting me up slightly off my knees, "It's time for your punishment for biting my cock you little bitch." He reached over and grabbed some of the food and tried to force my mouth open.

No! I closed my eyes, weakly trying to keep that forbidden food from going in my mouth. For some reason he suddenly let me go and I plopped down on the hard floor coughing harshly. Kakuzu had the guard by his own throat and tossed him toward the cell door. "What the fuck do you think you're doing asshole?" Kakuzu snorted, "I was trying to have a conversation when you interrupted me. I suggest you leave before I get real angry!"

Kakuzu must've scared the shit out of the guy or the guard was smarter than he looked. He mumbled something under his breath and actually left. "Such a pathetic weakling. At any rate, I have to go now." He turned to leave and I accidently made a noise of protest, for some reason I didn't want him to leave. He took a quick glance at me, but left anyway without a word. I sighed heavily and buried my face against my knees again.

It must've been only an hour before someone came back to my cell again, rather too soon. Oh no! That same guard was back and roughly pinned me down to the floor trying to unzip my jumpsuit. I struggled with what energy I had, but it wasn't working well for me. "You're not getting saved this time my little pet." He had the zipper down to my stomach and almost slid the top half off me when, "Keizo! Release her now!"

So that's the bastard's name. Mr. Ishida was standing in the cell doorway with a set of keys and a chain. "But Mr. Ishida, I.." Mr. Ishida approached casually, "Sorry you can't get your vengeance. She's just been purchased." "YOU'RE FUCKING SHITTING ME?" "NO I'M NOT, SO GET OFF OR YOU'RE FIRED!" Keizo reluctantly got off me with fury and let Mr. Ishida unlock my shackles.

It felt weird without those things on, but the salesman quickly put a different pair on my wrists attached by the chain he had, like a leash. He jerked on it, "Come on, your master's waiting for you." I stood up while zipping the jumpsuit and slowly followed behind him. Who bought me? I never met that guy he was telling me about yet.

Down the corridor, up the flight of stairs, and then he led me outside. I closed my eyes from the bright rays of the sun, I've been in the dark for so long it hurt my eyes like hell. "Here you go Mr. Kakuzu, I hope you enjoy your purchase." Kakuzu! When my eyes adjusted a little, I saw Mr. Ishida hand over the leash to Kakuzu with satisfaction. HE bought me?

Kakuzu didn't say anything to me when he led me away from this hell hole and I wasn't complaining. I took in the fresh air, smelled the grass and many flowers that were growing nearby. Who would of thought that I would miss the outside world so bad; I felt a smile creep upon my lips from the sight of a beautiful meadow of lovely green grass, colorful flowers, and a pretty blue sky overhead.

My thoughts were interrupted when I bumped into something hard. I grunted from the impact and didn't realize that Kakuzu had stopped walking. He surprisingly unlocked my shackles and tossed them on the side of the path. "I'm not going to be seen looking like I'm walking a dog. Come on, we have to travel a distance before we get to the nearest inn."

He started walking, but I didn't follow. Why would he release me if he knew I could get away? Why did he buy me in the first place? He didn't stop walking and looked over his shoulder, "You'd better hurry up unless you want to go back." That got me moving and I caught up with him, actually following a stranger who just bought me.

It was almost nightfall by the time we reached an inn and I was EXHUASTED! I barely could keep up with him and he kept complaining about my stomach growling so loud since it irritated him. He led me to a small inn, looked a little cheap to me but I'm not choosy, considering the circumstances. He talked to the clerk about a room for two and while he was doing that, these women that worked there kept staring at me with horrified countenances.

Did I really look that bad? I happened to overhear them, "That poor girl, what did he do to her?" "She so skinny and frail." "She looks like she hasn't bathed in months!" They'd be surprised if I told them only one month and Kakuzu wasn't to blame. Kakuzu pushed me ahead of him to get away from the stares and unlocked the room when he found it.

Kakuzu dropped his bag down next to a table and then headed back out the door. Before he left, he towered over me and ordered, "I'll be right back, so don't leave this room." I shook my head yes and he shut the door. I decided to check it out, there was only a sleeping pallet on the floor, two tables, a small dresser, kitchen, and bath. I thought I was in heaven! I never seen a Japanese style bathroom since I'm not from here. I happened to see my reflection in the mirror and froze, I didn't even recognize who I was looking at. Now I know why those women were disturbed so much.

I was covered in filth and grim from head to toe, the jumpsuit that used to be orange was a dark shade of brown, my cheeks were sunken in, and I hesitantly unzipped the jumpsuit and spread it apart. My ribs were protruding and I resembled a skeleton somewhat; I'm ugly. I zipped back up and sank onto the floor and cried silently into my knees, something I've been familiar with for the past month.

I don't know how long I sat there, but eventually Kakuzu returned. He searched first before he jumped to any conclusions to where I went. He found me in a slump on the floor and jerked me off the floor by the jumpsuit. He stared at my face emotionless, realizing that I saw myself in the mirror and been crying. "Get in here and eat before your food gets cold." Food! That changed my mood fairly enough.

He led me to the eating table and pushed me down on the floor in front of my plate. Damn, it looked good! He sat on the other side with his and started eating. He stopped when he saw me staring intently at the plate and rolled his eyes growling, "It's not drugged if that's what you're thinking!" At this point I didn't give a second thought and took a small morsel of a piece of meat and ate it.

It seemed to melt down my throat and I greedily cleaned the rest of the plate, not leaving a scrap of anything on it. Kakuzu raised his eyebrows on how quick I ate and noticed I was looking for more. He shook his head, "That's all you're getting for tonight. Eat anymore like that and you'll get ill."

I felt a little relief in my stomach and didn't complain with his reasoning for not giving me more, he was probably right. After he'd finished and cleaned the plates, he motioned for me to come to the bathroom. "It's time to bathe."

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