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Chapter one

Clares POV

How I love summer, the warm breezes and cool nights. So far summer is going perfectly, I've got to spend every moment with Alli and Adam and away from my fighting parents. I swear

they don't ever stop arguing. As soon as they both get home from work they're down each other's throats; with nonstop fighting and yelling. It gets old and they never listen to me. As of

now I'm sitting on my bed reading and listening to the constant backdrop of bickering and argument. I feel my phone vibrate next to me and look at the text message I've received from


"Party tonight, Alli & I will pick you up in 30 mins. Get ready!" – Adam

'Great' I thought to myself, I closed the book I was currently reading and got off my bed to go look into my closet for something to wear. My phone went off again and I quickly went to

check it.

"Wear something cute, not just a plan old t-shirt, Clare!" –Alli

I chuckled to myself and went to my closet and pulled out a simple navy tank top and some khaki shorts and went to my bathroom I combed my hair and put some light makeup on. After a

few minutes I was ready to go. I went downstairs and my parents still hadn't stopped fighting, I decided I couldn't take it anymore I quickly yelled "I was going out for a little bit," and I went

outside to wait for Alli and Adam. Five minutes later they pulled into my driveway and I quickly hopped into the back seat.

"Hey guys," I said happy to be finally out of the hellhole that I call home. "Hey Girly," Alli replied back happily, "Sup?" Adam responded. "Whose party are we going to?" I asked. Adam was

quick to reply with "Fiona's!" Alli giggled, "Adam's got a big crush on this girl!"

"Shut up Alli, or you can walk yourself to the party," Adam threatened. "Normally I would take you up on your offer, but see your hot step brother is going to be there and I really don't want

to miss a chance to dance with him this summer," Alli replied cockily. "Clare, please tell her Drew is not hot!"

"Hey! I'm not joining this argument." I replied and with that the argument ended. Soon after we arrived to Fiona's house and all of our jaws dropped. The house was gorgeous, everything

looked expensive, not to mention it was huge. You could feel the bass of the loud music and hear a bunch of teens chatting about. Adam quickly rang the doorbell and a very pretty girl

opened the door and greeted Adam with a hug. "Hello Adam. Hi Clare and Alli, welcome to my house the party is in the back, and I'll show you the way." Fiona greeted nicely. We all followed

Fiona outside to her backyard were we saw almost all of Degrassi's student body partying it up. Fiona soon left to greet other guests. "I'm going to go find Drew," Alli said as she sashayed

into the crowd of bodies grinding on each other. Adam and I stood there and watched the other teens dancing. "Gross," Adam said. "If it was Fiona and you dancing like that you wouldn't be

talking like that," I replied. "Shut up, Clare. Wanna go party with the rest of them?" Adam asked. I replied sure and we joined the swarm of hot sweaty bodies and so we did, this started the

perfect night.

The party was just getting started as the sun began to set. Adam, Fiona, Drew, Alli, and I were dancing the night away. I was really enjoying myself and having a good time dancing with my

best friends. The music was loud and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

"There's this boy over there that keeps checking you out as you dance, Clare." Alli told me.

"Where?" I asked completely curious. Alli pointed in the direction of a raven haired boy with piercing green eyes dancing with some blonde girl, who seemed to be enjoying the dancing more

than he was. Alli caught his glance and gestured for him to come over to where we were. He walked over towards us and my heart started to beat really fast. Alli was the first to talk, "I saw

you staring at my friend here and you looked bored with your dancing partner so I figured you could use a new one and since she doesn't have one, it works both ways." I mentally groaned

at Alli, she was going to pay for this. But at the moment this boy was cute, and it was kind of awkward to be dancing by myself. He talked first, "Hi, my names Eli, what's your name?"

"C-Clare," I tried to reply smoothly but I ended up stuttering. "Well, Clare. Would you like to dance with me?" Eli asked. I replied to him yes, because I didn't want to be rude. Eli was a very

good dancer. He didn't try anything on me and was polite. He twirled me around a few times and I was actually having a great time, thanks to Alli. As he was twirling me, he pulled me in

close and said, "Clare you one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen," then twirled me back out. I could feel my cheeks starting to burn with a bright red blush and I sort of turned away. Soon

a faster song came on and I did something not very saintly, and I started to grind on Eli. He placed his hands on my hips and we swayed to the beat. Alli was smiling wide at me, I knew that

I was going to get a whole long talk about this, but at this moment I didn't really care. I was having way too much fun. Shortly after, one of my favorite slow songs turned on, I'll Be. Eli put

his hands around my waist and I put my hands around his neck, we started to sway back and forth and I laid my head on his shoulder. "This is one of my favorite songs," Eli whispered into

my hair. I swear I could've stayed like that for forever, but my phone started to ring multiple times, I quickly pulled it out of my pocket and saw that my mom was calling me. I answered to

a screaming mother.


"Mom, I'm at a party with Alli and Adam." I replied.

"GET HOME NOW OR YOUR GROUNDED FOR FOREVER!" She screamed at me through the other line and then hung up. "Eli, I have to go. I'm so sorry. I had a ton of fun!" I said and quickly

ran off to go find Alli and Adam. I soon found them slow dancing with their crushes and "Alli, Adam, we got to go! My mom just called me screaming at me to get home, and if I don't get

home I'm grounded for life!" Alli and Adam quickly said their goodbyes and we started hurrying towards the house. We were going up the stairs to get into the house and I tripped and fell

real hard on my knee, it hurt so much. "SHIT!" I screamed out in pain, but I quickly stood up and kept moving because I had to get home or else my life would turn completely terrible.

That night was one of the greatest nights of my life, and that began the night we all would never forget. It was the beginning of something bigger than all of us would have ever expected.