Hi I'm Alena!

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, it looks like Alena is the Dragon Quest version of Princess Daisy. What better way to make this notion than to do a fanfic. ...Even though this is a one-shot. Why is it a one-shot? Because it... introduces Alena to Daisy, Birdo, and Toadette. It establishes them as good friends. Eventually, you'll figure it out. So yeah... enjoy!

Birdo and Toadette were in the Moo Moo Meadows, waiting for Princess Daisy to show up, as apparently Daisy had something important to share with the two females.

"Hmm... sure is peaceful today." Toadette asked as she stretched her little arms.

Birdo nodded in agreement as she adjusted her red bow. "Yeah, I'm wondering what's taking Daisy so long..."

Daisy ran up to the two female, panting as she bent over briefly, standing back up in a straight position as she cleared her throat. "Sorry I'm late, girls. Mario told me about some new Monopoly style party..."

"And you didn't invite us to it? Oh Daisy, what's wrong with you?"

Daisy rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Well, actually, Birdo got invited, too... it's just that you aren't invited, Toadette."

Toadette gasped, raising her hands as she began sniffling, her eyes filling up with tears. "I wasn't invited? A bloo bloo bloo..."

Birdo rolled her right hand, placing her left hand on her hip. "So, what is so urgent about this, Daisy?"

Daisy gulped as she rubbed her left arm. "That's the thing... there's this girl from a far off continuity that looks almost just like me..."

Birdo and Toadette both blinked in confusion. "Wait, there's a girl that looks just like you?" They gawked in unison.

Suddenly, much to the surprise of the three girls, another girl popped up right behind Daisy. She had a yellow dress and a blue cape, as well as a ridiculously huge bluish hat. Her hair was light orange, appearing similar to Daisy's hair, and she had red eyes, as well as orange gloves. She giggled as she spooked Daisy.

"HI I'M ALENA!" The girl introduced herself as she clapped her hands together excitedly, opening her eyes as she shook Daisy's hands. "It's a pleasure to meet you at last! I'm the Tsarevna of Zamoksva!"

Daisy and Toadette exchanged odd glances as they looked back at Alena. "The what?"

Birdo sighed as she shook her head, explaining as she moved her hands, "She's the princess."

Daisy snapped her fingers. "Oh! Yeah! I knew that!" She pointed at herself as she introduced herself formerly. "I'm Princess Daisy! I guess you could say I'm the pri- err, I mean, Tsarevna of Sarasaland!"

Toadette walked towards Alena, shaking her hand as she giggled. "I'm Toadette! I'm no princess, but I'm a good friend of Daisy's!"

Birdo waved to Alena as opposed to shaking her hand. "And I am Birdo. Pleasure to meet you."

Alena giggled as she grabbed Daisy's hands. "Teehee! I have a feeling you and I are gonna make good friends..."

Daisy made an awkward face as she chuckled nervously. "Ehh... excuse me...?"

Alena giggled as she shrugged, opening her eyes again as she grabbed Daisy by the right arm and started running towards the eastern direction. "Come on, Daisy! I wanna get a nice cup of fresh Moo Moo milk!"

Birdo and Toadette watched as Daisy reluctantly went with Alena, prompting the two to look at each other.

"This won't end well..." Birdo and Toadette muttered to each other as they both shrugged and sighed.