The scene is Kevin walks into his and Lucy's room he looks over at the clock it reads 6:30 he then continues to climb into bed beside Lucy just as he's falling asleep savannah lets out a squeal

He lets out a moan as Lucy looks over at him "I got her"

As Lucy gets up Kevin's cell phone goes off he reaches over and grabs it and proceeds to answer the call as Lucy pokes her head back in the door now holding Savannah Kevin continues to have his head on the pillow as he continues "Hello"

The scene splits to Roxanna sitting in the police station "Kevin"

Kevin rubs his eyes "Who is this?"

Roxanna shakes her head as she continues "This is Roxanna, your partner"

Kevin closes his eyes as he continues "What do you need? I just came off duty and I could really need to sleep"

Roxanna looks around "well you're going to have to sleep later we have a steak out down at an old warehouse there's about five guys, they have hostages and they need backup"

Kevin sits up on the side of the bed "ok just let me get dressed and I'll be right there" he then hangs up the phone

Lucy looks at him as he starts to get dressed "What's going on?"

Kevin turns around and looks at her "hostage situation old warehouse"

Lucy looks at him as he walks over to her and gives her a kiss "Ok well just be careful I love you"

Kevin looks down at her "love you too" he then goes out the bedroom door

The scene changes to Kevin and Roxanna riding in the cop car Kevin rubs his head as he looks over at Roxanna "So what's going on?"

Roxanna looks at him "Well the report said that there's three hostages and there's five suspects possibly armed" they pull up onto a back alley in front of a building

Kevin looks at her "ok let's get it done"

They get out of the car and dunk down the chief crawls over to them "Ok here's the situation"

Just then a couple guys stick guns out the window and start shooting rounds

The Chief looks at them in a panic "It's a shootout" all the other polices officers dunk for safety and start shooting back Roxanna and Kevin dunk down behind their car Roxanna pokes her head up over the hood of the car and holds out her gun when she notices Kevin isn't beside her "Come on Kevin"

Kevin speaks from behind the car "I can't"

Roxanna looks down and notices Kevin almost doubled over "Kevin, are you ok"

Kevin looks at her "I think you need to call someone" he moves his hand and Roxanna can see blood coming threw his shirt

Roxanna pokes her head up over the car "we need help Kevin's been shoot"

The scene changes to Lucy sitting in the waiting room of the hospital she's holding Savannah is sitting on her lap Eric is sitting in the chair next to her just then Roxanna comes out of the emergency room door "Lucy"

Lucy hands Savannah to Eric as she jumps over too Roxanna "how is he?"

Roxanna starts to speak but the doctor cuts her off as he comes through the door behind her "Mrs. Kinkirk"

Lucy looks at him "yes doctor"

The doctor looks at her "your husband is going to be just fine luckily the bullet went in at his hip and just grazed his ribs now he needs to take it easy he's going to have to be on leave for about a month while he recovers, you can go see him if you want"

The scene changes to Lucy walking into a room Kevin is laying on the bed he opens his eyes a little bit as Lucy walks over "Hey"

Lucy looks at him "I'm so glad your ok" she bends down and hugs him as the scene fades