Love Always

So I'm trying something new this a complete AU no vampires, werewolves that sort of stuff. It's all human.

Buffy Summers is well to do girl. She lives with her mother and Riley a young man that has money and power and hopefully the man to marry Buffy. Mother and daughter have left LA to a small town known as Sunnydale. In Sunnydale an average college student Angel lives his life with his friends having fun. But when a little rich girl meets the not so rich man what happens? Drama, fluff all that happens.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Joss Whedon. The shows Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel belong to him. Rating is T-M

Chapter 1 Separate Worlds

Buffy a twenty one old junior college girl sat in the back of the car riding to her new home. LA was behind her or at least that's what she was hoping for. In the car were her mother and Riley a lawyer and her boyfriend well at least that's what people called it. She didn't care for Riley too much she just saw him as a friend but her mother was hoping for them to get married, kids the whole nine yards. Sunnydale was a different type of place it was town not a city, small. Buffy was done transferring from UCLA to UC Sunnydale and would begin in the fall. For now she could enjoy her summer or at least she hoped too.

The Bentley pulled up to the upper class of the town. Green lawns, houses that could house ten people easily. Buffy was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Her father was rich and Buffy was use to getting anything she wanted. You would think she was stuck up but she was completely opposite of a rich snobby girl. She loved the outdoors, meet new people, to talk and everything in between. But she was so sheltered kept away from those who owned less than a Ferrier. Her father however left the picture for alcohol and women. Buffy opened the car and looked to her new home.

"It's wonderful." Joyce her mother said and put her arm around her daughter. Riley came out of the car smiling and walked up to the girls looking at the house. The movers had already begun to unpack and they walked inside. Buffy wasn't sure why they needed all this space for just her and her mother. She headed upstairs to find her new room. She found it and it had a balcony that over saw the streets. She stood out there looking to her new surroundings.

Meanwhile on the other side of town two friends headed to a mechanic and body shop.

"Hey," A boy named Xander said hitting the hood of the car and his friend Willow a red headed book worm sat down waving to the a young man as he pulled himself from under a car. "We're partying tonight?" Xander asked as the young man stood up grabbing a towel wiping his hands. This was Angel a UC Sunnydale student. He was twenty two year senior college student about to apply to grad school. His study was bio mechanics but on the side he fixed cars, it was his first love and hobby. He nodded to his two friends that he had known since sophomore in high school.

"Barn parties are the best." Willow stated.

"Yeah and its summer so we can get swasted." Xander said smiling.

"Xander," A woman said and they looked over to a brunette.

"Anya," Xander stated, this woman has been following him around since the fraternity party a month ago. "Uh what are you doing here?" He asked and she shrugged.

"I don't know thought we could hang out." She said and Xander nodded, he wasn't particular attracted to her she was awkward. "I hear you're going to the barn party." Xander nodded and she smiled. "Then I'll see you tonight." She turned around and walked off. Xander turned to his two friends who were smirking.

"Don't say a word." Xander warned and Angel threw his hands in the air walking to his table of tools. Willow smiled and Xander rolled his eyes. "It wasn't even a hook up that night she passed out before we even made out." He said pleading his case.

"Well I have a date and you have a date sort of that just leaves Angel." Willow stated as she looked up at him as he picked up a tool.

"Oh Irish man is the fifth wheel tonight."

"Just means I can ditch you two when you start to cramp my style." Angel said as he got back on the ground.

"Well we leave at eight so be ready." Xander said.

"Ok," Angel replied as he was back under the car fixing the transmission. The two friends left to go eat and get ready. Just as they left another friend came in.

"Aye man," The blonde man said looking under the car.

"What do you want Spike?" Angel asked. Spike and Angel weren't friends more or less just drinking buddies. Angel found Spike annoying but Spike hung around because Angel seemed to attract a lot of girls.

"Just gonna hang out with my mate." He replied in his British accent and sat down. Under the car Angel rolled his eyes and came out from under the car and reached for another tool.

"You mean annoy me." Angel corrected the blonde man. Spike had an interesting taste in clothes, long black leather jacket, ripped blue jeans, rock and roll t-shirts.

Night had fallen and Buffy dressed causal, nice boots, black leggings, a long red dress shirt and her blonde hair pulled back in a pony tail. She grabbed her little purse and headed downstairs. She walked quietly as neighbors were over talking. She didn't want to be here all they talked about was money and how awful their lives are. All she heard was blah, blah, blah. She snuck out the front door quietly and walked into the night. She'd rather do anything right now than eat finger foods and listen to these people.

Angel, Xander, Willow, Anya, Willow's boyfriend Oz and Spike all walked up to a huge barn just outside of town. The police wouldn't come here because this place didn't disturb the peace.

"Angel wow," Anya said looking at him; his shirt was unbuttoned to show a little bit of his chest. "He's buff." She said turning to Xander. "You're not buff like that." Xander nodded but not happily. Willow smirked as she and Oz held hands. The seven of them entered into the barn with the music blaring and people dancing.

"All night keggers!" Willow said pointing to the beer. It was a normal warm summer night a perfect night for partying. Xander left Anya quickly and he and Spike went to dance hoping to get attention although they were dancing like nerds. Angel laughed and headed for the beer while Willow and Oz went to find a spot to dance. Buffy saw the barn hearing this was a place to party. She saw people standing around the outside talking and heard the music playing from the inside so she headed inside. She felt out of place, she knew no one and if her mother knew she snuck out to a party like this she'd be livid, it was perfect. She looked around, she was a city girl and these were small towners but they looked like they knew how to party. She saw two guys dancing or at least trying to and she giggled.

Willow and Oz were dancing when Willow looked up and stopped Oz pointing to the young blonde girl.

"Who's that?" Willow asked.

"Oh I know there was a house for sell up on the other side of town guess she's the one who lives there now." Oz explained and Willow nodded. Buffy walked in further looking around. Xander and Spike came from dancing grabbing some red cups and getting beer and joined Angel.

"There are a few American beers that are highly underrated." Angel said looking into his red cup. "But this isn't one of them."

"Oh come on free beer all night." Spike said and sipped his beer.

"Yeah if you like drinking piss." Angel responded and downed the last bit.

"Hey, hey check it out." Xander said hitting Angel lightly on the arm. "It's a hottie." Angel turned around to look, Xander's choice in women were a bit different from his. Angel turned around and saw the young blonde and Xander was right she was hot no she was gorgeous. Spike smiled looking at how Angel stood still staring at her like everything else had disappeared. Spike waved his hand in front of Angel but he didn't blink and Spike laughed a little. Angel couldn't take his eyes off of her she was stunning and the hair, he never went for blondes but this one this one was different.

"Dude go talk to her." Spike suggested and Angel shook his head no, women never made him afraid but this one he thought his legs were going to give out under him. Buffy looked around and then looked over and made eye contact with a man. He had the deepest brown eyes she's ever seen. He was…well beautiful she thought. Spike pushed Angel up telling him to go talk to her since she made eye contact. Angel looked back at them and Xander pushed him a little more. Buffy stood there waiting as Angel made his way to her. 'Hi I'm Angel who are you?' No that was lame he thought. 'Uh I just saw you standing there and thought you could use a friend.' No that was even worse than the last one.

Buffy was getting nervous as he got closer what was she supposed to say. 'Hi I just saw you looking at me and' LAME, she thought. 'My name is Buffy.' What kind of name is Buffy anyways she asked herself.

"Hi," They said at the same time trying to hide their nervousness. 'Come on say something Angel.' He said to himself.

"So," He started, "Never seen you before you…new?" He asked, 'god that was really lame good job.' He scolded to himself. Buffy nodded and held out her hand to shake.

"Buffy Summers." She stated and he took her hand.

"Angel O'Brien." He gave his name. 'Oh god am I really shaking hands, you idiot Buffy.' She thought. 'Buffy that was different, I like it.' Angel thought. Then they heard someone cheer from behind. Angel turned around and glared at Spike and Xander, Spike was doing the cheering.

"Friends?" Buffy asked and Angel nodded and she smiled. 'Wow what a smile.' He thought. "Well maybe if we walk or something they would stop staring." Buffy suggested and Angel nodded and they walked away.

"Such a ladies' man." Xander said and went to get more beer. The two walked through the crowds hoping his friends wouldn't follow but he knew after this was over he'd be bombarded with questions. They came to part that wasn't crowded.

"Yeah I'm new," Buffy started. "My mom and I live in a house on the other side of town." She explained.

"Cool I live in a house…too." Angel trailed off, 'Wow are you stupid or something?' He asked himself. Buffy smiled again, he was adorable she thought.

"So you dance?" She asked as a new song came on. Angel shrugged; he didn't actually dance not to this music. Buffy without warning grabbed his hand and pulled him to the dancing crowd. He didn't object at all and they started to dance but the moment was cut short as a man came walking up to them.

"Buffy," He said, he was dressed fancy, diamond watch kind of fancy. Angel then realized what house she was talking about. Buffy looked to her wannabe boyfriend. She sighed in disappointed knowing Riley was going to take her home. "You shouldn't be here." He stated Angel felt like he should get defensive and tell this man to back off. "Your mother doesn't know you're gone so let's keep it like that." Buffy looked back at Angel, she didn't want to leave; she wanted to get to know this man. But she didn't want to start drama on her first night in a new town. She was supposed to be starting a new life here, this was a start but her mother would say this isn't how a young woman should spend her time. Angel could tell she was torn between staying and leaving as Riley turned around expecting her to follow Angel grabbed her hand and slipped her a card. She looked up at him and walked away. She took a glance at the car and it read 'Steve's Auto shop.' Then his name was under it with a phone number and smiled.

The seven friends sat at a table at Doyle's Irish Pub. They all spilt some food and Angel was being questioned like he at the cop station. The fiddled played as he was being interrogated and then their friend Doyle came over.

"So Angel met a girl." The Irish man stated.

"Yeah I guess she lives in Sunnydale's finest, 55 West Street to be exact." Spike said and sipped a bottle of beer. Doyle looked to Angel.

"You scored the big one didn't ya lad?" He asked, Angel said nothing and took another bite of his corn beef. "Just be careful, rich folk aren't the best sometimes plus they like tea and crackers." Doyle said and took Angel's empty glass and went to refill it. She was rich, he wasn't. Then that guy that came to pick her up was either a bodyguard or what would be his nightmare her boyfriend. He didn't have much to offer her he was a poor college boy with loans to get him through, he worked at a mechanic shop and made enough for rent, food mostly the basics. He couldn't offer anything maybe some flowers but not a trip to a fancy place for a meal, he worked on cars but he didn't have a fancy one. He wanted to get to know her but what would she think of him.

Buffy sat in her room combing her hair. She couldn't stop thinking about Angel. She would call that number tomorrow. She wanted to get to know him more. Then there was a knock at the door and she looked up into the mirror. Riley poked his head in. She really didn't want to talk but he wouldn't leave. He walked in and came to her.

"If you wanted to see the town all you had to do was ask." He said and then sat on her dresser. Buffy didn't look up at him; he was trying way too hard to win her affection. He then set down a box before her and smiled. She reached and opened it, it was a diamond bracelet. He lavished her with gifts. While she wouldn't deny it was beautiful gifts were not going to win her over. Riley smiled and took the delicate bracelet from the box and put it on her wrist. "Perfect," He said and kissed her hand smiling. She gave a fake smile to him and he left. She looked back to the gift and sighed. Her mother wanted her to date and marry Riley for the money, but money can't buy happiness right. She took the bracelet off and tears begun to fall. She felt trapped and alone. She had no true friends everyone back home just wanted to be her friend because she had money. But she never called anyone a true friend. She stood up and walked outside to her balcony and climbed on the railing and sat there looking into the night.

So what do you think? Should I go on? More to come, drama and fluff to follow. I know it's early but got any ideas where this is going to go? Reviews and comments are welcomed. Thanks for reading.