The Candy of Blood

Chapter One: The Setup

It was a dark and gloomy night. Not that you could tell; it was always dark and gloomy in Boo Woods. Walking through the seemingly haunted forest were two particular people. The Super Mario Bros. to be exact. Although, the younger Mario Bro. seemed to be walking alone. This person wore a green long sleeve shirt under a pair of deep blue denim overalls. He also wore a pair of brown work boots. He sported a dark brown moustache and a pair of bright white gloves. He had electric blue eyes, a green hat bearing a green L on it, and he had an Italian - Brooklyn look to him. His name is Luigi. He looked rather scared. "Mario? " He asked quietly, like a scared whisper. Not getting an answer, he seemed more scared. When Luigi heard a faint voice, a flicker of hope went off within him. ``Luigi. Come closer." The voice told him. Luigi happily obeyed him, the voice sounding just like his brother. `Here." The voice said, handing Luigi a candy. The candy was a mixture of a deep purple, jet black and blood red. Luigi finally spoke, "What is it?" He asked. The figure smirked. "It is the candy of blood. Don`t worry, it is much less dangerous than it sounds. Just eat it, and everything will be fine." The figure smirked again. All Luigi could do was nod. He felt oddly uncomfortable around him. He shook those thoughts away. Luigi then ate the candy. The figure smirked a wide smile, and Luigi felt lightheaded all of a sudden. He started to stumble, causing him to fall over. All Luigi could hear before he passed out was, "Goodnight, Luigi..." an evil, dark voice told him. Then, Luigi slipped away into darkness.