Chapter 5

"Weeg! You better get down here!"

The sun was shining happily over the land, with birds chirping and butterflies gently resting on bright, colourful flowers. Everything wasn't as happy inside of the house, though...

Luigi stumbled down the stairs and groggily turned his head towards Mario. "What?" he mumbled, half asleep.

The red Mario Bro.'s face hardened as the toad on the TV spoke of the headline once more.

"That's right. One of our beloved princess's guards has gotten the short end of the stick. Look at these records! This is the Mushroom Kingdom's first murder in 13 years. "

She wasn't done yet, "The police say that all of the blood is gone and there is two, small puncture marks in his Jugular Vein. A small and unproven theory was that the blood was sucked from his body. Back to you, Jerry."

Mario turned off the TV before the News could continue.

Luigi looked horrified. Suddenly, he fell to the floor with a yelp. Images of sneaking and screaming toads filled his mind. Sharp fangs and warm blood filled his senses. Red glowing eyes and pointed ears and rotten breath. Soaking wet, smiling evilly of murders. These were Luigi's memories last night.

He seemed to be transforming on the spot. And indeed he was. His shirt and overalls were threatening to rip and his gloves had already gone to a fray at the new growth of sharp claws.

Mario, unaware of what his brother was turning into, ran out of the door to fetch a doctor.

Luigi's wings finally ripped through the weak fabric and stretched out. His eyes glowed red but then were toned down to almond. His canines became longer and longer, until they almost reached his chin.

Mario skidded to a halt outside of Dr. Toadly's house. He banged on the oak door until the short toad stepped out. Upon realizing Mario, Dr. Toadly moved out of his path.

"Doc, Weeg's been acting real weird. Just a few minutes ago he crumpled to the floor," Mario whispered.

Dr. Toadly nodded silently and grabbed a few tools before pushing past Mario and making his way down the street. Shocked, Mario followed.

Luigi growled as he realized all the light. He zoomed up into the banisters and hung upside down.

Mario and Dr. Toadly walked in through the open door and saw Luigi's new form hanging down. He gasped, and in the situation of not knowing about Luigi, threw his keys.

Luigi fell to the ground and landed on a patch of sunlight. He hissed as his ears turned back to normal, his wings slid back into him, and his eyes cleared back into blue.

His fangs shrunk until they were just poking out.

Mario looked horrified at his brother and took a step forward. "Weeg?" he whispered.

Luigi opened his eyes but immediately snapped them closed, painful features spreading upon his face like a flowing river. Mario, in upmost curiosity, used his foot to nudge Luigi into the shadows. Dr. Toadly rushed over to the sleeping plumber and inspected him thoroughly.

A couple weeks later, Luigi was up and walking like normal, even though Dr. Toadly deemed him dead. He had a shocking temperature of -29 degrees Celsius, and was paler than skim milk.

Dr. Toadly told- no, ordered- Mario to lock Luigi in his room before they had 100 percent complete results.

Hooray for overly short chapter! :D Sorry, but it just seems to be a good ending... Yeah... DON'T HURT ME!