Theo Templeton lay in a hospital bed. His lips moved to form the word that would turn him back into Teth-Adam, but the only sound that he heard was the monotonous beeping of the machines connected to him.

"You have a visitor," the nurse told him, and then left the room.

A young woman with flame-red hair, whose eyes were concealed by sunglasses, entered the hospital room, sitting in chair next to Theo's bed.

"I wonder if they will figure out that you're not just another innocent victim of Captain Marvel's battle with Black Adam?" the woman said.

Adam's lips moved, but no sound came forth.

"Captain Marvel got your tongue? Well, you might be wondering how I know so much about you. I will tell you this: My name is Angelica Blaze, and I am here to tell you that you have fulfilled your purpose. Thanks to you, the old wizard has planted the seeds of his own downfall," answered the visitor.