Everything Comes Full Circle

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Chapter 1: The New Guy

Rating: R

Summary: Kathryn is angry about Sebastian and Annette's happiness. When James comes to town she finds she's met her match but things eventually go wrong. Along the way love and life are lost but good might come out of it.

Timeline: Sebastian never died but Annette however did get his journal.

"Oh god...fuck...harder...harder...yesssssssss!"

The loud screams coming from Kathryn Merteuil's room could be heard throughout the large Valmont townhouse. Given her parents were once again out of town she really didn't care who could over hear her. In fact the truth of the matter was that her screams were part actual enjoyment part theatrics. She knew damn well she could be heard and that was exactly what she wanted.

Across the hall her step brother Sebastian and his girlfriend Annette were finding this anything but funny. "Good god could she be any louder?" Annette asked rolling her eyes.

Sebastian looked up at her from his book "yeah probably. She's just doing it to annoy us."

Putting her pencil down in her spiral notebook she suggested "maybe we should ask her to keep it down."

"No, that's just what she wants. To involve us in her twisted sex life."

"Who is she in there with anyway?"

Sebastian looked towards the door "Trey Damien. He gave her a ride home from school in his new jag. Guess this is her way of thanking him" he told her with just the tiniest hint of envy.

Annette sat up slightly studying him as he stared at the door. She was wondering if he was thinking of her and wishing he was in Trey's place. Since they had gotten back together three months ago Annette had found out more than she wanted to about Kathryn and Sebastian's past.

After he gave her his journal it had shocked her to say the least, not just about the bet but the details about Kathryn. She was certainly a twisted piece of work and hardly what she seemed. The journal detailed all her awful habits including screwing a better part of the male student body (even a couple of females) and some faculty members. Even that she could deal with it was her relationship with Sebastian that threw her. Although he denied feeling anything for her Annette could tell that there was at one time something between them and that he had loved her in some way. It was a subject they rarely talked about namely because Sebastian kept it off limits.

They were however happy together. Much to her surprise Sebastian had managed to be completely faithful to her, she never once caught him with another girl. This of course bothered Kathryn terribly. After they had made up they had gone back to his place and ran into Kathryn. Sebastian had announced that they were officially together and that there was nothing she could do about it. Annette then threatened to expose her if she tried anything. Kathryn had just smiled and shook her head at them. "Sure thing" she told them as she strutted out of the room.

As she looked over at him she decided to test him to see if he really was thinking about her. "Hey want to see if we can out do them?"

Sebastian turned to her and smirked "defiantly."

The two began to make out but where once again interrupted by a loud moan this time from Trey. Sebastian pulled away and let out a frustrated groan. "I'm sorry...it's just distracting."

Annette smiled slightly "it's ok I have to go anyway. I told my dad I would be home somewhat early."

"Ok I'll walk you to the door" they both got off the bed and headed out of the room.

Before they got to the foyer Annette stopped suddenly "oh I forgot to tell you there's a new student coming tomorrow. I told daddy that you and I would give him a tour of the place."

A flicker of disgust came across his face. The same look he had that time they volunteered at the nursing home. Annette knew student activities weren't really Sebastian's thing but she thought he would go along with it at least this one time. Finally he smiled somewhat "umm...ok I guess. Whatever you want."


She leaned over and kissed him softly on the lips. There kiss was once again interrupted by a sound behind her "awwww. Aren't puppies cute?"

Annette pulled around and came face to face with Kathryn and a slightly disheveled Trey. Kathryn was dressed in a tiny slip of a thing and Trey had his arms wrapped around her. They were looking over at her and Sebastian with laughing grins. Annette glared at her "I see you came up for air. What happened the condom break?"

Kathryn giggled and Trey nuzzled her neck "no she just wore me out. The girl's incredible."

"Good to know you got your money's worth" Sebastian said coldly.

The laughing look disappeared out of Kathryn's eyes and she glared at Sebastian. "Don't mind Sebastian he use to have wild sex. That is before he cut his balls off and handed them over to the virgin."

Trey glanced over at Annette "that's what I hear."

Annette winced slightly at the comment. She knew everyone at Manchester thought she was some kind of prude who had managed to tunr Sebastian into a whipped puppy. On occasion some of the guys would snicker at her or make rude comments while a better part of the female student body hated her. She suspected part of the reason was Kathryn's influence but she of course denied it. "How would you know what kind of sex he has Kathryn?"

"Everyone does" Kathryn told her confidently.

Trey snickered then leaned down and kissed her on the mouth "I gotta go. I'll call you tomorrow. We are so having lunch."

Kathryn just waved as he left and Sebastian shook his head "maybe I should warn him what he's getting into."

She shrugged "knock yourself out its not like I'm planning on seeing him again."

Annette was of course disgusted by this "you just spent the past two hours doing god knows what with him and you feel nothing for him?"

"Of course she doesn't. Kathryn feels nothing for no one. Isn't that right sis?"

Kathryn glared at him "Trey is just a toy, like all the others. But don't worry Sebastian your still my favorite toy."

That was another thing Kathryn was always insinuating, that her and Sebastian once slept together or still are. Sebastian had told her that they never had. They had only fooled around occasionally and that it meant nothing. Annette studied Sebastian as he and Kathryn starred daggers at one another. Finally she broke the tension "I have to get going. I'll see you tomorrow Sebastian" she gave him a light peck then turned back to Kathryn. "As always Kathryn, it was a complete and utter nightmare to see you."

"Same here" she told her with a cold smile.

Sebastian watched her leave and then turned back to Kathryn. "Is there a particular reason you have to be a bitch every time you see her?"

"You use to enjoy it"

"Things change"

"Guess so. Once upon a time you use to be cool but now...well it goes with out saying" she told him as she turned around and headed to her room.

The flicker of rage that she was always able to bring up in him emerged. Sebastian followed her into the bedroom closing the door behind him "what does that mean?"

She faced him with amusement "what the hell do you think it means? Christ Sebastian your a fucking joke and everyone knows it."

"Well I suppose its better than being a crack whore" he volleyed back.

As he expected that set her off. She grabbed small glass vase next to her bed and chucked it at him. "Fuck you, you god damn pussy!"

He ducked it easily and snickered "ooh I see I hit a nerve. You never could handle the truth."

"I can't handle the truth? What do you call the fog of denial you've been wandering in? Your actual under the bizarre assumption that nothing has changed since you've taken up with the virgin Mary."

Sebastian shook his head in annoyance that once again they were having this conversation. Ever since Annette and him had gotten back together Kathryn had been goading him every chance she got. It always ended with them screaming obscenities at one another and her vowing to get him back for fucking with her. It was a vicious circle that they seemed doom to repeat for god knows how long. The truth was Sebastian didn't know why he kept letting himself be pulled back in by her. Maybe part of him missed her and there bizarre relationship. Shaking the thought away he told her calmly "I'm not in denial about anything. I'm happy with Annette and that kills you. You can't stand the fact that you were wrong. I don't need you."

Kathryn nodded "ok whatever you say." She then turned around and dropped the slip she was wearing leaving her completely naked. Sebastian had only seen her naked from a distance and it was different from being only a few feet away from her. She smirked and turned around giving him the full view of her perfect body. All Sebastian could do was gawk at her. She really was absolute perfection even better than Annette he hated to admit. "Are you sure you don't need me anymore?" She asked in that annoying sweet voice of hers.

An image of Annette flickered though his mind and what she would say if she walked in on them like this. He had to get out of there, his hard on was raging already. He sure as hell couldn't let Kathryn see that. With all his will power he pulled his eyes away from her body and looked her in the eye "I'm positive."

Kathryn shrugged and grabbed her silk robe from off the bed "all right you had your chance. Don't come crawling to me when you get bored to death of nailing goldilocks."

"I won't" he told her through clenched teeth.

Shaking her head at him she said "you still don't get it, do you? It will never last. The temporary infatuation will flutter away and when it dies it will destroy you. Too bad your going to find that out the hard way."

"You don't know what your talking about."

"Of course I do. Now as much as I'd like to stand here all night and discuss the fucked up mess your life has become I have someplace to be."

He smirked "another client?"

"I'm off to a party at Blain's" she told him as she headed to the bathroom.

The news surprised Sebastian somewhat "Blain's having a party? He didn't tell me."

"Well I suppose that's because he thought you would bring your girlfriend along with you. She doesn't belong in our world anymore than you do. I'm going to go take a shower. Why don't you run along to your room and jerk off." An evil smile spread across her face as she pulled off her robe and tossed it to him "I'm sure I gave you plenty to think about."

Before he could get the last word Kathryn went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. Sebastian clutched the robe in his hands once again torn between wanting her and wanting to destroy her. Either way something had to give. He threw the robe against the door and stormed out of her room. He needed a cold shower.

* * * * * *

"Christ is the name tag absolutely necessary?" Sebastian grumbled as Annette handed him the 'hello my name is' tag.

"Yes" she told him as she put her own on. "Come on its not that bad."

He rolled his eyes and put the stupid thing on. I can't believe this is my life he thought bitterly. Don't get him wrong he loved Annette and would do anything for her but this was pushing it. I mean campus tours? Even the nerds avoided this. All of a sudden he recalled something Kathryn once told him; next thing you know you'll be giving campus tours with her. Oh god he prayed, please don't let me run into Kathryn. If she knew about this she would never let him forget it. "Where is this guy anyway?"

"Oh he's in talking to my dad. His name is James Matthew's, he's Australian."

"Fabulous" Sebastian muttered.

Annette didn't catch his sarcastic tone and continued "from what Janice tells he has quite the reputation. This is like the fifth school he's been in. Every place else he's gotten expelled."

All of this of course wasn't exactly music to Sebastian's ears "then why did Manchester except him."

She shrugged "well apparently he's smart and his father's Anderson Matthew's. I suppose it looks good to the school."

He recognized the name Anderson Matthew's from the papers. He was some oil tycoon or something like that. "Do you know what he got expelled for."

"It's hardly that interesting" said the voice behind him.

Both Sebastian and Annette turned around to greet him. Sebastian's face fell as he took him his appearance. He was a little taller than Sebastian, with a mop of blond hair. The guy was wearing a pair of jeans, black coat and an annoying smile. Right away Sebastian could tell this guy was going to be trouble. The look on Annette's face confirmed it. She smiled "you must be James."

"Yes" he said with a slight trace of accent. "And you must be..." he ducked in his head to look at her name tag "Annette."

She giggled slightly "yeah I'm Annette Hardgrove."

His smiled widened "well it's nice to meet you Annette." He then turned to Sebastian "and you are...Sebastian."

"Well he can read that's a good sign" he said unable to hold back his sarcasm.

Annette glared over at him and then smiled back at James "forgive my boyfriend his manners are lacking somewhat."

"Oh you two are dating that's...cute."

"Yeah we are" Sebastian said coldly. "Now can we just get this damn tour over with?"

James glanced over at Sebastian as if he was trying to figure him out and said "sounds good to me. Lead the way."

Sebastian rolled his eyes and they went into the hallway. Annette pointed certain rooms out and James barely seemed to notice. "And this is the library."

James pulled out a cigarette from his pocket "that's fascinating."

Annette looked slightly taken aback "your not suppose to smoke on school grounds."

He shrugged "it's the first day what are they going to do throw me out?"

Sebastian glared at him and shook his head. There was something annoyingly familiar about him. "Is that why you were thrown out of your last school?" He asked coldly.

James smirked "not exactly."


"The dean caught me in his bed...with his daughter."

"Oh" Annette said as she blushed somewhat.

James turned to her "he had a very beautiful daughter. Just like Dean Hardgrove does."

"It's not going to happen" Sebastian hissed.

He turned and faced Sebastian with a semi amused look on his face. They were interrupted when the bell rang. Annette sighed "I have to go to class. Sebastian can you finish up and make sure he gets his uniform?"

Sebastian hated the idea of being left alone with this asshole "whatever. I'll see you at lunch."

"Ok" she leaned over and kissed his quickly then turned back to James with a half smile. "It was nice meeting you James. Do your self a favor and stay out of trouble."

"I'll try" he told her with a wink. Annette then headed to class and Sebastian noticed James checking out her ass as she walked away.

"Hey asshole do you think its possible to not check out my girlfriend?"

James smiled at him "well she is quite lovely but don't worry I'm not really into the virginal type."

"What makes you think she's virginal?"

A group of girls walked by smiling and giggling as they saw James. He returned the smile then turned back to Sebastian "I saw that article just like I'm sure you did. Don't tell me you were trying to get in her pants only you fell in love with her. Am I right?"

Sebastian was slightly taken aback that he figured that out. He shrugged "not exactly."

"Right" said James as he continued down the hall. "By the looks of you, you were probably hot shit around here until you met her and she cut off your balls."

"Who the fuck are you?"

James smirked as he puffed away on his cigarette "don't worry mate I'm not after your girlfriend. In fact I-"

Sebastian looked down at his watch realizing that James had stopped speaking. "I what?"

"Now that is...incredable. My god who is that?"

He tried to follow his gaze towards the elevators. In a second he knew who he was talking about. Standing twenty feet away was Kathryn who was saying good by to one of the teachers wearing one of her fake smiles. As soon as he was gone her smile dropped and she rolled her eyes. Sebastian looked over at James and saw him glancing at Kathryn in awe. For some reason he was almost as angry as he was when he was checking out Annette. "Don't even go there" Sebastian warned


James turned back to him with a grin "oh I'm most definitely going there."

As Mr. Thomas walked away Kathryn rolled her eyes. She hated having to suck up to there perverted teachers just to raise her grade slightly. She couldn't wait till the end of senior year. As she turned and waited for the elevator doors to open an unfamiliar voice came from behind her "excuse me miss can you help me?" Kathryn turned and was greeted by a guy she had never seen before. He was gorgeous in an annoying sort of way but hardly looked like he belonged in there society. He wasn't in uniform so she wondered what he was doing at Manchester. "I'm new here and I can't seem to find my class."

Kathryn eyes him suspiciously "you go here?"

"Unfortunately" Sebastian said as he came up behind him.

"I'm James Matthew's and you are..."

"You don't want to know" Sebastian grumbled.

Kathryn glared at him and then noticed his name tag and began to laugh. "Love the name tag. Told you Barbie would have you doing this shit in no time."

"Blow me"

James watched this exchanged mildly amused "I take it you to know each other."

Kathryn turned back to James "I'm Kathryn Merteuil."

"My evil step sister."

"Step siblings huh? That would explain all the sexual tension."

Kathryn glared at him in disdain "please." The elevator doors opened and Kathryn headed inside "welcome to Manchester James." She glared at Sebastian "later loser."

The two guys stood there watching the doors close. James smiles "now she's interesting."

Sebastian shook his head "Kathryn would eat you alive before you knew what hit you. If I were you I'd stay away kangaroo boy."

"If I didn't know better I'd think you had a thing for your sister."

He rolled his eyes "tours over. Have a nice life." Sebastian started down the hall then turned around suddenly "oh and stay the hell away from Kathryn."

James looked back at the elevator "we'll see."

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