A/N: It's been long since I posted but that's because I never brought myself to post anymore online. Yet I decided to do so once more. These will be random prompts I've come up with on my head that pertain to Snow x Hope. They will be AU, non-canon, somewhat canon, and just weird. Sometimes they will act a bit out of character, but hey sometimes they need to express their trueselves ;) I don't know how many I will make, but I will take prompts/idea offers to type. Enjoy!


"Hope!" Lightning shouted toward the small teen.

He nodded and turned his paradigm shift into a medic role and spread the purple aura around his fingers toward Snow's poisoned form.

Snow was hunched over clutching his burning chest and gave thanks through his blue eyes as he felt the Esuna seep through his body clearing the pain.

Hope smiled and changed into a ravager role finishing off the Zirnitra.

Lightning flipped her switchblade back into her holder and patted Hope's shoulder.

"Good job Hope. Snow…"

Snow went over to Hope and wrapped an arm around the teenager.

"Thanks kiddo, you deserve full credit for taking the energy to heal all of us and removing those evil status ailments."

Hope gave a happy flush and shook his head.

"It's nothing…just call me an alexipharmic." He smiled almost laughing at Snow's confused look at the foreign word.

Lightning just gave a small smirk and continued on through the field. Only Hope would come up with the hardest vocabulary.

Alexipharmic means acting as an antidote for poison. In this sense Hope was the antidote. It just means I'm a real big sucker for Hope being a Medic. I love him as my medic. :3