A/N: This is a sequel to Pink Christmas Tree.

Prompt #30

Movie Night

"Okay I'm ready for the movie." Hope announced as he walked in holding a lamp. He settled on the couch crossing his legs cradling said lamp.

Snow raised a brow munching cheddar popcorn giving a suspicious gaze at Hope.

"Uh huh. Why do you have lamp?" He asked ready to defend.

Hope looked at him.

"You never know when you need one." He said in a creepy way and Snow left it at that.

He didn't want to get in Hope's way again. Christmas was blast but he kept getting kicked out into the ice cold snow for making 'comments'. Serah didn't even sympathize with him.

He looked around for the remote when he finally noticed it was underneath Hope. He reached out behind the male and lowered his hand to grab it.

Wrong move.

A painful collision of lamp to Snow happened.

Hope narrowed his eyes.

"Strike one pervert. Lamps seem to be your weakness." He informed smirking before grabbing the remote.

Snow glared.

"You did that on purpose. You saw the remote and you sat on it knowing I would try to get it."

The silverette put on an innocent face.

"What me? No never!" He said sticking out his tongue.

Snow grumbled to himself rubbing his head and pressing play on the remote.

The pair hadn't even made it past then thirty minutes once they started their popcorn war.

Hope swung his lamp as Snow threw the whole container. It hit the window causing a loud crash.

Snow chuckled.

"Haha you're gonna get it." He said grinning.

The footsteps were already nearing. Hope narrowed his eyes and once his knew Serah was coming inside the living room he instantly tossed the lamp to Snow, who of course, had natural reflexes and caught the lamp.

He then realized his mistake and sighed.

"I'm dead aren't I?" He said to Serah.

Serah crossed her arms.


Hope continued watching the movie while Snow was stuck cleaning the wrecked living room.

"Sucks to be you." Hope said smiling.

Snow rolled his eyes.

"Just wait Hope; I have those pictures from New Years."

Hope's eyes widen.

"Yeah those. You really should learn how to hold your liquor. I mean I think you dry humped that poor Noel dude or whatever his name is. And then Yuj?" Snow whistled.

"Vanille was cracking up." He finished.

Hope glared deathly at Snow.

"I'll kill you."

"Yet I'm still here, hmmm?"

He got hit with a pillow.

"A pillow? Please that's nothing-umpfh!" Snow got cut off as the lamp was thrown in his face.

Hope built a pillow fort and sighed happily.

"Finally I can enjoy this movie." He was enjoying the weird random movie for a few minutes when…

"PAYBACK BITCH!" Snow yelled and suddenly Hope was covered in dropping vanilla ice cream.

Hope stood up abruptly and ran after Snow. Snow setting his plan in motion allowed Hope to tackle him down.

The other male's hands and face were covered in the sticky vanilla mess.

This time two pairs of footsteps stomped over to the living room. Hope turned around at the females which gave Snow the perfect time to unzip his pants and lower his underwear a bit.

Vanille looked at him confused. Serah was getting mad at the ruckus the two idiots were making.

"What is going on? Can't you guys do anything in peace!" She paused and stared at Hope's face and hands.

"Hope why are-…What are you covered in?" She murmured hesitantly.

Snow looked over Hope's body and gave a breathless face.

"I-I'm sorry Serah I couldn't him, he went out of control! I was abused I tell you! Assaulted!" He gave a hidden smirk.

Hope then realized why Snow dumped vanilla ice cream, melted, vanilla ice cream and didn't even bother to move when he charged for him. His face flushed in utter horror and anger.

"SNOW!" He screamed.

Vanille was covering her mouth in shock. Serah fainted as soon as Snow said it.

Snow zipped up his pants and stood up.

"Hope I'm sorry man but I don't swing that way. Good skills though, I see you've been practicing with someone."

Vanille fainted next.

Hope had his face lowered with a dark aura emitting around him.

Snow then stopped his gloating banter and backed away.

"Uh Hope? It was just a joke!"

Hope stood up.

"Oh…a joke huh? A joke from the joker himself?" He then started laughing evilly and picked up the lamp.

"COME HERE YOU BASTARD!" The two then turned into cat and mouse around the house.

Once Snow got cornered Hope was ready to kill.

Then the lights went out and both looked up. A sudden dramatic flash of lightning and thunder rolled in.

Hope lowered the lamp and everything became quiet. Snow heard something in the distance and his heart started to beat rapidly.

"Hey Hope…I didn't know there was going to be a storm." He said.

Hope snarled at him.

"Shut up asshole."

"Ooh prissy Hope, haven't seen you in a while."

The young male hissed.

"I said shut the fuck up you disgusting piece of shit."

Snow kinda liked dark prissy Hope. It was funny.

"Hope I looovee you."


He stopped as soon as a loud bang sounded.

They two became slightly serious at the moment and waited for another noise.

"What was that-"

Hope covered Snow's mouth. Snow smelled the vanilla ice cream and realized he was just a bit craving the sweetness so he innocently licked the sticky cream.

Hope twitched and pulled his hand away.

"Gross." He muttered.

He walked back into the kitchen nearing the front door making sure it was locked. He didn't want to be robbed.

As he neared the front door another loud bang sounded and he gave a high pitched squeal.


Snow deadpanned at him.

"Haha very funny Hope. Chill out I'm sure it's nothing-! AHH SHIT HOPE THEY ARE COMING!" He screamed soon after once the door started moving in a struggle.

Hope dropped the lamp and Snow instantly shut his eyes.

The door slammed open and the lightning flashed brightly with a cracking thunder.

The duo screamed as they held onto each other.

The lights suddenly came back on and Lightning stood there arms crossed. Her face was not amused.

Hope was still covered in his sticky mess and Snow looked like he peed his pants.

"What are you two doing?" She asked coldly.

Hope was the first to pull away and he gave a slight cough and flipped his bangs to the side.

"Showing a perfect example of what not to do when the lights go out and you hear creepy noises."

Snow snorted.

"Example ha."

Hope punched his cheek and gave a happy smile at Lightning.

"What brings you here Light?"

Lightning raised a brow at the two and cautiously stepped into the home.

"Just coming for a small visit. Where's Serah?" She asked looking around.

Snow chuckled and rubbed his cheek.


Lightning walked into the living room and saw the two females on the floor.

Hope interjected this time.

"Vanille too. It seems they had too much fun and walked into the living room to join us for the movie but then they passed out. Yep." He said nervously and fixed up the living room.

Snow helped Serah and Vanille onto the other couch and replayed the movie.

"Wanna watch a movie with us Sis?"

Lightning scoffed.

"No thanks. I'll come back another time. See ya." She muttered and left the home.

Hope and Snow stood there dazed trying to remember just what went on a few minutes ago.

They looked at each other.

"Wanna go steal Yuj's girly clothes?"

"Yep." Hope replied and the playing movie was long forgotten.

Movie night was obviously not an activity Snow and Hope can do.