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Chapter 1: Welcome to Halkeginia

It was a nice morning in Halkeginia. In a country with little to no technology and mostly magic, there were almost no pollution at all. The skies look as beautiful as ever. Well, that is until, Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere caused an explosion big enough to send black smokes into the sky. Louise, the girl with pink hair, was frustrated. She had been trying "Summon Servant" a few times already but they all ended in failure.

"Louise, would you hurry up and summon a servant? My legs are aching." grumbled a boy.

"I just made a small mistake." claims Louise. The other students have already laughed enough at the past few attempts. It was getting frustrating.

"Small mistake? Sure. Just do it right this time. My legs are going to break"

Louise tries to cast "Summon Servant" again.

I hope this works. "To my familiar who resides somewhere in this universe, answer to my guidance."

Another explosion occurred.

In Tokyo, Japan, a boy, was humming "A Certain Tune". He was in a good mood. He had been working part-time to earn enough money to fix his laptop and its finally fixed. Now he can go back on the internet. He was also happy that his mother told him that they were having hamburger steak for dinner. He also found some money on the floor. What a lucky day. As he continues down the road to his home, a green mirror-like portal appeared before him. Naturally it surprised him however the other people around the city didn't seem to notice. Curious, he poked the strange green thing. After various other "experiments" on it, he decided to walk through it. When he did walk through it, he saw "darkness" with a "light" at the end, he looked back only to find there is no way back.

"I'm screwed"

The boy, Hiraga Saito, continues his journey into the unknown.

Somewhere at another part of the universe a brown haired girl was bleeding on the ground. So cold. She thought. She could see her red haired friend crying and nothing else. She couldn't see the surroundings or the sky.

"Na… Hang…" the brunette heard her friend say. She realized she is about to die and muster the last of her strength to apologize to her friends.

"Sorry… Vita-chan." The brunette closes her eyes.

"Wait. Don't die Nanoha." Vita cries in desperation trying to keep her friend awake and hopefully alive.

"What are you medics doing ? Hurry up she's gonna die."

Suddenly, Vita got knocked away by a green light which appeared above Nanoha. She watched in horror as the green light slowly moves downwards swallowing her friend up. Vita rushed towards her friend only to have the green light and her friend disappearing. With nothing else she could do, she just shouted the name of her friend to the sky.

Back at Halkeginia, the black smokes of the explosion starts to disappear as Louise and the other students look at what Louise had summoned.

"Where am I?" asks Hiraga Saito as he emerged from the smoke.

"As expected of Louise the Zero. She summoned a commoner after failing at least 10 times." Laughs one of the students.

"I just made another small mistake. Also I only failed 5 times." Louise tries to defend herself.

"Oh so you count the number of mistakes you made? So tell me how many times do you have to accidentally blow us up with your failures now?" asks a female student with blond hair with an insulting tone.

"Teacher. Montmorency the Flood has just insulted me. " Louise complains to her teacher Professor Colbert.

"Miss Montmorency, as a noble you shouldn't insult people like that. As for you Louise, would you hurry it up and form a contract with your familiar?"

"Ugh. Can't I try again? I have never heard of summoning commoners before."

"You cannot Miss Valliere. The Springtime Familiar summoning is a holy ritual. Like it or not you have to take him."

"Wait what do you mean familiar? Where is this place? Who are you people?" asks Saito after he attempted to figure out what they were talking about the entire time only to fail miserably. As he asked those question, he moved back a little bit only to hit something. He turns around to see what was behind him as Louise introduces herself.

"I am Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere. This is Tristain and we are in the renowned Tristain Academy of Magic. I have summoned a familiar and you are the result. So I have no choice but to accept you as…" Louise stopped halfway as she could see that the boy was looking at the back and seem to be ignoring her.

"You commoner. Did you listen to a single word I said ? How dare you ask a noble a question and then…."

"Shut up and call a doctor or something. There is a dying girl here." Saito interrupted Louise.

"Did you tell me to shut…. Wait did you say dying girl?" Louise was angry but then she noticed a girl she didn't earlier. A brunette that was unconscious and bleeding on the ground. Her anger disappeared. She was prideful but she was also kind. The other students and Professor Colbert also noticed the girl at the corner. They didn't earlier because Saito was blocking the way and they were mostly glaring at Louise.

"Quickly, bring her into the infirmary. I will call for some water mages and due to circumstances, classes today are cancelled." Professor Colbert ordered. Saito quickly picked up the girl bridal style and asked. "Would someone show me the way?"

"Follow me." Louise told Saito and they both start running.

Professor Colbert ran around the school looking for water mages. Naturally the infirmary should have one since the element of water has a healing effect. However the girls injury seemed quite serious and a few water mages might be needed. As he search for the water mages he asked himself how Louise summoned two familiars and they were human.

At the infirmary, the injured girl lay on the bed as the water mage heals her. It took two experienced water mages to heal most of the injuries that can be healed. They also said that the injured girl for some reason is extremely fatigued to the extent of having "injuries" that cannot be healed. She would need a lot of rest. Saito and Louise sighed in relief.

"So who is that girl? Is it your sister?" Louise asks Saito.

"No, wasn't she one of you?"

"Impossible, didn't you see her clothes? She doesn't look like a noble and she certainly isn't wearing our uniform"

"Oh right. By the way what do you mean by nobles?"

"This is the renowned Tristain Academy of Magic. An academy of magic for nobles."

"So you are noble?"

"Yes I am. I am Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere. I haven't heard your name."

"My name is Hiraga Saito. I come from Tokyo, Japan.

"Hiragasaito? What a weird name and where is Japan?"

"Never mind, just call me Saito. Japan is a country in the east on another planet called Earth"

"Another planet? That's impossible."

"It is. My world doesn't have magic. You don't have to believe me."

"No magic? What kind of backwoods is that ? How would you cook, or even make that clothes you are wearing right now?"

"Nowadays some people just use their hands. Others use Science."

"Science? What element is that?"

"Science… isn't magic. If you want proof, here is my laptop."

After explaining how Earth works, Professor Colbert paid a visit to Louise. He had been finding out what someone had to do if they summoned two familiars. They just had to form a contract with both of them.

"Eh, do I really have to?" Louise grumbles.

"Unfortunately yes, you are not off the hook yet Miss Valliere. The girl is still injured so that will have to wait but for now, that boy will do… Saito was it?" Professor Colbert did overhear Louise calling him Saito.

"Hiraga Saito. Anyway what is this familiar you have been talking about?" Saito asked back. Louise replied instead.

"A familiar is what a mage summons to help in various things like collecting reagents and protecting the master. However I don't think you would be able to considering you don't know what they are."

"Nope, but what does that have to do with me."

"Simple." Louise leans towards Saito and holds him. "I summoned two familiars, one was that injured girl." Saito could guess what came next. "The other one is you." Louise finishes her sentence and then kissed Saito at the lips. I knew it. I'm the familiar. Although I didn't expect the kiss.

"Be grateful, this is the first time a noble had to do that to a commoner… and that was my f-f-f-first kiss." Louise is now blushing. Saito thought she looked cute and then his hand started to burn. Runes appeared on the back of his left hand. Professor Colbert then explained.

"Those are the runes of a familiar. They are like a stamp that says whose familiar you are but I must say, those runes look… unique."

After Professor Colbert left, Louise and Saito went to the dining hall for dinner. They had skipped lunch because of the injured girl. When they reached the dining hall, Saito was amazed. The dining hall was magnificently decorated and the food served looked really delicious. Louise who noticed Saito's amazement raised her head and explained.

"Almost all mages are nobles. Thus, our dining halls must also be fitting of our status. Normally, a commoner like you wouldn't be able to set foot in this dining hall. You are only here because I especially requested it."

Saito was quite happy. He has never had dinner this magnificent before. As he tried to sit on the table, Louise stopped him and pointed to the floor. "The tables are only for nobles." Saito stared at the floor, and what seemed to be a bowl on the floor. Inside the bowl contained a loaf of bread.

"….and that is?"

"Your dinner of course."

Saito broke down and cried. After a while the students had a prayer to give thanks for the food.

"Oh, Great Founder Brimir, and our lady, the Queen, thank you for the humble meal that you have graciously provided tonight." the prayer sounded harmoniously with full of sincerity.

Saito decided to give a prayer of his own as well. "Oh thank you God and my dear mother for telling me I was supposed to eat hamburger steak tonight. Itadakimasu."

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