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Chapter Final : The End is a Beginning

Tristain, one of the most prosperous country in Halkeginia, is as lively as always. The people in the city were as busy as always. The adults in the city took care of their stores while their children played tag, the royal army were training so as to not get rusty. The princess was busy with economy and political business. If all goes well, she wants to help rebuild the country of the man she loves. The students of the Tristain Academy of Magic was busy as well. Busy surviving the wrath of their teacher. Nobody noticed a blonde girl walk into the academy.

"Come on, teacher. Let me try the summoning one more time." A student asked. He had gotten himself a kitten. He… didn't quite like it especially when his friends end up with griffins and dragons. The teacher that watched their summoning this time was none other than the headmaster, Professor Osmond, himself.

"You can't. The Springtime Familiar Summoning is a holy ritual. Now quickly form a contract before…"

"Before what?"

"Well you can choose. To get expelled or to be thrown into that chaos over there." Professor Osmond pointed to a group of first years, all on the ground. The student saw and remembered his first year.

"Ah, that girl. If I had to choose I would rather get expelled. I guess I have no choice. Come here kitten."


And the contract was formed.

"You have got to be kidding me." A student howled in rage. He was scolding a brunette,

"I won't stand for this. This ridiculous torture you call training. I will inform my parents about this." another student shouted.

"You may go ahead and try. There is nothing any of them can do to me." the brunette replied. "Besides, all I asked you to do was run around the school until you can't run anymore. Since you all lacked the motivation… I had to use other methods."

"Shut up, in the end you are just a familiar. Your master is even that Zero who can't do a single spell at all."

"Can't use any spells? That girl there is just not using any spells to prevent additional… damage to the school building." The brunette continued as she looked at one of the walls of the academy. The Dining Hall of Alviss can be seen past that broken wall. They never fixed it. The 'Void' was still hidden from most of the society. Like the 'Void' spells, the brunette's achievement was also nothing more than a rumour.

"Instructor Nanoha, you should stop arguing with that student." A red haired girl appeared. "They haven't discovered your true form of 'torture' yet."

"Kirche… don't say it like I'm a sadist." The brunette known as Nanoha replied.

"Nanoha…" a feminine voice was heard from behind Nanoha. Kirche noticed that the girl was blonde. Nanoha knew that voice. She was about to turn around but it wasn't even a few seconds since the girl first called her name when another robotic voice was heard.

"Sonic Move"

"Nanoha!" the blonde screamed as she tackled (and hugged) Nanoha in lightning speed. They both crashed into a wall. Spirals replaced Nanoha's eyes.

"Long… Long time no see. Fate."

"I was so worried. We were all so worried. We thought you were dead."

"I am still alive. My friends here saved me from death. It has been a year hasn't it Fate?"

Both of them were suddenly quiet while Kirche and the other students were staring at them. Whoever the blonde girl was, she is definitely not normal if she knew Nanoha. Nanoha, the athletic mage with strange spells, and the person that took on an army of 100,000 alone.

"Um… so…" Nanoha began. "I guess I am under arrest?" Kirche was surprised now. Why would her friend be under arrest, by another friend?

"Yeah. I am sorry. We are not supposed to interfere with… 'other people' until we officially come in contact with them, especially in things like war. I hope you have a good excuse."

Nanoha shook her head. Fate sighed. "Sorry. I will be taking her with me now." Fate told the class and began to drag Nanoha away.

"Wait you. How can you just come in and take our friend away like that?" Kirche asked. "I demand an explanation."

"Wait a moment Fate. I should at least explain things to my friends." Nanoha added. Fate nodded.

"Sorry training is over for today." Nanoha told them and the class cheered.

Nanoha, Fate and two others are in the room. Kirche and the rest must stay outside as most of the things they talk about may be confidential. She can question the other two friends in the room later. That two people were Louise and Saito.

"Louise, Saito, this is Fate. One of my friends from where I work. Fate, this is Louise and this is Saito." Nanoha introduced them.

"So I heard from Kirche, that you came and take away, and arrest my familiar." Louise said coldly. "Explain yourself."

"Your familiar? I only came and take my friend… wait Nanoha is your familiar?"

"Yes she is." Louise answered and Fate sighed. "I guess I can't arrest her then. What a relief."


"People like us, we are not supposed to interfere with the war. But if she is your familiar then it should be fine." Fate explained. She then added. "That also means she can't go back home." Fate sighed again.

"Why not? If she wants to she can go home." Louise asked. "I won't let my precious friends be bounded to me by some stupid contract."

"That said, it is still not right to take your familiar from you." Fate sighed. She then got an idea. "Hey, what if I took you all with me? Would you be interested in working for the TSAB?"

"Wait Fate. We haven't observed the place yet. Also there is a dimensional problem or something here." Nanoha tried to stop her.

"Dimensional problem? It's everywhere now. All forms of telecommunications have malfunctioned and the city is in chaos. Even e-mails have technical problems now although it still works occasionally The only people that prospered from this chaos are the postmen. A new system is being studied and would be invented in time but right now there are almost no means of long distance communication, especially across worlds."

"That… sounds like a problem."

"So when will Louise graduate?"

"In a year." Louise replied.

"Then I will come back in a year. I hope you can decide to work with us, the TSAB, by then. As for you Nanoha, since you are here, try and help out with the investigation and observation."

"I am already working on it. This is my observation on this world's magic." Nanoha gave Fate some notes.

"So what is working at the TSAB like?" Louise asked.

"Well, that depends on what department you work in. They have various things like law enforcement, which includes the army and police forces, then you also have observation and investigation, like what my group is doing now, which is investigating the types of magic in this world. If the observation goes well, the TSAB will make themselves known and assimilate with the government. They will exchange knowledge on magic and technology. Both sides will usually prosper so there is nothing to worry about."

"For someone like you Louise, who use the 'Void'. You will probably end up in law enforcement. Your job will be to arrest criminals which range from thieves to mad scientists. It is not such a bad deal too. Eventually we can find Saito's world and you get to see the world you always wanted to see."

"Hmm, Saito is from another world as well?" Fate asked.

"Yup. He said he is from 'Earth'. Right now he is also Louise's husband." Nanoha chuckled. Saito and Louise blushed.


"Travelling back to this world might have slight problems though. It usually take months to travel from one world to the other. On the bright side, you can still come back and have interesting stories to talk about with your friends." Nanoha added.

"I will think about it." Louise told Fate.

"I will be grateful if you do. Nanoha is an important member that the TSAB cannot afford to lose. I am willing to bet that they will give you a bit more leeway then the other trainees, provided that you join, just to get Nanoha back."

"Thank you but that is not necessary."

"I will be going now. Goodbye Nanoha. It is good to see you again."

"Goodbye Fate. See you again next year. I will help with the observation here as well."

Fate left the academy. It was short but it was the happiest day of her life. Louise started asking Nanoha for extra information on the Bureau. They also gave details to Kirche and the others. Most of them were not interested but Louise was more than interested. It would seem that the following year would be another adventurous year for Louise. Saito was glad that he has to chance to return home an show Louise his world at that time as well.

As for Nanoha… she went back to the Vestri Courtyard. Screams of despair was soon heard from the second years in that direction.

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