Point of View: Rachel Lurie
Summary: Rachel thinks about Calvin and Andre's friendship.

A/N: Zero Day fanfiction. Doubt anyone will read these but ah well... these were previously on one of my other accounts but I decided to put them here instead. No need to feel ashamed for liking this fandom (what fandom? There really isn't one XD)

She didn't understand Calvin. He was such a sweet boy; he was her friend, but he was also his friend and Rachel just didn't see what good Cal saw in Andre Kriegman.

Andre was the creepiest person she had ever met. She didn't talk to him much; she didn't want to talk to him much, but he still came across as controlling and a little bit violent. Yet, Cal had nothing but good things to say about Andre and with the way he blushed whenever she teased him, she was beginning to think there might be a little something between them after all.

That thought hurt, but mostly it worried her. If it turned out Cal was gay or bisexual or whatever, Rachel could get over her crush on him, but there was no way she was accepting any relationship with Andre.

Rachel tended not to hang out with Cal when Andre was around, but the few times she had, the teen was cursing all over the place and being downright rude about people. Cal always just smiled as if oblivious to his friend's words, but she knew Cal didn't agree with them if he wasn't oblivious. After all, how could he?

Granted, a lot of the things Andre said when she was around wasn't all that harsh, but they still were, a bit, and anyway, she could tell he was holding back just until she left. She always left quickly, telling Cal that she would call him later and he would smile at her and nod and that would be that. He would go back to being Andre's lapdog.

At least, that's what she saw when she looked at the two of them.

She wished she wasn't the only one that saw it, that felt it. It seemed Andre was a gentleman whenever adults were around. He and Cal had a small group of friends (not including her), but she felt it mostly consisted of Cal's friends. She knew Andre had good grades and she had heard he wished to join the army, or the marines, something of the sort. It was Cal that struggled a bit in school. He was a little bit scatterbrained at times, but she found it to be a cute trait.

Prom had been fun. She didn't understand why the last bit of the night had to be ruined with Cal leaving to go be with Andre, but Rachel hadn't expected anything less, and she could already feel herself getting over it. Someday, when Andre and Cal's friendship fell to pieces (and she hoped it would) she would be there to comfort Cal because she actually deserved his friendship unlike the creepy guy that Andre was.

Rachel shook her head as she finished getting ready for bed. Picking up her brush, she looked into her bedroom mirror, her brows furrowing. What was this bad feeling in the pit of her stomach? Why was it there? She pushed it away and quickly brushed her hair, climbing into bed.

She needed to stop obsessing over this. She knew she couldn't tell who Cal could and couldn't be friends with, and she wasn't trying to. Rachel did try to keep her mouth shut and she knew she did a fairly good job of it, but sometimes—like when they had gone to the cemetery—she just can't help herself.

They were only in school for a little bit longer and then it would be summer. Either she would have more time to spend Cal or she would see less of him. Yet, either way, they would all be going off to university in the fall, even Cal. Perhaps Cal and Andre would begin to drift apart.

She could hope, and she would continue to hope. At least, the thought eased her mind a bit.

Although deep inside, she knew it wouldn't come to pass.