A/N: And here we go... the beginning of Zero Day. (and on a slightly unrelated but also related note, I just finished reading "No Easy Answers: The Truth Behind Death at Columbine" by Brooks Brown who had been a friend of Dylan and Eric and whom Eric had threatened to kill in 1998 before telling Brooks to leave the day of the shooting because he "liked him now". It was a brilliant book, I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn more about Columbine)

April 22nd, 2000
9:07 PM

"For once, I actually have a lot to say." Calvin began almost as soon as he turned on the camera, looking as if he was trying to hold back a smile. "There are so many things to say but… I'm not sure where I should begin. I guess I should begin on… I think it was April 7th—it's the 22nd now—and Andre and I had been having a conversation.

"It was all hypothetical, we were talking crap about Tielson—our school—and how it's the perfect fucking setting for one of those school shootings. It's in a nice little town and full with morons who think they run the place and we said we wouldn't be surprised if some kid grabbed his dad's gun and went and shot everybody." Calvin gave a small laugh.

"But then we got to talking and we just started talking about how we would be smarter than that kid and how it takes time to perfect something like that and actually be able to carry it through, you know. Well I haven't been able to stop thinking about it despite the fact it was just a joke we were talking about and I ended up grabbing a map of the school that they have in the library and I just… drew things down on it.

"I guess in my mind it's become non-hypothetical. I want… I want to do it and this part of me gets excited at the thought but another part of me is still nervous because… I know I can't do it, not without Andre. I can't… I just couldn't, but I wasn't exactly sure if Andre would actually be up for doing it. And then… something amazing happened today.

"So we were just talking and hanging out in the basement of his house and he brought up that hypothetical conversation that's turning into a non-hypothetical thought for me and he started talking about all these ideas that were just popping into his mind such as making pipe bombs and recording the process of doing all this and we started hatching a plan right there in the basement of his house while his parents were upstairs doing whatever it was that they were doing.

"It's not hypothetical anymore, I can feel it. Both of us have decided that this is what we're going to do. We're going to do this and get back at those mother fuckers by putting bullets in their fucking skulls and… I've never felt more alive than I do right now. It feels so good to finally standing up to these assholes and they don't even know it. That's the best part. They don't even know that these two 'kids' they push around are going to get as even with them as anybody could.

"I want to do this at every school, in every town we possibly can. Wouldn't that be amazing? We would like… we would be fucking heroes; getting revenge for the underdog, for ourselves and everyone like us and it would be so brilliant. I don't… I don't know why we haven't seriously thought about this before but… no harm done, because we're doing it."

Calvin stared into the camera's lens. "We're going to fucking do it and nobody will know until that day… they'll see kids running out of the school in fear of us and they'll hear the list of the dead, the injured and then us… our names will be plastered all over the TV, the internet, newspapers and its going to be fucking glorious. I can't wait… Andre and I will be gods."