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Chapter 11: Epilogue: All I Want for Christmas is You

Two Years Later: The Christmas Games

"Jareth! Get your glittery behind over here and help me make these cookies! And no, these ones are not for the goblins."

"Yes, yes, coming my queen. I really don't understand why you are the making all these. Don't you have cousins who can do this?"

"Yes, but I would rather do it myself. It gives me an excuse to get off my feet, something I don't do much anymore thanks to you."

"Well, at least I am concerned about the fact that you are due for our first children, twins no less, in less than two weeks. Are you not a little worried?"

"Of course I am. But you do such a good job of taking care of me that I don't do it as much. This way I can comfort you when you worry about me."

"I am very worried about you. I want an heir, but I want you more."

"I know. Don't worry."

Two years later, Sarah and Jareth were finally going to bring life into the world. After a long but necessary engagement to prepare Sarah's family for her going away and so that they could get to know Jareth more, the two were married at midnight of the new year. It was a beautiful event, with not a dry eye in the room, as everyone could see how happy the two were together. While Sarah stole the day with a very old, ornate gown Jareth had as an heirloom, Jareth certainly bedazzled all in the room with the amount glitter and sparkles on his attire, earning him the title of "Glitter Man" by all males in Sarah's family.

The Christmas Games had taken a slight hiatus in order to turn it into the Wedding Games, making who could make the house more beautiful and ready for the big event the lucky person who sat at the front. It had been a themed wedding, where Jareth and Sarah dressed like king and queen, with crowns and everything, while all in the bridal party were members of their court. Now, however, it was back to the usual games, though Toby tried, with much encouragement from Jareth, to make the crystal juggling a part of the games somehow. Sarah just stood by and laughed at both of them and how well they worked together.

After going Underground for most of the year to rule, making the occasional visit at home to show that they still lived nearby, Sarah was glad to come home now, partly because it was Christmas, and partly because she knew that she would have the children here with her family around her as she wanted. Jareth was only too happy to please the hormonal Sarah in her every want, including making absurd numbers of Christmas cookies to satisfy her cravings, and then giving the leftovers to the goblins, not something he liked doing, but it was necessary. Or else Sarah would find out.

Meanwhile, at the house, the games were in full swing, though Sarah stayed out of almost everything since she was so big and close to being due. Jareth tried to make up for her, but it was a sad attempt since he just wanted to spend every moment with her and watch over her. He had been with her every step of the way, through the morning sickness, the weird cravings, the hormones and mood swings, and the special moments, such as discovering she had twins, feeling their first kick, and singing to them together to make them smarter. The family was overjoyed at seeing Sarah again, especially after she announced she was pregnant. Karen was constantly calling and checking up on her, while Toby visited the castle to them both and tell the family how they were in their very large house "nearby".

It wasn't until Christmas Eve, though, that the real drama began. Early on, all were preparing, until Sarah made a strange grunting noise, and Jareth decided that it was time to take her to the hospital. All piled into cars, and the next ten hours were some of the most stressful ever known, especially for Jareth. He was not allowed inside until she was ready to deliver, and he was turning into a dark glittery blur as he paced the floor in his armor and shiny cloak that he wore to please Sarah.

But finally, he was allowed inside, and he was with her when she needed it most. He held her hand, and as soon as she gave birth, he brought the little babes over to her so that she could see the little girl that looked like her father and the boy that was the spitting image of his father. The only sign they were hers was that they both had their mother's eyes, just as Jareth had hoped. It wasn't until later that they found out that the twins were born on Christmas morning, which made Sarah quite happy. And the family was glad to see the pictures that Jareth showed them until they could go in and see them personally. The family went home for Christmas, allowing the happy couple some time together until the evening when they would descend en masse and check on her and the children.

"Well Jareth. Are you happy?"

"Very much so , my dear. But the bigger question is, how do you feel? Are you happy? Do you feel and comfortable? Can I do anything for you?"

"Just put your arm around me and kiss me. I got two very special gifts today for Christmas, and I will always treasure them. But, they would not be possible were it not for you. For all the patience and love you have given me until now. You were my first gift, and when I came into the hospital, I was worried about everything imaginable. But the whole time, I kept thinking how happy you would be when you saw me again. Though I was in so much pain, you gave me the strength to continue. There was only one thing I wanted for Christmas this year, and that was you. And now I have you. Thank you."

The End

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