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As April turned into May I had been spending more time with James. Sure he wasn't my Prince Charming, but Edward wasn't at the moment either.

James and I would only hang out a little bit, but he was always very considerate and kind during all of our encounters. I knew I wasn't being completely fair to James because I wasn't over Edward, but I really wanted to move on.

James had officially asked me to be his girlfriend, and after some hesitance I agreed. He made me laugh and forget about everything. I didn't have to be completely in love to start a high school relationship, so I latched onto the hope that my feelings would eventually grow.

As Alice and Jasper began spending more and more time together, and with me dating James, I was beginning to spend much more time with the Forks baseball team than I ever imagined.

When Edward first found out about James he was livid. He never talked to me about it though; he just gave me the silent treatment. He didn't really have any right to complain anyway.

When it came time for Edward's graduation party, I was a bit nervous. I hadn't seen much of Esme lately, and I didn't know how she would react to my new relationship. I may be pretending that I don't care what Edward thinks, but I would never dream of pretending not to care what my second mother thinks.

The party was crowded with mainly teenagers and a few adults that were close with the family. I stayed by James most of the night. He had always been a bit territorial around Edward, and he was beginning to let his guard down now that Edward would be leaving for college. He would be going to U Dub, and I knew I wouldn't be seeing him for a while. I would probably end up going to college there too because let's face it; where else do you go to college in Washington?

I had snuck away for a bathroom break when I heard fighting. I tried not to eavesdrop, but when I heard Edward's voice I just had to listen.

"I don't want to do this anymore."


Tanya sounded very shocked. I didn't know that they had been having problems…

"It's just too much to go to different colleges."

I believe Tanya was heading to UCLA to become a "big star". I wonder how she even got into that school; she didn't strike me as the brightest crayon in the box.

"That's not what this is about and you know it."

"What are you talking about?"

"If you're going to break up with me the least you could do is tell me the truth."

"What truth Tanya?"

"That you're pining after somebody else."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You don't think that I see the way you look at her."

Who the hell are they talking about? Edward needs to seriously get his shit straight. I almost started crying. Not only was I not enough for him to choose over Tanya, but there was someone else too! I guess I would never be enough.

As I turned to walk away I heard something that I never thought I would hear.

"This isn't about Bella."


"It's funny how I didn't mention her name, and you already knew who I was talking about."

"Tanya we haven't been working for a while."

"And it's because of her!"

"No it isn't."

I was permanently glued to my spot now. If there was an earthquake, I would have no idea.

"I realize that we haven't been working and I have tried so hard to fix us, but if I'm going to lose you, I at least want you to be honest. Tell me your feelings for her."

"I can't!"


"Because it doesn't matter!"

"Yes it does. You love her and you're pretending to love me, and I want to know why!"

Again; what?

"Fine, I love her."

"Well at least you admitted it. But that still doesn't answer my question."

"She'll never have me."
"Why do you say that?"

"Because I fucked up."

"You seem to do that a lot."

"I love her so much, and I didn't follow my instincts. I ran away because I was scared of how strong my feelings were. I didn't want to be tied down at such a young age because I knew that if we ever started dating that that would be it. I would be done with any other women so I ran. I ran to you, and I still couldn't stop my feelings for her, and I'm sorry I didn't love you as much as I should have."

I couldn't hear anymore. I drifted away, and found my way outside. There was a swing set in the back yard that had never been moved from our childhood days. The swings were always my favorite. I loved the way the wind would whip past me the higher I went.

Today I went to sit and sway. I twirled in the swing while I thought about everything I just heard.

Edward Cullen loved me. But maybe he was right; we would definitely be very serious very quickly if we ever dated. And maybe it didn't matter. I had James now. If Edward didn't break up with his girlfriend, then I obviously couldn't be expected to do the same. I wished I could say that those words didn't affect me, but they really did.

I didn't talk to Edward that night. I didn't talk to him for a while actually. Halfway through the summer I broke up with James because he was being too clingy. I never went very far with him either. Maybe I am a prude. Or maybe I'm just a prude for everybody besides Edward.

That whole school year we only texted on holidays when we wished each other well. I didn't date anyone, and I don't know if he did either. I thought about him a lot though. I assume word got back to him eventually about me and James, and I wondered how he felt about that.

When I got my acceptance to U Dub I made sure to tell him and he seemed really excited.

My last summer as a child flew by quickly and then I was moving into my dorms. I never expected for our relationship to pick up so fast, but the day after I moved in, Edward and I were spending everyday together.

After a week, classes were about to start, and there was going to be a huge party to start the new year. I had yet to meet any of his friends, and I was a bit apprehensive because I knew I would be doing so tonight.

I was surprised by how friendly they were. Alec, Thomas and Brett were all really loud and obnoxious, but they were really great. It wasn't until their other friend Tony came around that things got a little awkward.

"So you're Bella?"

"The one and only."

"It's nice to finally meet you; Edward hasn't shut up about you for the past year."

I don't think I could have blushed anymore. Edward glared at Tony.

I never told Edward that I heard about his break up with Tanya, or that I was there when it actually happened. It had been awhile, and I knew he could have changed his mind. Hell he had probably banged half the girls at this party.

"He hasn't even gotten any of the fine ass tail around here cus' he has been waitin for you all this time."

Or maybe not. I was a bit surprised by this statement. Of course this was just hearsay; Edward could have made his rounds quietly. I raised my eyebrow and looked in his direction, and I saw the miracle of a bashful Edward.

This still didn't mean anything. I wouldn't go rushing back to Edward. Our relationship had remained platonic since I had been here, and maybe it should stay that way.

When classes started I became very busy, and couldn't concentrate on Edward anyway. I also was working at a bar as a waitress, so I had very little time for anything. It wasn't until one day in mid October when I was walking home from work that Edward surprised me.

He had called my name from behind me, and when I turned he jogged the rest of the way and spat out quickly, "Will you go on a date with me?"


"Will you go on a date with me," he punctuated each word slowly.

"One more time," I was smirking now.

"You know what I said Bella."

"I just need clarification."

"Please Bella? I want to be with you so bad, and I know we will have to do this slowly so I can earn your trust, so will you please go out to dinner with me tomorrow night."

"I suppose I can fit you in."

He smiled his crooked smile for me, and it was so big you would have thought that I had just told him that he won the lottery.

"I'll pick you up at seven."

Maybe I should have made him try a little harder, or beg a little more, but this was Edward.

He was in no way completely off the hook, and I definitely made him work, but I didn't also want to suffer from being apart. Being with Edward was so easy. He already knew so many of my weird little quirks that I would normally have to worry about with somebody else. He found them endearing, and he constantly worshipped me. In the literal and figurative sense.

He did everything for me sexually, insisting that if I was happy than he didn't matter. However with two months of only his finger and mouth on me I was becoming restless. He had only let me give him a hand job, but I wanted to touch him too.

One day we went to the movies, and it was an empty theatre. I couldn't control myself. Even though he protested, as soon as I started giving him a blow job he couldn't resist.

That day he took me back to my dorm room and we had the most needy and ferocious sex I could imagine. I hadn't had sex since the first time with him so I was a bit sore. As we lay tangled together after he whispered that he loved me and I whispered it back to him.


A few years later he proposed. He had the proposal on the big screen at a Redskins game. We were constantly feuding about football, but they were just fake fights that would get us riled up enough for hot rough sex.


We got married at sunset on the beach during the summer. There was only close family and friends there but it was perfect.

We ended up getting pregnant on our honeymoon, and nine months later our beautiful baby Elizabeth Marie Cullen was born.


Ten years later and I was a thirty five year old with two girls and a boy. Elizabeth was the oldest and was constantly in need of attention. She looked just like me, but had her father's dazzling eyes.

Anthony Charles Cullen was my quiet and thoughtful seven year old son, and he was the spitting image of Edward, with crazy hair and my eyes.

And finally was little Emma who was the perfect combination of both of us. She was six and was doing a family tree project for school. This led to her asking a lot of questions about the family. Even after the project was over she wanted to know every little detail about Edward and me.

"When did you and daddy meet?"

"We always knew each other."



"So you have been together forever?"

"No, we weren't together until we were older."


"Because we weren't always mature."


"Sweetie, you should really be getting to bed."

"Will you tell me more tomorrow?"


"Okay, night mommy."

"Goodnight my little angel."

When I walked into the living room Elizabeth was still watching TV.

"Baby, it's a school night; you need to get to bed."

"But daddy said I could finish watching this show."

"I don't care what daddy said, it is past your bed time."

"But mom!"

"Don't but mom me."

Just then Edward rounded the corner. His buttoned shirt was wrinkled and the sleeves were pushed up showing his forearms. His hair was sticking up and his hands were dripping a little bit from washing the dishes.

"Daddy!" she whined.

"This is all your fault."

Even though I was a bit flustered from seeing him look so delicious I was still angry and had years of avoiding his charm to make sure I got my point across.


"We have a bed time for a reason. I don't know why you would try to change it."

"She wanted to finish her show."

"So? You're the adult; send her to bed."

"Baby," he tried to reason.

"Lizzy, go to bed now!"

She sulked off to bed and I turned on Edward.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"You also manage to make me the bad guy! We have rules for a reason."

"Did something happen at work?"

I just rolled my eyes and walked toward our room, turning off the lights on my way. He was so oblivious sometimes.

"I don't know why you're being this way."

"Yes, because it is my fault for following the rules that we set."


"No Edward; I'm sick of you doing this. We have to be a team. They can't think that they can just go to you to get out of doing something."

"Are you sure something didn't happen at work?"

I was so angry. I couldn't believe that he couldn't see why I was mad. I had to throw something, and the closest thing was a pillow. I threw it with all my might for it to fall short just a few inches from his feet. He chuckled and picked it up, "Did you just throw a pillow at me?"

This infuriated me more so I picked up another pillow, walked over to him and hit him upside the head with it while I hissed, "Yes!"

I hit him a few more times, and suddenly the smirk fell off his face, and suddenly the familiar smoldering of his eyes took over. He grabbed my wrists in one hand, making me drop the pillow, and pulled my head to his with the other.

He was not going to distract me this way! I bit his lip hard to try and get him to stop, but it only spurred him on. He moaned into my mouth and then I knew I was a gonner. I grabbed his hair tightly in my hands when he let them free. I felt his hands travel down my body and when they both found my ass I jumped into his arms so he could carry me to bed. He dropped me down roughly and ripped my shirt down the middle.

"Edward! I'm sick of buying new clothes because of you."

Just to demonstrate his control of me, he pulled my legs apart roughly and pulled off my pants quickly before smirking as he ripped my panties from my body.

He touched my center and brought his glistening fingers up to show me. "Really? You don't seem like it."

I moaned. I hated his cockiness, but I loved it at the same time.

"I'm gonna fuck the bitchiness right out of you."

"I'm not being a bitch you dick."

"Mmh, I love it when you talk dirty baby."

I don't know how, but he was suddenly naked and pounding into me.



He met each one of my pleas, and soon we went over the edge together.

As we were laying and were both about to fall asleep I told him about Emma's questions.

"I wish we had better things to tell her other than how much of an asshole I was."

"It doesn't matter what you were. All that matters is what you are now."

"Which is what? A pushover husband and father."

I couldn't help but giggle. "Yes."

A few weeks later I noticed that I didn't get my monthly visitor. Then it all started adding up. My mood swings, the tenderness of my breast, my sudden increase in sexual appetite. I didn't have morning sickness, but I only did for Lizzy.

I got a test from the drug store on the way home from work. After I took it I paced until I saw the results. When Edward walked in he took one look at me and I couldn't keep it in.

"I'm pregnant."

He smiled his smile, and I knew our growing family would always be happy.

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