After taking a longer than expected break from my Ed Edd n Eddy stories, I began to get drawn into the world of Minecraft once again via friends and Yogscast. So I decided I wanted to write a story involving the sandbox gaming phenomenon, but I had no idea what to write about. I typed the outline of the story and major characters and began to think to myself what would occur in this story. I plan to add a lot of content to it and it may take over my EEnE stories as my primary objective to complete. First, I must see how well this story actually turns out to be to the audience.

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The sprawling Sand Sea Desert was practically the front yard to the Redstone Rebellion. At least, that's what most people refer to it as. A few others actually use it as an important trade route from the Imperial City to the few mining villages that lay in the east. Those few are known as the Pack of Wanderers.

In the land of Anascentia, mining is everything. Mining is essential to a strong economy, relationship, and overall living. The Imperial Empire, the dominating royal family of Anascentia, hire many young or out of work residents to mine for the city so that women and children don't have to do it themselves. Of course, if they're lucky, they'll get a job as an architect or shop keeper. The Pack of Wanderers, however, travel the land freely, mining their hearts out and studying the mysterious past of the server called Anascentia. Led by Garfunkel, an aging archaeologist with an appetite for hieroglyphics, and his two pupils, the group travels by foot and sometimes mine cart or boat if necessary. However, travelling off of the continent is usually unnecessary.

The server of Anascentia had just recently been updated and thus the Pack of Wanderers decided to leave the Imperial City and travel to the Northern Sands to explore a supposed collection of hieroglyphics. With nothing but leather, pork, and a small assortment of items to keep them company on their travels, the group set off from the main gate.

"Mr. Garfunkel, how far away from the tombs are we?" Garfunkel's female pupil asked as they passed by the front guards of the cobblestone castle town. The entire place took hard work to put together by the citizens, having to continuously mine holes into nearby mountains and hills to retrieve the necessary stone for the job.

The old man looked at a map of Anascentia on the outside wall as the gate closed behind the trio, "The Northern Sands are a fare distance away, so we should shuffle off as soon as we can!" He said in a British accent.

"Are you absolutely sure about going after these tombs?" The male pupil asked, taking the lead of the group as they walked across the stone path leading away from the castle and into the forest which guarded the kingdom.

"What is there to be sure of, Octagon? Rumor has it of the Ancient Tombs, so we should delve deeper into this confounding mystery," Garfunkel shouted enthusiastically, "SunRose, how much time do we have until nightfall?"

The female pupil looked at the sun through the sea of trees and could just barely make out the square source of light directly overhead, "It's just about noon. Will there be any stops along the way?"

"It's the Sand Sea, for crying out loud. What civilization wants to settle down in the midst of an empty wasteland?" Octagon replied, "We'll just have to fend for ourselves in the darkness of the night."

Garfunkel chuckled, "My word, you should be a poet, Octagon!"

"No thanks, I enjoy doing work." Octagon sighed and ran ahead of the group as the expanding desert came into view. The sun began to go down in the horizon, indicating that sunset was upon them.

The trio stepped onto the sand, no set path before them to lead them to the Ancient Tombs they sought so much. Tall mountains and pyramids of sand surrounded them, giving them the sense that they were already lost.

"The sunset is so pretty in Anascentia," SunRose said as they walked toward the sun as it took it's rest behind the massive mountains just ahead of them, "so which way are we going, Mr. Garfunkel?"

"Let me see..." Garfunkel trailed off, looking around the desert with no indication of where they just were or where they had been, "We came from where the moon rose, so we just have to keep an eye on that exquisite square in the sky."

"Way ahead of you two," Octagon said, digging out sand from behind them, "I'll just make a path for all of us. Shouldn't be too big a deal."

"Brilliant, Master Octagon! Now, where were we?" Garfunkel murmured as he began looking at the multitude of paths to take.

SunRose stepped to the front of the group and looked to a cave in one of the mountains in the north, "We just need to head there, right? We're heading to the Northern Sands, right?"

"Yeah, but we don't wanna get involved in what those critters in the cave want," Octagon said and looked to the east, "east is the way to go. We can just go around it."

"But that'll require mining through the mountains and pyramids, which is frowned upon by the Imperials!" SunRose retorted.

Garfunkel cleared his throat, "Excuse me, fine ladies and gentlemen, but doing anything to these marvelous landmasses is frowned upon by the Imperials. We'll either need to wait until dawn or try to fare with the monsters in the cave. What do you suggest?"

SunRose sped off towards the cave in a heartbeat, leaving the other two behind.

"I can see she really wants to be in that cave." Octagon said.

"It's the best path to take at the moment, Master Octagon."

"Whatever." Octagon sighed and walked after SunRose as she disappeared into the darkness of the cave. Garfunkel followed closely as to not stray away from the other two and to keep an eye on SunRose, who was the youngest of the three.

Garfunkel jumped onto the stone entrance of the cave, darkness consuming the entire path, "SunRose? Are you in there?"

No response.

"This isn't good. Why can't she be patient like me?" Octagon said and walked further into the cave made of stone. Garfunkel followed suit as the duo traveled aimlessly into the depths of the mountain to see where SunRose had disappeared off to.

"Oh, bloody... The path is unseeable!" Garfunkel shouted, the echo carrying out to the entrance of the cave.

"I don't even think that's a word," Octagon said, "wait, I think I found something! It looks like-"

BOOM! The floor below the two suddenly exploded. Garfunkel and Octagon began screaming as their bodies plummeted to the ground below, their HP draining away quickly. As the two began to look around, they saw a waterfall coming from the ceiling, falling into a hole in the ground.

"Do I see?... Is that SunRose?" Octagon said, drowsy and hurt as a figure appeared from behind the waterfall, holding a wooden stick.

"I was trying to run away from that creeper, but I guess he got sidetracked!" She laughed, throwing the sticks and a crafting table to Garfunkel, "Use the stone from the creeper attack to make a stone pick axe and let's get out of here!"

Garfunkel nodded and immediately began crafting out multiple pick axes with the sticks and stones, giving both Octagon and SunRose two. Quickly, they ran behind the waterfall and began digging upwards, making a sort of staircase to the outside world.

"Wait a minute," Octagon said and ran back into the cave. Returning a few moments later while SunRose continued, Octagon planted a couple torches on the walls of the staircase, "we can't continue without coal."

"Bravo, Master Octagon, bravo!" Garfunkel applauded.

"If you could cut this little bromance short, I could really use the assistance in this mining operation, alright?" Sunrose said, grabbing the attention of the other two as they began assisting in digging their way out of the mine.

After a few more blocks disappeared, the starry night sky appeared overhead as only a block of sand kept the trio away from getting outside again.

"Whew, fresh air!" Octagon shouted, jumping around.

"No time for playing around. We need to hurry to the tombs. Quickly, now!" Garfunkel said and began running off through the desert, SunRose and Octagon barely getting enough time to catch up. The moon was directly overhead, signalling that there was still plenty of nighttime to go until dawn broke over the server.

As the middle of the desert was successfully reached, a light from the bottom of a hill caught the attention of the three. Smoke billowed up from the light source and into the dark, night sky. Chests and crafting tables surrounded the fire as mobs hopped around, sometimes straying away from the camp and into the wild, only to be later burns out by the sun.

Octagon took the lead, "Mob pack. This won't be fun."

"Well, hop to it!" Garfunkel said, pointing downwards.

"What, you expect us to do all of this?" Sunrose wined.

"An old man like me will only get in the way." Garfunkel said and pushed Octagon forward, falling down several blocks and letting out a brief grunt. The mobs quickly diverted their attention from the fire to the shadows where Octagon had just slipped to. No one moved, not even Garfunkel or SunRose, as Octagon began sweating heavily. Taking a small step forward and towards the light, the mobs began shooting arrows rapidly, Octagon's sneak turning into a fast paced sprint to the other side of the camp. Looking back to the hill top where Garfunkel and SunRose watched in horror in his evasion, he shook his head and continued running.

SunRose turned to Garfunkel as the mobs began giving chase to Octagon, "Why did he just shake his head to us? What did we do?"

"You have a spare bow on you?"

"I think so." SunRose replied, reaching into her inventory and throwing a bow and set of 64 arrows to Garfunkel, the items accidentally falling down the hill.

Garfunkel sighed and looked at SunRose, "Go help Octagon. I'll back you two up."

The pupil nodded and ran down the hill, quickly drawing her stone sword and hacking away at skeletal archers, the group quickly going down.

Arrows shot straight at an incoming mass of creepers, SunRose looking back through the dim dark to barely make out the figure of Garfunkel, "I don't see Octagon!"

"Bloody, Master Octagon had best not move on without us. Who knows what lies beyond this mob camp? Perhaps a dungeon of sorts. We don't want to relive that Gravel Dungeon incident again." Garfunkel said, shooting down the last of the mobs. The two began walking again before hearing faint shouts from somewhere below, underneath the sand that they had been traveling on all day.

Garfunkel began walking around, trying to see if the voice got stronger with where he stood, "Miss SunRose, where could that noise be coming from?"

"Underground, obviously. Is there some sort of cave echoing it?"

"Perhaps. Let's have us a look around, shall we?"

"Look no further," Octagon shouted from behind. Garfunkel and SunRose quickly turned to see Octagon standing before them, a small pit directly behind him, "there's something interesting at the bottom. Follow me."

As SunRose was about to follow Octagon into the pit, Garfunkel stepped in her path and looked at Octagon sternly, "What's down there, friend? A dungeon? Treasure?"

"A new user. He's unconscious."

Garfunkel gasped and sprinted into the hole, plummeting several blocks below and losing quite a lot of HP before finding himself in the bottom of the pit, lit by torches on all four sides. In the middle of the room was another user, dressed in a black torso and white pants. His face looked like a normal person's, semi-thick eyebrows and a frown on his face. His large red eyes were quick to draw everyone's attention as he rolled onto his back, finally waking up.

Looking around at his surroundings, the new user slowly sat up as the sun rose on the above ground, "Where am I?"

"You're in a hole. A rather big one, too." Garfunkel joked.

"You're in Anascentia, a massive world. You a new user, eh?" Octagon said as SunRose began building a sand staircase to the desert above.

The new user nodded and got to his feet with the help of Octagon and Garfunkel, "I'm pretty sure. What are you and old man here doing in this hole?"

"I have a name." Garfunkel shouted angrily.

"We were running from a camp of mobs until I fell into this hole and found you. It's quite unusual for new users to be unconscious upon arriving in the server. What's your name?" Octagon asked.

The user looked up and noticed that SunRose was just finishing building the sand staircase, "I... can't remember. I think it might've been... I can't remember, I'm terribly sorry, I can't."

"No worries, no worries. Now, Master Octagon, shall we shuffle off and continue to these tombs? I've got an inkling for some hieroglyphics." Garfunkel said and began jumping to each sand block.

Octagon looked at the new user and then at Garfunkel, "What? We can't just leave him here."

"What do you expect us to do for him, Master Octagon? This is Minecraft, he has to survive on his own in Anascentia. That's why he devoted himself to this when the Tech Apocalypse began." Garfunkel retorted and continued jumping up.

Octagon began cursing to himself before grabbing onto the user and dragging him to the surface, "Come on, you're coming with us but you'll need a username. What would you like to be called?"

"I'm not sure. I'm terrible with names."

"How about Pit?"

"Are you trying to name me after a freaking angel? Please, I'd rather go with something more absurd, like... Like Sabre_Mace."

"Very well then." Octagon said and hopped onto the even sand of the desert, following SunRose and Garfunkel as they continued across the vast canvas of desert that expanded into the seemingly endless horizon.

The user ran after him quickly, "Wait, what? You're actually willing to call me Sabre_Mace?"

"It's all up to you."

Sabre_Mace stopped in his tracks as his watched the other three walk in between two massive mountain, placed significantly close to each other.

"I am so lost." He murmured to himself.

"These must be them!" Garfunkel exclaimed with much eagerness shaking his voice.

Standing before the quartet was a massive pyramid made of sandstone, going about thirty blocks high. Nothing was placed on the naked walls, only a stone door and a button acting as an entrance to the tombs.

"Um, where are we and why are we here?" Sabre_Mace asked as the group piled into the main room of the tower and following a set of moss stone steps to a long hallway underground.

"Quite simple, young chap. We are the Pack of Wanderers, the greatest archaeologists in the land of Anascentia! A series of hieroglyphics are said to be somewhere in the depths of these catacombs entitled properly the Ancient Tombs. No one knows how long this tower has been here, which is to be said for all the bloody things in Anascentia." Garfunkel declared, following the hallway of lit torches that seemed to go on for miles.

Sabre_Mace nodded understandingly, "I see, so I'm in Anascentia. I don't recall ever choosing to come here, but oh well. Who are you two, then? I know Octagon guy here, but I don't know frilly chick and old man."

SunRose turned around, her face red, "My name is SunRose, for your information! Me and Octagon are Garfunkel's students and we're following him to study the-"

"Calm down, I know what a student does. How far away are these hieroglyphics then?" Sabre_Mace impatiently asked, the group mostly ignoring him.

"Rumor has it that they're somewhere here. We could be running straight into a dead end for all we know. Blimey, we might run into a dungeon for all we know. You know how to craft and mine, correct?" Garfunkel asked, taking a right turn down the sandstone hallway.

Sabre_Mace nodded slowly.

"Good. You'll need them to survive in this world."