[9 AM – Next day]

"Ugh!" Edward said, "Feels like I got run over by Terra in a bad mood."

He looked around and saw that he was in the infirmary with an IV in his arm.

"Easy there, champ," Cyborg said, "All that exertion yesterday severely drained you dry. I had to put in an IV to rehydrate you and fix your blood chemistry. The teleportation and then protecting Raven from the collapse did a serious number on you."

"Where's Raven?" Edward demanded.

"Right here, you lunkhead," she said, coming into the room. She looked like she spend some time in a healing trance.

She came over to Edward and shooed Cyborg out of the room for a few moments saying, "I need to talk to my boyfriend."

Cyborg said, "No problem. I'll let the others know." He left.

Edward looked into Raven's eyes and was surprised to see tears there. She was fighting them back as Edward sat up.

"Come here, babe," he said holding his arms out. Raven fell into his embrace and shuddered.

"Hey, it's OK," Edward said, "I don't see anything here breakable. You can let it out, ya know."

That did the trick. Raven's control faltered, then, collapsed. She started sobbing, but, Edward wasn't sensing any sadness, it was more of relief.

He just held her as she wept and started sending waves of calm through the link.

[What's wrong?] he asked.

[I'm scared,] one of the emotions said.

[Timid?] Edward guessed, recognizing the softer voice.

[Yeah,] she sobbed, [You did so much for us yesterday, protecting us, making sure that we were going to be all right. Why?]

[It's what I do, Timid. When I accepted Raven as my girlfriend, it was a package deal…creepiness and all. You're part of Raven. Timid, you're the one that makes Raven exercise caution. Did you know that?] Edward asked gently, continuing to hold Raven.

[Someone's got to,] Timid said, [Brave would rush headlong into pretty much anything.]

[Timid, I love you as much as I love the rest of Rae's emotions and Rae herself. I couldn't allow her to come to harm if at all possible. I'm sorry Rae and you girls got hurt yesterday. There wasn't time to fully protect her and she didn't have time to even protect herself,] Edward said.

Raven looked up and saw the look of concern on Edward's face.

"You're hugging me," she objected, but, the soft smile betrayed her true feelings.

"How's your head, dear?" he asked.

"Still hurts a bit," she admitted.

Edward carefully removed the IV in his arm and waited a moment for the wound to heal, then, focused his own healing touch before gently putting his hands on her head.

He removed them a minute later and said, "How's that?"

"Much better, dear," she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I've been thinking, Rae," Edward said.

"About what?" the empath asked.

"I know it's a bit out of character for you, but, maybe at least here in the Tower, it's OK to let the others see the affection we share. Robin and Starfire are OK with us seeing how close they've become. Same with Terra and Beast Boy," Edward said.

"I've been meditating on this, actually," Raven said, "I'm OK with it and the emotions are as well. I don't want the public to know, yet."

"Agreed," Edward said, "I'm sure people will figure it out, but, let's not confirm or even deny anything if asked."

"Sounds good to me," she said, briefly hugging him again. Edward could see that Raven was happy, and, well, that made him happy as well.

All was right in the world of the Teen Titans. Edward hoped that this would stay for a while…

Edward Barnes writes…

Slade's sitting in a prison cell after his failed attempt to get Terra back as his apprentice and, Robin will be closing the file on his soon as he's sentenced…whenever that will be. He's facing charges that would keep him behind bars for centuries, so, he'll no longer be a threat. Batman has indicated to Robin that there's a nice cozy cell waiting, so, that's a relief all around.

Terra's the most relaxed anyone's seen her in weeks, though. The relationship with Beast Boy is moving along quite well, I think. But, I think their biggest test will be soon. I know Beast Boy will be highly upset when Terra tells him what she's entrusted to me, and why Slade still talk funny.

Same with Robin and Starfire. They've become quite close in the last few weeks, and, that, of course makes everyone more at ease.

Raven's doing well. She's no longer showing any outward sign of her mind being shredded a month ago. She's happily in love with me, as I am with her. I know she withdrew for a while to deal with that issue. It hurt to watch and feel her pain at the time.

Cyborg found the equipment to remove the nano-bots from the team members, so, those will no longer be a threat to any of us. The remaining Slade-bots have been dismantled and sold for scrap, bringing the team some additional funds.

I'm hoping, though, that things settle down for a while.

The End…For now

Well, that's it for this installment, folks :) Next one's going to be more of a fluff piece, I think. The Titans need a break...LOL!

A quickie note to SapphireDragon. Thanks for the review/comment! Not to worry, Raven's still going to be warmer around the team. I had to tone things down a little bit as Raven was recovering from a vicious attack from Malchior a couple stories ago. She's going to be fully recovered in the next story.

Also, Kole is going to be coming back along with Gnaark. I like the way she was portrayed in the series, and, now that Gnarrk's gotten a bit more exposure to the technology that typically frightens him, he might be more willing to spend time in the surface world. That story will be fairly soon. I need to work on some ideas for that. Will she be in the fluff piece? Will I make her a more permanent member of the team? I'm not sure since Kole has some deep seeded dislike for being outside her secret world.

See you soon :)