Amy bounded up the stairs to Apt. 4A. Then she recalled that Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler can't jump a single flight of stairs, let alone many, and started stepping up them again. She was just so happy.

Sheldon said he wanted to spend New Year's Eve (and a portion of New Year's Day technically, even though it was only the earliest part of the morning). She could honestly complain about being cold (after all, His Spot was closer to the heater than anywhere she could sit) and therefore black mail him into cuddling with her. And kissing one's girlfriend at midnight was a non-optional social convention!

Which was why she was surprised at meeting Penny at the top of the stairs. Penny was wearing an outfit that looked...strange, even on Penny. Her hair was covered by a cropped red wig. The clothes were matching in an unsettling green: over sized jersey, giant shorts and flip flops.

Before she could even ask, Penny beat her to the punch. "Oh, Amy. You are dressed perfectly."

Amy was wearing a typical (to her, at least) sweater over men's shirt, plain skirt and tights along with her glasses holding her flat black hair. Her eyes narrowed. "Alright, who are you and what have you done to my bestie."

That tone had an entirely new meaning after what Penny had experienced with her very surprsingly, some might say appallingly strong friend. "No, it's me, Amy. It's just we're going to win the costume contest for certain."

Amy leaned close to Penny and whispered. "You know exactly why I don't wear costumes."

Penny leaned back in and beamed. "So it's good you're not wearing one, right?", she replied with a wink.

And that's when Zach clomped up the stairs dressed as a dalmation. "Ruff, ruff, ruff! Am I right, ladies. We have a title to defend."

Amy continued with Penny. "There's a contest? So other people are going to see this?"

"But I don't want to be Woodstock.", Raj was heard caterwauling from within Leonard and Sheldon's apartment. Raj came out in a yellow body suit, yellow mohawk, yellow beak and yellow feathers trailing on strings behind him. "Woodstock su-huks!"

"Amy, splendid Marcy cosplay. Very authentic.", Sheldon told her. Her boyfriend followed Raj out, wearing a blue tube of a dress and a pig tailed wig.

Before she could comment, Howard and Bernadette emerged from Penny's apartment. "You see, the security blanket is actual space age polymer, actually developed by NASA/" "/because you're actually going to outer space. I know, Howie.", Bernadette finished for him. She wore her hair in pig tails and had on a light blue dress with white flats. Howard wore a bald cap with a red shirt that had black striping that matched his shorts.

Leonard finally arrived on scene. "That's everybody right?", he asked. He had on a bald cap with a yellow shirt and one of the most distinctive black zig zags that ever matched a pair of black shorts.

"Wow. Good costume, Amy."

Amy glared at him.

Penny smiled at Leonard. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you assigned who was going to dress up as who just so I might act like I had a crush on you, Chuck."

"Well the problem with that is that Charlie Brown had his heart set on an off screen red haired girl from next door, opposite of where Lucy and Linus live...I'll just shut up."

Penny nodded.

"Well, if it wasn't his idea to enter me into a costume contest without my knowing and use my entire social circle to pressure me, whose was it?", Amy demanded.

Everyone hurriedly pointed at Sheldon. He nodded, grateful everyone appreciated his contributions. "While I, as a perfectly acceptable boyfriend, understand you're typically not the free spirit to normally wear a costume, I also dallied in your field and determined that if I could utilize your everyday attire in a group costume with your support network you could overcome your adversarial stance with the practice when nothing untoward happened as a result."

Sheldon glared at Zach. "Nothing untoward will happen, isn't that correct, Zachary?"

"Of course not.", Zach casually shrugged. "Because there's only toward, which is forward. Backward's just backward. There's no such thing as un-toward."

Penny nearly felt the collective wince. Then she was nearly sucked into the wake.

Amy had rushed Sheldon at the absolute maximum that could be believably human, throwing her arms around him and kissing him.

Sheldon frowned. "That counts against the kiss socially obligated at midnight."

"No, it doesn't.", Amy countered. "Now let's go win this contest.

"um...Where is it?"

"Stewart's comicbook shop.", everyone replied.

"oh.", she let out as she began down the stairs. "When he sees me in this spectacular costume he may not be able to control himself. I'm glad my boyfriend will be there to protect me."

Leonard rolled his eyes. "I think even Stewart is probably over you after two months after two dates."

"But what if he can't. As a retailer, he handles currency received directly from a random smattering of the public."

Sheldon huffed. "Then he better keep away from you. I'm not contracting any midnight mononucleosis."