Author's Notes: Just a drabble, a bit of a crack one at that. One of my male friends insinuated that I could only write guy/guy pairings... so... yeah.

Summary: Because Shinichi and Kaito are always together. And the girls are pissed.


Just Because

Ran was happy for Shinichi. Really she was. You know, who was she to stand in the way of true love and all that?

But sometimes she had to wonder why he couldn't get Kaito to back off for just one minute.

It had to be unhealthy being that attached at the hip.

Though... it wasn't like Shinichi asked for Kaito to be like that. And she'd gotten to meet Aoko through Kaito, who was fast becoming just as good a friend as Sonoko and Kazuha. Ran was really fond of the other girl. Which was good, because they spent a lot of time in each other's company while the boys did... whatever it was they did.

But... Shinichi wasn't exactly doing anything to discourage Kaito either. Which he would if he had a problem with it.

Not that he should have a problem with it.


Despairingly, she looked over her drink at Aoko.

The other girl was glaring at Kaito.

She did that a lot.

Kaito was... Ran didn't want to know what Kaito was doing. Whatever it was seemed to be causing Shinichi to go rather red in the face and was likely highly inappropriate.

Aoko looked fit to burst.

If Ran didn't do something soon the other girl was going to bring out the mop and get them all kicked out of the restaurant.


So she didn't really think much of it when she grabbed Aoko's hand.

Aoko looked at her, deflating a bit from her Kaito-induced rage. She glanced at the boys, looked back at Ran. And grinned.

In Ran's defence she really, really wasn't expecting it. How was she supposed to react?

But when Aoko kissed her she kissed back.

And when they broke apart because the manager was screaming at them she just couldn't bring herself to care.

Aoko had kissed her.

And... Ran blushed, bringing her fingers up to her lips.

Aoko looked as gob-smacked as Ran felt.

Neither noticed Kaito's triumphant look, nor the grumpy one on Shinichi's face as he slapped some notes into Kaito's hand.

"You kissed me," Ran said disbelievingly.

"You kissed me back," Aoko replied.

They stared at each other some more, completely ignoring the chaos forming around them.

Ran shifted a bit.

Aoko blushed. " you want to catch a movie some time? Just the two of us?"

And Ran agreed.

Just because.