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Character Description: Ember Kittridge; younger twin sister of Simon, dark curly brown hair that goes to chest, dark brown eyes, naturally tan skin, almond shaped eyes with long eyelashes, 5'5, curvy but skinny, athletic build, singer.

"Ember, come on you have to get up, we'll be late", my brother Simon said.

"What time is it? How much time do I have to get ready?" I asked Simon, still half asleep.

"We have to be at the airport in a couple of hours, so you have around half an hour to get ready".

"What? Why is it we have a couple hours until we have to be there, but yet I have half an hour to be ready?" I asked him; now he had my attention. You see, my brother goes to an all boys' boarding school. I know you're probably wondering why I'd be going on a plane of all boys if I'm a girl. Well, my brother is part of the school's choir. They were going to perform for some special concert, and they needed a female singer to duet with the choir's main singer. The choir instructor had met me a couple of times and accidently heard me sing once, and thought that I would be perfect for the duet. The weird thing is that I've still not met anyone else from the choir, not even the guy I'm supposed to be singing with. When the choir instructor, Mr. Begendy, told Simon that he had chosen me to sing the duet, Simon wasn't very happy.


I didn't have school that morning and had been at home. I got a call on my phone from my brother's school, which made me hesitant for a moment.

"Hello?" I answered the phone. "Hello, may I speak to Miss Ember Kittridge please?" the man answered. "Yes, this is she; may I ask who it is calling?" I replied. "This is Mr. Begendy, we have met a couple of times, I'm Simon's choir instructor," he said. "Ah yes, of course, Mr. Begendy, how may I help you? Is there something wrong?" I asked, suddenly very anxious of what Mr. Begendy's phone call might be regarding. "No, nothing is wrong. I would just like to talk to you about something, in person. Would you mind coming down to the school during the boy's lunch time? I know you don't have school today and I'm sorry to be a burden—", I cut him short from talking and just said to him, "No worries Mr. Begendy, I will be there soon". "Thank you, my room number is 213. I'll see you", he said and hung up.

I changed from my pajamas into my black pants, blazer, scarf, and gray boots (A/N: On my profile I will put a picture of what the outfit looks like. Look under outfit #1). I left my dark curly hair down. I went into the bathroom that I share with my brother and began to put on my makeup. I began with applying my foundation, followed with curling my long eyelashes. Lastly, I applied my black mascara and black eyeliner. I grabbed my purse and wrote a note to my mother saying where I was going in case she was to come home from her grocery shopping and notice that I was gone. I left the house and began walking, on my way to the school.

I got to the gates of the school, and walked into the office. There, an elderly woman with a sign on her desk that said 'Mrs. Reese' politely asked me, "How may I help you darling?"

"Hello ma'am, my name is Ember. Ember Kittridge. Mr. Begendy had called me telling me to stop by at lunch time. He needed to talk to me about something," I told her.

"Ah yes, you're Simon Kittridge's sister, aren't you? My, you've grown up so much, I didn't recognize you. Turning into a beautiful young woman, yes sir. Come, I'll take you to his room," she said.

Mrs. Reese had always been a kind woman. As we were walking to the room, which was passed an uphill garden and on the second story of a little building, she said to me, "It's a good thing Mr. Begendy had you come in during the boys' lunch time, otherwise you'd be stormed with teenage boys", she said to me and giggled at her own joke.

I gave her a smile and said to her, "Really Mrs. Reese, you're too kind".

"Well it's the truth dearie, but thank you," she replied.

After a couple more minutes of walking and listening to Mrs. Reese ramble on about random stuff, she finally said, "Ah, here it is, room 213".

"Thank you Mrs. Reese," I told her.

"No problem, I'll tell your brother that you're here. I'll see you later, tell your mother I said 'hello'", she told me and left.

I knocked on the door and entered when I heard a 'come in!'

Mr. Begendy was sitting at his desk, wearing his glasses, and looking at paper work when I walked in. He motioned me to come sit at the chair across from him, so I did. "Miss Kittridge, as you may have heard, the choir in which your brother is in has been selected to perform at a very special concert," he said and I nodded so that he would continue. "You see, we have decided that we would like for there to be a duet, and so we needed a female's voice. I remember once hearing you sing when you didn't know I was listening, and I must say that you're voice is incredible. That is like I would like you to come with us on the trip and sing the duet with our head choir boy."

I sat quietly, thinking it through. I've always been very shy and no one had ever really heard me try to sing. I guess I got the shy and quiet parts from my brother, because he was always the same way, but he actually didn't mind having people hear him sing. Mr. Begendy noticed my thinking and continued, trying to convince me more, "You're brother will be there, of course. And who knows, you might spark an interest with one of the young men there. The concert will be far away so we will need to take an airplane, but it will be full of boys from other schools who are also going to the event," he told me, winking suggestively. I laughed and said to him, "Thank you for the offer, I'd love to go. But sorry cupid, I don't think I'll be able to 'spark an interest', as you put it, with any of the guys there. Simon will be too protective of me".

"You're probably right about Simon," he said laughing, and continued, "but you'll still do it, right?"

"Of course," I told him, and we heard a knock at the door.

"Come in," Mr. Begendy called out, and in walked Simon.

"Hello, Mr. Begendy. Mrs. Reese told me that my sister Ember was here. Is everything alright sir?" he said, trying to be as polite and gentleman like as possible.

"Yes, everything's quite alright Mr. Kittridge. We were actually just talking about you," Mr. Begendy told him. Simon came and sat down in the empty seat next to me. He looked at me with confused eyes and I just looked back at him, knowing that Mr. Begendy would explain everything in a minute. I kept my eyes on Simon to see how he would react the whole time while Mr. Begendy explained everything he had just said to me. "…and she will be doing a duet with Mr. Merridew…," Mr. Begendy had told him. I saw Simon's jaw clench when Mr. Begendy told him that. Once he had finished explaining everything to Simon, he told him 'thank you', grabbed my arm, and we left. Mrs. Reese had given him permission to leave school early since I was here, so we walked home. He was quiet during the whole walk. I tried to spark a conversation with him to make everything less awkward.

"So how was your day at school today Simon?" I asked him in a cheery tone. He replied with a cold, monotone voice and said only, "Good".

After a few more minutes of awkward silence, I decided to just ask him. "Simon, is there a problem?"

"No, why would you say that?" he told me in the same voice as before. Something was obviously not right since you could tell he looked irritated. He began walking faster and I had to slightly jog to keep up with him.

"Well there's obviously something wrong. I saw how you reacted when Mr. Begendy told you I'd be singing with that Merridew fellow," I said to him. He didn't reply; only stayed quiet and continued walking fast. That's when I decided to jog in front of him so that he'd stop, and said to him, "Huh? Is there something wrong that I need to know about?"

He looked me in the eyes and his voice went back to normal. "No, it's just—Merridew is—ugh, he's just a man whore. A lot of the guys there are. I don't want you to get hurt or anything is all".

I smiled at him and tried to reassure him by saying, "Don't worry Simon, nothing's going to happen. I know how to take care of myself. And plus, I've got you". We hugged each other, and continued to walk back home.

***End of Flashback***

I decided that since I didn't have much time to get ready, I'd just wear the first clothes I found, but they had to look nice of course. The outfit I found was a short purple and red dress with a coral colored blazer and matching coral colored heels (A/N: On my profile I will put a picture of what the outfit looks like. Look under outfit #2). I took my time when applying my makeup; I didn't want to end up looking like a clown because I was rushing, Simon and my mom would have to wait.

"Ember! We're leaving! Come on!"my mother called from downstairs.

"Coming!" I screamed back. I applied my coral colored lipstick and went downstairs to my brother and mother.

I hopped in the car in the back seat next to Simon. He looked at what I was wearing and he got a stern look on his face. "What are you wearing?" he asked me in his overprotective older brother tone.

Then my mother turned her head to see what said, "Well I think she looks lovely," she told Simon. Then she said to me, "There will certainly be a lot of attention on you," and winked.

"Exactly, that's what I trying to stop from happening," Simon said in the same voice as before.

"Simon, relax," I whispered to him, but it was loud enough that my mom heard too. Anyone could hear the irritation in my voice when I said that, so the rest of the drive to the airport was quiet.

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