Chapter 1: The Meeting

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I stared out the window of the plane, not really seeing the view. Lost in thought. My dad just died, and now I'm being forced to move. Across the freakin country. To Boston. I'm being forcefully relocated to live with my uncle. Apparently I'm not stable enough to live by myself and I have to have a fucking babysitter. Not that I blame them I guess. I have no reason to live. My parents are both dead. Phil too. They were reported as accidents. No such thing. Everyone could believe that if they want to, but I know the truth. It was Victoria. She couldn't find a way around the wolves to get to me, so she took out the people I loved. The wolves tracked her down and, after a fight that left some injured, finally killed the bitch. I'm glad.

I hadn't seen Nate in years. After Sam, his son, died, he didn't really do much besides drink. I knew he had gotten a divorce because my dad told me on one of my summer trips when I asked how he was doing. I wonder if he was better or if I would have to take care of him. Part of me wishes he was better. For him and so I could just lay somewhere and wallow in self-pity. The other part of me, though, wishes he wasn't. That I would have to take care of him. That way I could focus on something else.

From what I remember, Nate was a great guy before he stopped caring. Stopped living. He had a boring job, sure, but he was always really fun. He always played with me and gave me junk food when I wasn't supposed to have any. As a kid that was really important.

I was stirred my memories when the plane landed. The annoying flight attendant's voice was heard over the intercom saying we could get off the plane now. I stood up and went to grab my carry-on from the overhead compartment when some asshole pushed me out of the way.

"Excuse you," I said when I righted myself.

He turned around long enough to glare at me before he turned back around and booked it off the plane. Jerk.

I grabbed my stuff and got off the plane before I had another run in and was forced to punch someone. Once I had gotten the rest of my bags, I headed off to find Nate so I could get the hell out of this airport.

It took me a minute, but I finally found him. He looked pretty much the same, just a little older. A little more worn down. He still had that messy mop of brown curls on top of his head. He was standing with a woman who looked the same age as him. She was pretty. Black curly hair that fell down her shoulders in waves, natural curves in all the right places. She dressed in a way that showed them without being slutty.

Nate finally saw me and, with a big grin on his face, waved me over. I guess I looked the same, too. I walked over to him and, after sitting my bags down, gave him a hug.

"Hey Bells," he said after we pulled away, "you look beautiful, honey. How was your flight?"

"Thanks," I said as I blushed and picked up my carry-on, "It was okay. Long, but otherwise it was fine."

He picked up my other two bags and introduced me to the lady beside him, "Bells, this is Sophie. Sophie, this is my favorite niece, Bella."

I blushed again while shaking her hand," I'm your only niece, Uncle Nate."

He laughed, "Oh, details."

I giggled and turned towards Sophie, "It's very nice to meet you Sophie."

She was smiling and said, "It's lovely to meet you, too."

She had an accent. British, I think.

"Well, let's go. We need to get you home and settled in. I don't know how long Parker's going to wait," Uncle Nate said, chuckling.

Sophie giggled, as well, "Yes, she is very excited to meet you, dear."

"Who's Parker?" I asked, confused. We started walking towards the car.

"She's a friend," he clarified, "her and Hardison are excited to meet you, but Eliot is...well...indifferent."

Sophie laughed, "He just hopes you won't be a clone of Nate. God knows we don't need another one."

I laughed, "Yeah, he's a dangerous person to have two of." At this time we were at the car. He glared at us playfully as he put my things in the trunk. I sat in the back and tried to calm myself down. The mention of other people waiting to meet me made me nervous. Would they be able to tell something was wrong? Apart from the obvious, of course. What had Nate told them about me? What did they expect from me? I did not want to think about that. I hated the thought of having to meet people's expectations, especially when I didn't know what they were. I didn't want to disappoint anyone, but at the same time I knew I wasn't exactly in a state to impress anyone.

If Nate and Sophie noticed my minor freak out, they didn't mention it. The ride was quiet and there weren't any uncomfortable questions. I could not have been more thankful for that fact.

Time Skip

I had finally got everything put away in my new room. It was nice. I had a window overlooking the street, a huge closet, and right next door was my own bathroom. Yup. I'm pretty excited. But I shouldn't be. The Cullens left me. My parents and step father were dead. I should be bawling my eyes out. But I wasn't. I just didn't have any more tears to cry. I also felt like things were going to be different. I hoped so.

"Hi!" I heard suddenly from behind me.

"Ahhhhh!" I screamed bloody murder. Who the hell was this psycho? And why the hell is she in my room?

Uncle Nate came running in my room, but stopped once he saw the crazy girl.

"Parker," he sighed.

Parker? His friend? Uncle Nate sure does hang out with weird people now.

"What?" she asked. I guess she saw nothing wrong with giving people heart attacks.

He just shook his head and sighed, rubbing his forehead, face tilted to the ground. "Nothing Parker. Come on Bells, Hardison and Eliot are waiting in the living room."

"Okay," I said as I started walking towards the door. Parker followed close behind me. At one point I felt her put her head beside my shoulder and sniff my hair. Um...?

I stopped, turned around, and looked at her. Yet again, she looked as if she had done nothing wrong. "Can I help you?" I asked her sarcastically.

"Nope." she said happily. She walked around me and skipped into the living room. Okay...

I followed behind her and when I looked up I saw the most gorgeous man I'd ever seen.

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