Hey what up fanfictioners. Live from the year 2211, it's me the King and I like to make a few shout outs to some of my favorite fanfic authors!

I like to make my first shout out to my good friend monkeycyborgninja: you did the impossible by mixing Marvel Spiderman with KFP and Dragon Warrior 2099 is shocking awesome! Also you're welcome for the jackal family. Stay cool man and remember with great power comes great responsibility.

My next shout out goes to Wonder Panda Tan Tan and his OCs Ichi, Fu, Kaguya, Ren and the others. Dude your OCs are super sweet and Amnesiac Swordsman is mega sweet! Can't wait to see what other fanfic that comes from your noggin.

Animation Universe 2005 this shout out goes to you and Musaki. Man you two are always full of surprises and man is it bodacious! Both you and Tan Tan come up with the most outrageous fanfics whether it stars Ichi or Musaki it kicks serious ass! Hope everyone can see more KFP from one such mind again keep us posted.

I like to make two shout outs to Joe Po Navark and Black Raider. You two have serious cool KFP fanfics. JPN with his Next Dragon Warrior series, Jo is a really cool OCs, coming from a not so happy family to becoming a force to be recon with and you even gave him a lady friend. Ever think of giving him his own harem? Anyway I love Eyes of the Wolverine and hope you update soon. Lastly Black Raider you've came up with some interesting KFG fanfics and they all sound pretty sick and I can't wait to see Kung Fu Kids, so I hope you'll keep me posted when you get to it and best of luck with your other fanfics.

My last shout outs go to the friends and fellow fanfic author of the few authors I shouted out to and I wish you all the best of luck with your own KFP stories. You are all very cool, very awesome, very bodacious authors of KFP or other stories. Before I go I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New. Keep on making those fanfics with all your might and never give up! King of 2211 out! See ya!