AN: I own nothing in this story. Inspired by Yuri-hime's wonderful drabble series Precious Moments. Go check it out if you enjoy the Fang/Lightning pairing.

Lightning blinked.

Fang grimaced.

Between them nothing but silence remained, brought about by Fang's hasty, not-at-all-planned confession moments before.

They had been arguing, well Lightning had been getting angry at Fang's constant staring that had been going on for a week now.

Lightning's face was red, her eyes set in that cold glare she so often had.

The words just came out.

"I love you."

Now there was just the silence and Fang wishing she could leave before things got worse.

But Lightning's eyes wouldn't allow it. They held the huntress like a hero held a dragon's gaze, unyielding.

Finally, Lightning spoke.

"You think you love me. You've only known me for several months."

Fang braced herself for rejection, but instead got Lightning's body inches from hers and a whisper in her ear.

"Coffee tomorrow morning, my place. Don't be late."

"I won't be."

Lightning nodded and left the tiny apartment Fang now called home.

Once Fang was certain she was gone, the huntress smirked.

She knew Lightning wouldn't reject her.

And with that cocky smirk still on her face, Fang decided to go find Vanille and fill her in on her good fortune.