Waking The Dead

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Lightning had married a bear.

Oh sure, Fang had all the curves, and then some, of a supermodel, the manners of a Behemoth, and the sex drive of twenty succubi but when it came to mornings, Fang became a stubborn, grunting, carnivore who slept in all the time.

Actually, Lightning thought, a bear at least hibernates only in winter. Fang was like this every day of the year.

Today was no different. Lighting got up, had some breakfast, went for her customary five mile run, and came back to a sleeping wife.


"Hgggnnn...sleepy..." Fang murmured.

"Fang, wake up."

A grunt.

Time to draw out the big guns. The covers come off, showing Lightning the nude form of the bear she had pledged the rest of her life to. While the sight was appreciated, the way Fang just grunted louder wasn't.

A splash of cold water didn't work.

A slap on her rear was equally useless.

By that time, Lightning just gave up and crawled into bed with Fang, pulling the covers over the both of them, exhausted.

Two hours later, Fang got up, alert and refreshed. Letting loose a yawn that would make the largest of bears proud, Fang ambled downstairs to the kitchen, rolling her eyes at how lazy her wife was.

She really should get up earlier.

The huntress patted her rumbling stomach and licked her lips at the thought of the honey syrup with her name on it.