A/N I thought it was over but apparently it wasn't, she added this. its so amazing. The one who was John did this amazing shit right here.

"D-Dave? John?" Jade whispered her eyes bore denial and shock. "Rose... they're sleeping..right?" Jade chuckled in the direction of the only other living person there.
"Jade I-" Rose began to speak.
"Come on you guys! Time to wake up!" Jade shouted falling to her knees taking a place next to Dave. He warm fluid hand reaching for Dave's unoccupied one. "Jade...it'll scare you.." Rose warned, Jade disregarded placing her timid soft hand on Dave's chilled lifeless one.
"Rose...it's cold.." Jade whispered, choking on her words as her voice cracked. Rose took a place next to Jade. "You know there's nothing we can do" Rose spoke in a solemn tone.
"We can leave them like this!" Jade sobbed, she began to shake.
"You're right. We can't." Rose stood. And walked to John, she then took his lifeless body by the arms and draped it over her shoulders, struggling she began walking forward, motioning Jade to do the same. She complied to the silent request half dragging, half carrying Dave closely behind Rose. "Where are we going?" Jade maneged to mumble. Rose merely pointed in the general direction of a half destroyed wall and concrete floor, most likely the corner of a building at one point in time. Shortly after ariving Rose proped John up on right wall the made the corner. Jade blindly followed, gingerly resting Dave on the left of John. Rose slowly turned to Jade, her face full of tears. Jade buried her face in her hands. "I'm sorry. I'm such a loser." Jade coughed.
"No...I am.. I'm a loser for not finding the courage to cry.." Rose took Johns right hand, and intertwined it's fingers with Dave's left. "There. Now, they'll always have eachother." Rose took her lipstick and scribbled something on the concrete at the boys feet. She then gingerly took Jade's hand and walked her away from the sight of their two closest friends. Rose and Jade gazed into the disgustingly beautiful horizon and watched the sun playfully dance until it set. Rose inhaled deeply. "This is more than just a game." She realized. Her eyes darted to a still sobbing Jade. "What did you write?" Jade whispered avoiding Rose's composed gaze. "Here lies" Jade looked up to Rose, to her great surprise Rose's face was covered in tears. "Here lies.." her voice cracked "Here lies a Hero and a Leader. But most importantly, two friends. Who have nothing but eachother." Rose spoke before bursting out sobbing. "J-jade.. just remember." Rose turned coldly facing Jade "You don't have to be a hero to be remembered."