... ... ... "AAAAAAHHH!" Kate screamed as as the train's horn went off, shaking the whole car.

'See? This is why I like the Canadian Express, it has a pleasantly loud whistle, THIS was more of a heart-attack horn. ' she thought angerly to herself. She looked down at Humphrey and Garth, who were still sound asleep. 'How are THEY still asleep?' she thought. She turned on her camcorder to check the time. '6:42? Huh, I usually wake up before then, better check where we are' she pulled out the map and scanned her eyes across it. Then she went to check what was outside.

Kate looked outside at the slowly moving scenery outside, she looked around at the beauty of her surroundings. It appeared that it was the beginning of autumn. The trees were green with small dots here and there of yellow and orange. The ground was covered with multicolor leaves. Small rock formations jetted out of the ground in some places, small streams and hills cover the rest. The sun's position in the sky caused small beams of sunlight to slip through the trees. It was a beautiful sight.

"Wow" she breathed out. She checked the map again and saw that the landforms on the map matched the ones outside. She turned to Humphrey and nudged him so he would wakeup. "We're here." she whispered. Humphrey looked blankly at her.

"Here?" he asked. Kate just looked at him.

"Maryland" she confirmed. Humphrey nodded and stood up, yawning. He turned on his flash light and pointed it at Garth's face, causing him to wake up. He stood up and stretched.

"It's time to go, we're in Maryland, now we just have to find Blair." Kate said. She walked to the open door and jumped out. The train seemed to have slowed down from it's original high-speed, allowing Kate to land without difficulty. The others followed her until they were in the middle of the warm-colored forest land. Humphrey looked at his surroundings.

"Kate, I don't think we're in Jasper anymore." Humphrey said, he looked at Garth. "We should find Blair before noon, so we can find a den before night." he added. Garth nodded and the trio began walking.

"We need to head southwest to get to... Burkittsville? What's th- Oh, Blair IS Burkittsville. So we need to go southwest." Kate said. They all turned around so they were facing in the opposite direction of the sun. Then turned left slightly so they would face southwest, and walked. The leaves crunched under each step they took. All of them looked around at the trees, rocks, and rivers that surrounded them.

-/-5 hours later-/-

"UUUHG are we there yet?" Humphrey groaned, Kate stopped and checked the map.

"Yea, we're almost there, we're just walking kinda slow, let's speed up a little." Kate encouraged. They began to walk faster. After 30 minutes of fast-walking Humphrey began panting.

"You guys are trained alphas, and in case you didn't notice, I'm an omega... I CAN'T WALK LIKE THIS FOREVER!" Humphrey yelled out. Garth looked back at Humphrey irritated.

"Humphrey, will you do the world a favor and Shutup and grow a pair?" Garth growled out. Humphrey scowled at him.

"Soon..." Humphrey growled to himself.

-/-5 MORE hours later-/-

The sun was beginning to set and they were still in the woods.

"Kate, are you sure you're reading this map right?" Garth asked. Kate nodded.

"Yes, I'm sure. We should be there in literally any minute." Kate said. Humphrey moaned.

"That's what you said six hours ago, yet look at us now" he groaned again.

"Don't worry, we're almost there" she soothed. Humphrey smiled and kissed her cheek.

They walked for about 30 more minutes when all of a sudden a loud high-pitch screech caused Kate and Garth's fur to stand on-end. She wheeled around to see Humphrey sitting down with his paw on the radio, turning the knobs in different Directions. "Humphrey, what are you-" Kate started but she was interrupted by the radio as it began to play Breathing, by Ocean Avenue.

"ohhhhh Yeah.. " Humphrey said as he tapped his paw on the ground. Kate smirked, turned around, and continued walking.

-/- 2 hours later-/-

"Alright, I'm not walking any more." Garth stated as he sat down. Kate also sat. Garth looked around, "uh, where's Humphrey?" he asked. They looked around until they heard music coming from the forest. They followed the tune until they saw a gray wolf looking at a large, green object.

"Guys, I've found something neat!" Humphrey yelled. They saw what he was talking about. Humphrey was standing next to a green tent. "Can you believe it? It was just out here by itself, we should probably use it as our camp for tonight." he said. Garth looked at him, surprised. "What?"

"That is a very good idea Humphrey, what made you think of it" Garth asked, Humphrey shrugged.

"Humans sleep in these when they camp, so why can't we?" Humphrey explained. Kate's eyes widened.

"Humphrey, what if humans are using this, and they see us inside?" Kate asked concerned. Humphrey shook his head.

"No, it's been empty, I can smell it" Humphrey replied confidently. They all shrugged, and opened the tent. All 3 of them were instantly blasted by warm, thick musty air. They gasped and jumped back.

"What the hell? It smells like shit in here." Humphrey coughed.

"Well, it's still better than sleeping outside." Kate said optimistic. Humphrey and Garth groaned and walked inside the tent, which seemed to have once had filming equipment inside. After a few minutes dusk turned to night. Humphrey turned of his radio and everyone fell asleep.

... ... "Huh?" Humphrey said as he look around for the source of the sound. It sounded like rocks falling on top of other rocks. He quickly woke up Kate and Garth.

"What is it Humphr-" Kate started but was interrupted by the sound.

"Don't you hear that?" Humphrey said, scared. Kate nodded, put her camcorder on record, and walked out of the tent.

"Hello!" she yelled into the distance. The noise seemed to come from two places at once.

"It's like it's all around us." Garth said backing into the tent.

"Awwww, is the big, bad alpha scared?" Humphrey teased. Garth scowled at him.

"No!" Garth said confidently, the noise came again and Garth yelled.

"Kate, it's probably just the locals screwing with us because we're... You know... Newcomers."

The crumbling noise then came from the left. Kate yelled and faced the sound, making sure her camcorder got all of it. Garth saw this.

"Are you ACTUALLY going to record all of this? Hasn't it hit you yet we could actually be in danger?" Garth said, his voice wavering slightly. Humphrey smirked at Garth's fear.

"Let's just go back to sleep, Kate, turn off the camcorder, we'll need as much battery as possible. And Garth... Nevermind, let's just sleep." Humphrey said. Kate had already turned off the camcorder and and lied down. Garth had done the same. Humphrey grinned, he had just acted leader-like. He lied down next to Kate as she and Garth fell asleep. Humphrey ignored the noise as it slowly advanced towards the tent from every direction.

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