Camita gets dressed and goes to the living room. Her parents were there.

Booky: Good morning baby! You look beautiful

Camita: Uhh thanks.

Booky: Do you wanna backrub?

Renasha: *thinking* Now he never do that for me.

Renasha: Look I'm tired of you touchin my daughter! You bitch!

Camita: Stop it!Stop it!

Camita: I hate it when yall fight!

Booky: Wait who you callin a bitch? You the fat whore!Let's milk the

Renasha: You make me sick! How did we ot get a divorce. When you leave and I lose this weight dont come back!

Booky: If I were to leave your fat behind you would be crying to your mama! *Walks out of the house*

Renasha: *Watches TV for a few minutes and then goes to the bathroom* I'm so tired of this! How can Camite sleep with all this noise.

Renasha: I am so depressed.I'm gonna lose this weight watch stupid bitch. *Goes to the shower* Maybe a shower will help.

Camita: *wakes up from bed* I know daddy's gone. Because they ain't fightin'

Later, it is dinner time. Camita and Renasha sit at the dinner tabe, eating doughnuts.

Renasha: Baby I'm tired of your daddy touchin you.

Camita: What do you mean?

Renasha: I'm talkin bout when he always say you look beautiful and he give you a backrub.

Camita: Mama that's totally not true.

Renasha: Oh yeah it is. You know what I'm talkin bout. Do he ever rub my back or tell me I look beautiful.

Camita: No mam but that doesn't mean nothing.

Renasha: Look you need to slap that stupid out of your head and look into the real world.

Camita: Mama now you see why daddy don't like you! *Thinking* And he sleeping with Mary.

Renasha: So you do know your daddy don't like me!

Booky: *Enters the kitchen* Hey Camita and Cow.

Camita: Hey daddy.

Later that day, when Booky and Camita are asleep...

Renasha: *Throws a fit, sits on the couch for a few minutes, and does the dirty dishes*

Renasha: I hate Booky! I'm gonna show his ass when I lose this weight.