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Chapter 1

Bella's POV

I sat down on the bench in the back yard of my dads house. I had with me my guitar and song book. The song book was where I wrote every song idea that ever came to my head. I opened it on the page I wanted and place it down beside me.

I started to play the soft notes on my guitar and sang the words that I have written so may weeks ago.

Suddenly my father, Charlie, who had raised me after my mother, Renee left us when I was five, sat down by me on the bench.

"Play for me, Bells," he told me softly. I smiled and I started to play the gentle notes that came straight from my heart.

(Miley Cyrus - Butterfly)

You tuck me in,

Turn out the light

kept me safe and sound at night

little girls depend on things like that

Brush my teeth and comp my hair

had to drive me every

Where you were always there

when I looked back

You had to do it all alone

Make a living, make a home

Must have been as hard as it could be

And when I couldn't sleep at night

Scare things wouldn't turn out right

you would hold my hand and sing to me

"Dad I will need your help here."

Caterpillar in the tree, how you wonder who you'll be

can't go far but you can always dream

Wish you may and wish you might

don't you worry hold on tight.

I promise you there will come a day

Butterfly Fly Away

Butterfly Fly Away

(butterfly fly away)

Flap your wing now you cant stay

Take those dreams and make them all come true

Butterfly Fly Away

(butterfly fly away)

We been waiting for this day

All along and know just what to do




Butterfly Fly Away

When I was done playing I had tears running down my face. I looked at my dad who had tears in his own brown eyes. Quickly, put my guitar down and gave him a big hug.

"I'm going to miss you daddy," I admitted.

"I'm going to miss you too, baby girl."

You see I am going away to music school in France. I'm shocked I've been accepted to that school. I mean I love to sing, write songs, and play guitar - as well as piano - but that doesn't make me any more special then any other person.

After I made diner for my dad and me I went up to my bedroom to pack rest of my staff. I packed my new clothes that I bough merely days ago. I made sure that my guitar and song book was were packed as my carry on items. Good thing that my car, an Aqua Aston Martin V8 vantage, had been shipped to France few days ago.

Next morning I got up at four and had shower and got dressed in purple tube top with lace on top, black skinny jeans and brown flats. I added Anda Cutaway Blazer. I quickly did my hair in high ponytail.

I walked downstairs to find Charlie making breakfast for me. I smiled to myself; makes better pancakes than anyone throughout the entire town of Forks. It makes sense, considering the fact that pancakes were the only thing he could actually cook.

"It smells good, dad!" I told him as I ploppled down at the table.

"Thanks," he answered. A tiny tinge of pink formed on his cheeks.

After we were done with eating, Charlie took my bags to his car and drove to the airport in Seattle where I would get a plane to Paris.

Charlie and I said our good byes hurriedly and I got on the plane to France.

I wished I knew how much my life would change when I got there.