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Chapter 5

Bella POV

Two weeks passed since I had lunch with Edward and I've been avoiding him like a fire and believe me it wasn't easy. He was everywhere I went, sometimes I was wondering if Alice was helping but then again we were at the same school so we were bound to meet.

"Bella! Are you done with the shower?" I head a very angry Alice yell from other side of the door. Damn was that in there so long?

I cut off the water and put my big fluffy towel around my body and another one on top of my head.

I opened the door and I been meet by really pissed of Alice who as soon the door were open run passed me and sat down on the toilet. Oh that's why she was pissy, I closed the door and made my way quickly to my bedroom.

I dried and moisturize my skin to give it that small glow and vanilla smell that I loved so much. Then I dressed in my uniform which consider of white buff slaved shirt, with short black tube skirt and over the knee black socks with little buttons on the side. I quickly dried my hair and left them in natural waves down my back but I desisted to add a small black hair band with black bow. I looked at the watch and I still had a little time left before Rosalie will come over so we could walked to cafeteria to have some food before very long and boring tutor time.

I did some added some foundation and top it of with prouder, I added a light white eye shadow and a little of black gel eyeliner.

There was a knock on the door and they threw open before I could say 'come in'.

It was Alice who ran to my closet and got out my black belt and told me that she is borrowing it and ran out of my room. Okey that wasn't annual for her to borrow my things.

"Alice, Bella you better be ready!" Rosalie yelled from the doorway of out flat.

I rolled my eyes and added my signature red lipstick before I grasped my black flats, cross tie and jacket from desk chair and run out of the room putting my flats on and felling.

I hit the floor with my face first.

Grate start of day, Bella I told myself sarcastically in side my head.

"Bella you ok?"

"Of course I am," I said getting up from the floor. I looked down at myself and noticed that my knees were red, thanks god they were over knee ones. When we walked passed the mirror I let out a small squealing noise. I saw a medium size burse on my forehead, just what I needed.

"Bella, let's go! I actually want to eat before we have to face Mr Boulanger," Alice said to me. I rolled my eyes and pulled my hair onto my face and try to hide the burse but failed completely.

Mr Boulanger was Alice's and my tutor and he was most annoying teacher in entire school and yes I do mean it.

When we walked to the cafeteria Jasper, Emmett and of course Edward were already sitting by out usual table. I sighed and walked towards the food table with girls and got myself a bread roll with hum and cheese and orange juice. When girls got their food we walked together to the table where guys were already waiting for us. I sat between Alice and Edward. Really today isn't going as planed but on the plus side it's Friday and I can stay in my room whole day just to avoid seeing Edward.

"Bella can we talked," Edward whispered into my ear pulling me out of my thoughts. I sighed and shocked my head and said "We have nothing to talk about."

With that I got up and walked towards my tutors class when suddenly someone pushed me against the wall. I looked up and saw Tanya and her two side-kicks. She looked even more fake then the first time I saw her; her hair were even more blond then before and her skin was orange like an carrot, now she should just dye her hair green and we have a carrot's long lost twin sister.

Her two side-kicks, Jessica and Lauren looked pretty much alike their lieder and they were the ones who hold me against the wall. I pulled my hands from their holds and turned away from the fakes towards my class when I heard a nasty high pitch shout behind me, "Swan you better stay away from my Eddie!"

I turned around and looked at her and yelled back at her, "Don't worry, Denali. He's all yours and I wouldn't want anything to do with him, anyways!" The last part was an lie and I really rejecting saying it when I saw Edward behind Tanya. He's expression was broken but he quickly cover it up and walked away.

I kicked myself mentally, me and my talking without thinking. Damn it! I walked down to my tutor class and sat on very back where no one would bower me. I put my head on my arms which I placed in front of myself, and let my tear rolled down my face.


I looked up and I didn't really care that my bestie saw me at my worse.

"Honey what's wrong?" Alice asked me as she pulled me into the hug and let me snob a bit.

So I told her about the happening two weeks ago and what I celled to Tanya and Edward over heard.

She rubbed my back and told me that everything will be fine and I should talked to Edward and try to talk things through. I could only hope that he would just believe me and we could be friends again.

Then Mr Boulanger walked into the class and he looked at us and shocked his head.

"Miss Swan, Ms Allaway want's to see you," he said to me with his thick French accent.


He just nodded and I got up from my chair and walked to Ms Allaway's classroom but I really wished that I knew that I was going myself into.

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