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Bruce Wayne sat on the couch on his private jet, sipping a diet coke from a pint glass. The flight was due to land in Metropolis within the next twenty minutes, so Bruce just had to wait. He'd left Dick Grayson, the young man Bruce was the legal guardian of, back in Gotham City. Still, Bruce knew Dick would be fine for a couple of days, while Bruce went to deal with some business.

On paper, Bruce's visit to Metropolis was to negotiate a contract over satellite use with Luthorcorp. In reality, however, Bruce had no intention of letting Lex Luthor anywhere near his satellites. Lex was a rich enough guys, he could put his own up in space if he wanted to invade people's privacy, Bruce just wanted to get a look in on Lex's books.

On top of that, he had another meeting to attend when he landed, before the night was out. However, he had to attend that meeting not a Bruce Wayne, but as Batman. Apparently, there was something that some people wanted Bruce's opinion on. Something to do with some kind of 'Apokolips'.

Bruce had looked into the term, and found one or two leads. The big one had come from an old journal from the psychiatric interviews conducted by Doctor Jonathan Crane AKA the Scarecrow, with one of his patients in Arkham Asylum. The patient, a man named Zsasz, had mentioned the coming of an Apokolips, with that exact spelling, something he had learned from the owner of club DeSaad in Metropolis. That was Bruce's first port of call when he landed.

"Master Bruce, we'll be touching down in ten minutes, if you'd like to return to your seat and fasten your seatbelt?" The voice of the aircraft pilot and Bruce's butler, Alfred, came through the speakers in the passenger area, interrupting the music that was playing momentarily.

Bruce went to reach behind him to grab the seatbelt behind him before pausing. He stood up, moving to the intercom by the exit as he looked at the night sky outside.

"Thanks for the lift, Alfred." Bruce said "Make sure the costume and the car are ready for when we land. I'm going to go and deal with some business when we land."

"Of course, sir." Alfred's voice came through again "The prototype of your new uniform and the Batmobile is in the cargo hold."

"Thanks Alfred." Bruce replied "Don't wait up."

Bruce released the control as he finished speaking before moving to the lift at the back of the cabin, stepping inside and pressing the control to be taken to the cargo hold, watching the doors close in front of him. He wanted to follow up on his main lead before his meeting with Kent and the others.


Marcus DeSaad sat in his club, a glass of scotch in his hand. It was a relatively dull night; there were a few senators in the club, a couple of business men; he knew that Lex Luthor was apparently present, but he had yet to see the billionaire anywhere. As he wondered why the businessman hadn't come to pay him a visit, he ran his left hand through his short, jet black hair before looking at himself in the mirror across the V.I.P. lounge from him, admiring his black silk suit and black silk shirt.

Only the finest for a man of his stature.

After a moment, he stood, taking his scotch with him as he walked across to the window, looking out into the night's sky. As always, the Metropolis night was totally free of clouds, giving what some would call a beautiful view of the night's sky. To DeSaad, it was just sickening.

As he looked, he smirked at what he saw; a faint green glow in the distance, streaking through the city at high speeds. Apparently, one of the so called 'super heroes' was hard at work. It was good to know how much the people of the world seemed to enjoy keeping the apparent heroes busy.

However, his smirk faded as the glass of the window shattered, a figure coming flying into the room, tackling DeSaad to the floor. The club owner looked up at his attacker.

The man was wearing a grey suit of body armour, with a black area around the crotch resembling briefs, a yellow metallic belt with several pouches and ball bearings in the buckle on the man's waist, as well as black boots adorning his feet and black, scalloped gauntlets on his hands and forearms. On the man's head and neck was a black cowl with large points on top, resembling bat's ears and leaving only the bottom half of the man's face visible, his eyes covered by mirrored lenses. Attached the man's shoulders and the bottom of the cowl was a long, flowing black scalloped cape. Finally, in the centre of the man's upper torso, was a large bat emblem, covering the man's entire breast area.

"DeSaad," The man said, his voice rough and gravelly "We need to talk."

"A little out of your comfort area, aren't you, Batman?" DeSaad virtually spat "I mean, I thought you preferred to be in the shadows, in Gotham. Not that you can tell where they are in that cess pit you call a city."

"Talk, DeSaad. Now!" Batman said, his tone more aggressive as he picked DeSaad up from the floor by the scruff of his collar, lifting him into the air "Tell me everything you know about Apokolips!"

"Ahh, yes, Apokolips." DeSaad said "It's a beautiful place, covered in eternal darkness, and controlled by the universe's rightful ruler."

"So, it's a place." Batman said "Who is this ruler you're talking about?"

"Why keep it from you, you'll be bowing before him soon enough, we all will." DeSaad said "Soon, all will bow before Darkseid!"

Batman stood there for a moment, still holding DeSaad in the air. After a second, he tossed the man aside and walked to the window, turning back to face DeSaad.

"Whoever, or whatever Darkseid is, we'll stop him." Batman said "And then, I'll be coming back to take you down too."

"You'll need an army for that." DeSaad said "Do you really have those kind of resources?"

Batman said nothing, instead turning and jumping out of the window, leaving DeSaad alone.


Okay, so here's the first chapter of this fic. This one will be pretty dark and will introduce elements which will be present in volume two of both 'Superman: The man of steel' and 'The Bat'. I won't spoil it for you just yet, but wait until chapter three, Bruce's choice of allies to try and help the league to face Darkseid will shock you, and no, it's not Joker. R&R, please, no flames. B.