Diana sat on the beach, the golden bird on her red top glinting in the sun while her glittery navy blue leggings sparkled in the sun, a golden coloured rope attached to her silver belt, her red and white boots stood next to her, her gold tiara with a red star on it in front of the boots. The young woman sometimes tired of this life, if only for a moment; Themyscira may be the kind of place that could be called 'paradise island' but it was also incredibly boring.

She sighed, brushing her long black hair out of her face, being careful not to catch any of it in the large silver bracelet on her wrist. As she began to lay back in the summer sun, she felt a dark shadow fall over her. She looked up, gasping at the sight; it looked like a gigantic, molten orb. Some kind of meteor or...planet. As she looked up at it, a large number of angular objects began to rain down from the orb.

A moment later, a sound began coming from the village; the battle signal. They were under attack. She reached down, pulling on her boots before putting her tiara on. She hesitated for a second before crouching down and then springing up, taking flight.

As she flew through the skies, one of the objects sprung up in front of her. Diana put her arms out in front of her, drilling through the object, a number of small cuts and bruises appearing on her arms, face and shoulders as she did. A second later, one of the object flew straight into her, knocking her to the ground.

She began to try and pick herself up, looking around. The others, the other Amazons of the island, they were all dead or dying. There were humanoid creatures, looking like some kind of demons. She looked up, seeing a single, large, muscular figure, his skin grey and cracked, his eyes glowing bright red.

The figure slowly descended towards her, then turned and moved along, reaching a point above a black haired woman in golden armour. Diana's mother, Hippolyta. The figure descended, reaching down and grabbing Hippolyta by the throat and raising her in the air, the figure's eyes beginning to surge with energy.

"You will be an example to them." The figure said, it's deep, strong voice totally void of emotion before a sadistic grin formed on the cracked, grey face "An example of the power of the Omega Sanction."

Before he got a response, a pair of beams fired from the figure's eyes. They hit Hippolyta square in the chest, eviscerating her. Diana screamed out in horror, causing the figure to look at her, the grin still present. Slowly, it raised an arm and pointed at Diana.

"Bring her to me!" The figure said, a pair of the demonic looking beings, apparently foot soldiers, picking Diana up roughly and dragging her to the figure "Do my actions cause you pain? Does it hurt, knowing you're helpless, and that no one is going to save you?"

Before Diana could reply, a red and blue streak slammed into the figure, the figure hurtling on it. As it did, a pair of black balls with spikes fell, attaching to the foot soldiers holding her and exploding, knocking them down.

She looked up, shocked at the sight; a gigantic, metal bat. As she looked, the bottom of it opened, a line coming down, with a blonde woman in a leather jacket, a leotard, thigh high boots and fishnet tights descending down it. A second later, from above it, came a large bat like figure, landing with an almost dancer-like grace before raising, revealing a tall, man in a grey, armoured suit with a bat emblem on the centre of his chest, black boots and scalloped gloves, a yellow belt with a number of pouches, with cape and a mask with points on top, giving him the appearance of a giant bat.

"Canary, keep get these people out of here. Superman can deal with their leader." The man said in a rough, gravelly voice "Where's everyone else?"

"Hold on." The woman said, pressing two fingers to her ear, revealing an ear piece "Hawkman says look up."

The man in the bat suit looked up, leading Diana to as well. Above them was a man wearing a helmet with a beak and wings like a bird, a bronze breast plate, a pair of gauntlets, brown leather leggings and boots, a silver mace in his hand. On the man's back were a large pair of wings, like some kind of angel... an angry angel.

The man with the wings swooped down, slamming his mace into one of the foot soldiers as he landed, turning to face them.

"Sorry I'm late, I got distracted." He said, a smirk on his face "Class to teach and all that. You understand, Batman."

"Talk later, Hawkman." Batman said, pulling a small metal bat shaped object, throwing it and hitting one of the soldiers coming from behind him in the face, watching as the object hit another in the chest, an electric surge visible on it's body "Fight now!"

"Now you're talking my language." Hawkman replied, swinging his mace and barely avoiding taking Diana's head off as he swung at a soldier that was about to attack her "Canary, I thought Batman told you to get her out of here!"

As if in response, a red and yellow streak came at them rapidly, stopping just short of hitting them. The figure was a young man wearing a red bodysuit, with a yellow outlined white circle, a yellow lightning bolt in the middle, with a yellow lightning belt shaped belt on. He had a red mask on with a yellow lightning bolt over each ear, his mouth the only things that were visible, his yellow boots and gloves featuring similar lightning bolts. A second later, a purple clad figure with a blue, flared collared cape, blue gloves and boots, a red harness on his chest, with a red belt on his waist, touched down, turning to reveal a bald, green head and red eyes.

"Sorry we're late, Impulse decided now was a good time to get changed." The green figure said "Batman, Impulse and I can evacuate the populous here. we simply require you to keep them off our backs, as the Human expression goes."

"I told you, it's the Flash!" The young man said "And I'm going to find Lantern!"

"Wrong." Batman said, continuing to knock back foot soldiers as they came at the group, pressing a button on his belt "We're going to find Lantern. Canary, Hawkman, Martian, keep these people safe."

Before another word was said, the plane from earlier flew back into view. Batman grabbed onto the line as it came down from the plane. As he finished climbing up, Flash climbed up it at high speed before the plane began speeding off towards the planet above.


Clark flew at high speeds, throwing blow after blow at Darkseid. The being continued to try and hit Clark back, but had each blow blocked. As Clark looped back towards the island, he hurled Darkseid down, watching as the Apokoliptian warlord hit the ground, a dust cloud coming up from the crater that was formed. Clark began to slowly descend, landing beside Hawkman as Canary screeched at the foot soldiers, sending them hurtling back.

Clark began to blast the soldiers with his heat vision, eviscerating the aliens. Normally, he avoided deadly force, but with the sheer numbers, there was no time to be careful. As he punched one of the soldiers that got through flying into another advancing group, Hawkman was struck by a bright red blast before disappearing. Clark looked at the source, seeing Darkseid advancing.

"The Omega Sanction. The most deadly force in the universe." Darkseid said, firing blasts from his eyes at a number of the Amazons that were being escorted away before turning to Diana "Now, you will die."

As he fired the blast, there was a deafening crash before a massive explosion rocked the entire island. When the smoke cleared, Clark stood at the centre of the crater, his tattered cape billowing in the breeze, a number of cuts and bruises visible on his face and through tears in his suit, all rapidly healing.

"Kryptonian cells." Clark said, slowly advancing "While under a yellow sun, denser than any other matter in the universe."

"Impressive, Kryptonian." Darkseid said, beginning to walk towards Clark before a device on his gauntlet beeped, Darkseid looking at it and beginning to hover "I'll deal with you after I've dealt with the pest control problem in my home."

Clark watched from where he was as Darkseid disappeared from sight. He turned to J'onn, Dinah and the Amazon.

"Dinah, J'onn, you help our friend here take care of matters on the ground. I'm going up there." He said, beginning to hover "Do not follow me. Even Superman can't protect everyone."

"Wait." the Amazon replied "I'm coming too."

"No, you're not." Clark replied, staring down at her "I can't guarantee your safety up there."

"I don't need any man to protect me, nor do I take orders from any man. I am Diana, princess of the Amazons," the woman retorted, beginning to hover herself "and that monster killed my mother."

Without another word, she took off into the sky, Clark sighing before following her. She was worse than Lois.


Two Minutes Earlier

Bruce and Allen walked through the corridor on Apokolips. They'd found what looked like a prison; lots of jagged rocks, energy fields over doors, and a large number of devices that looked like they belonged in a saw movie. It was a prison and a torture chamber rolled into one.

They turned a corner, looking around the cells. After a second, they found a badly beaten Jordan chained to the wall inside a cell, his ring and power battery both on the table mere meters away from him. He slowly looked up at them.

"Took your time." He said, his tone one of morbid sarcasm "You two want to get me out of here?"

"You're welcome."Bruce said, pulling a lock pick from his belt and beginning to work on the binds on Jordan "That ring of yours got enough juice left in it to get the two of you down to island, help finish the clean up?"

"I think so." Jordan said as he was freed, falling to the floor and being handed his ring by Allen "But what about you?"

"Someone has to take this place out." Bruce said, calmly "I'm the only one whose likely to be able to do that. Unless you know how to hack into almost any computer?"

"The ring could probably do it, but it's too low on power to do that and protect me from the blast." Jordan said, taking the power battery from Allen and touching his ring against it, before the battery seemed to vanish inside the ring "Even with the full charge, it's doubtful I could do both."

"Hey, bats, didn't you say that he's suppose to have no fear?" Allen quipped, smirking at Jordan "Sounds pretty scared to me."

Bruce said nothing, just scowling at Allen before moving to a terminal on the wall. He pulled a small handheld from his belt, pressing a control and triggering a blue holographic touch screen to appear, about twice the size of the handheld. He began tapping away at the screen before it turned green, observing two signals being sent, one to the island below and one... North, somewhere. There was no time to dwell on that.

A second later, there was a dull roar as the ground beneath them began to shake. Bruce pressed another control on the handheld, causing the screen to disappear before a small circular object was ejected into Bruce's hand, being stuck to the underside of the terminal as a large figure joined them in the room.

"Apokolips is leaving." Bruce said, suppressing a grin as he added to the new arrival in the room "You lose, Darkseid."