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Recap: "Hey Scarlet where's Cameron? I thought he would be here with you."

"Oh, he just went home to go change", she says," He should be here soon- oh look there he is- hi Cameron."

"Hi Scarlet, hey guys." He say while going up to Scarlet and giving her a kiss-Wait! A kiss? Scarlet and Cameron are going out!

"Umm… scarlet? What's going on here?" I asked totally confused.

"Well," she said casually," Cameron and I are dating now." I looked at her in disbelief. Why didn't she tell me that before? Aren't we best friends forever? But maybe she didn't tell me because I have been spending so much time with Macon. But still she could have told me.

"Congratulations Scarlet and Cameron!" Macon says going up to shake Cameron's hand and handing him Grace "But Cameron all I got to say to you is take care of her if you don't then I know two people who just might kick your ass." Cameron face turns a little pale but nods his head.

"Macon!" I yell while smacking his arm and the same time Scarlet said "Who?"

"Oww! Wow Halley you hit pretty hard. And Scarlet what I meant was that the two people who would kick his ass if he broke your heart would be Halley and I."

"Oh ok but I doubt that Halley would do be able to do that." Scarlet says to Macon.

"Umm… I don't think so Scarlet because you should see how hard she punched me for what I said to Cameron- you can see the red mark she left me look. "He said to us

"Macon stop being so dramatic and that should teach you a lesson to stop threatening people especially our friends."

"Just Saying." Macon says holding up his hands in defeat.

"Anyways," Cameron says," What's up between you two huh?"

"Well if you really want to know why I'm back with Halley it's because we found out she is pregnant with my child" Macon answers with a very serious face.

"Are you kidding me!" they both yell and I start to laugh. They look at me like I've grown horns which make Macon join in with laughter.

"Kidding!" Macon says once he catches his breath from all the laughing he did.

"You almost scared me there Macon I almost thought you really did get Halley pregnant." Scarlet said.

"Not yet scarlet but when were older she will." Macon grabs my hand and gives it a little squeeze; I squeeze back and turn my head to give him a little smile.

"What about your parents do they know?" Cameron asks us while grabbing Graces tiny little fingers.

I totally forgot about them but, Macon and I talked about it a little. They will have to understand right? They can't control my life; so I will have to wait until they get back from visiting my grandma to drop the news and hopefully they will realizes that I love him and that he loves me too.

"We're going to tell them the news when they get back from visiting Halley's grandma" Macon tells him.

"Well good luck with that you are going to need it." Scarlet tells us

We stayed and talked about Grace and other things too like when Scarlet was going to be let out of the hospital- in two days to be exact. After a while Macon said we had to go since it was getting pretty late. Instead of taking me home he decided we should go eat some tacos and go to the park and watch the sunset. After a couple of tacos Macon and I sat down on the grass and watched the sun go down

"Guess what?" Macon asks me.

"What?" I tell him.

"I love you. Forever and always" He tells me with a smile on his face.

"I love you too." I reply reflecting the same smile.

"We should get going I think it's getting too late." Macon says.

"How about we go to my house and hang out for a while huh?" I tell him with a smile on my face.

"Sure, "he says while taking my hand," let's go."

Once we are at my house we relax in the living room and watch some SpongeBob for an unknown reason for a while then we end up fighting over what to watch so we solved it my the idea Macon came up with. Rock-paper-scissors.

"Rock-Paper- Scissors! Ha! Rock smashes scissors Macon." I tell him in triumph.

"Fine you win this time Halley but it's getting late I better go." He says getting up.

"Wait Macon how about you sleep over tonight?" I ask him.

"Are you sure? But I don't have any pajamas with me." He says.

"I can let you barrow a t-shirt and shorts from my dad." I reply.

"Ok." He says.

I take his hand leading him to my parents room and give him a pair t-shirt and shorts and tell him where the bathroom is so he can change.

"Meet you in my room." I tell him. While he changes I go to my room and change into a tank top and shorts. I head under the covers and go to my spot waiting for Macon. Macon comes in a couple of Minutes later, joins me in the bed and puts his warm arms around me.

"Goodnight Halley; see you in the morning." He tells me.

"Night." I reply.

I lay in his arms that night wishing it could be like this all the time, but knowing that we have to tell my parents before they find out leaves me nervous because if they find out first then I'm screwed and who known what will happen then.

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